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Twin Sisters Married to Twins Do Joint Gender Reveal
Twins Brittany and Briana Deane, who are married to a set of identical brothers, got pregnant around the same time and posted a fairytale inspired gender reveal.
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Meet the Vermont Teacher Who Made Bernie Sanders’ Mittens
Inauguration attendees dressed to impress. Well, most of them did. While Sen. Bernie Sanders may not have been trying to catch the eyes of fashion critics, his cozy, comfy style had people talking.
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5 hours 2:07
Christina Ricci Says These Bruises Came From Being Abused
Shocking new photos of Christina Ricci’s bruised wrist, hand and arms are from injuries the actress says she sustained as a result of domestic abuse from her husband, producer James Heerdegen.
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5 hours 2:25
The Meaning Behind President Biden’s Oval Office Decorations
On Joe Biden’s first full day as President, we are getting the first look at the redecorated Oval Office.
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Inside the Tiny Town Where $731M Lottery Ticket Was Sold
The golden ticket for Wednesday night’s $731.1 million Powerball jackpot was sold in Lonaconing, Maryland. The prize is the fourth-largest jackpot in the game’s history and the fifth largest in U.S.
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New York City Likely to Run Out of Vaccines
CDC Chief Robert Redfield has been replaced by Dr. Rochelle Walensky and Surgeon General Jerome Adams has been replaced with Vivek Murthy. The pair will join Dr.
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20 hours 1:50
Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush Come Together in Unity
Former presidents Bush, Obama and Clinton came together for a message of unity after attending the inauguration of 46th President Joe Biden.
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Who Is Kamala Harris’ Fashionable Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff?
As President Joe Biden and his team arrived at the White House Wednesday, all eyes were on his family and their impeccable taste in fashion.
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20 hours 2:18
Why Garth Brooks Says He Didn’t Sing at Trump’s Inauguration
Some conservative fans of country music legend Garth Brooks have taken to social media to criticize him for performing at the inauguration ceremony of Democratic President Joe Biden.
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20 hours 1:53
Where Barron Trump Was During His Father’s Final Speech
As Donald Trump gave his final speech as president at Joint Base Andrews surrounded by some supporters and members of his family, many asked, where was his youngest son Barron?
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21 hour 1:01
Some of the Best Moments From President Biden’s Inauguration
President Joe Biden took the oath of office on Jan 20.
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Trump Administration Interns Say Experience Was Worth It
These young men were all interns in the Trump White House, but will having that on their resume help, or hurt their careers going forward?
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Kamala Harris Has ‘Weird’ Task to Replace Herself in Senate
Vice President Kamala Harris seemed to be having a great time as she took her place as the new president of the Senate.
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16-Year-Old Natalie Biden Turned Heads With Her Pink Coat
2021 Inaugural fashion was all about monochromatic jewel tones, but it was a 16 year old who some say stole the show.
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Instagram Influencer Alexis Sharkey Was Strangled: Autopsy
The Instagram influencer who was found dead on the side of a Texas road last year was strangled, according to an autopsy.
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How This Man Scaled a Skyscraper in His Wheelchair
Pulling himself using only a rope, Lai Chi-Wai climbed Hong Kong’s Nina Towers while in a wheelchair. He was a climber who’d suffered a spinal cord injury after an accident 10 years ago.
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Before ‘The Goldbergs’ Star Hayley Orrantia Was Famous
Before Hayley Orrantia got her big break on the hit ABC show, “The Goldbergs,” now in its eighth season, she sang in her elementary school Christmas concert. But at one point, she forgot the lyrics.
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Why 45,000 Florida Seniors Have Missed 2nd Vaccine Dose
Americans eager for their first COVID-19 vaccine have been turning out in droves. But now a startling concern, as 45,000 of them have already missed their second dose in just the state of Florida.
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James Corden Does ‘Les Miserables’ Parody for Trump’s Last Day
Donald Trump has kept comedians busy for the last five years, and the late night TV hosts are at a loss for words on his last night in office.
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How Biden’s Virtual Inaugural Ball Compares to Past Presidents’
It’s a great American tradition: the presidential inaugural ball. They’ve existed as long as the presidency itself.
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President Joe Biden Greets Obama With Fist Bump at Inauguration
Newly minted President Joe Biden was inaugurated today, and greeted former president Barack Obama with a fist bump.
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Melania Marks Life in Florida With Colorful $3700 Dress
Just before President Joe Biden took the oath of office, Air Force One landed in Florida, where the now former president and his family plan to live.
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1 day 1:47
President Joe Biden Preaches Unity in Inaugural Speech
President Joe Biden called for healing and unity in a moving speech at his inauguration after he was sworn in.
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Ivanka Trump Fights Back Tears Watching Her Dad Leave
Ivanka Trump fought back tears as she witnessed her father’s final moments as president on the runway of Joint Base Andrews.
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1 day 1:03
Trump Skips Inauguration for His Own Farewell Event
Donald Trump snubbed Joe Biden, skipping the incoming president’s inauguration in favor of a campaign rally-style farewell event at Joint Base Andrews.
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Joe Biden’s Peloton May Not Be Able to Go to the White House
Don’t expect President Joe Biden to tweet about his Peloton rides. Because of possible threats to national security, he may not be able to bring his bike to the White House.
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1 day 3:08
Meet Amanda Gorman, America’s 1st Youth Poet Laureate
At just 22 years old, Amanda Gorman has already made history several times over.
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Hero Capitol Police Officer Honored at Inauguration
There was a round of applause for the Capitol Police officer who steered an angry mob away from elected officials during the siege on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.
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2 days 2:28
Nurse Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ to Honor COVID-19 Victims
Michigan nurse Lori Marie Key sang a moving version of “Amazing Grace” in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Key, who works at St.
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2 days 7:16
Capitol Attack Wasn’t the 1st Violent Incident in Congress
The Jan. 6 Capitol assault was not the first violent incident at the U.S. Congress.
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