1 hour 2:44
‘Smell Healer’ Says She Helps People Regain Senses Lost to COVID-19
Marissa Karen hasn’t been able to smell or taste anything since she was diagnosed with COVID-19 13 months ago, no matter how pungent or spicy it is.
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1 hour 1:55
Prince Harry Returns to US, Misses Queen’s Birthday
Prince Harry returned to California after his visit to England for the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip.
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2 hours 2:40
Could Derek Chauvin Have Changed Jury's Mind by Testifying?
Strong opinions on Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict from four of the country’s most high profile lawyers, Nancy Grace, Mark Geragos, Tom Mesereau, and Alan Dershowitz.
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2 hours 2:19
Vietnam, Australia React to Derek Chauvin Murder Conviction
The whole world was watching as the verdict was handed down from the jury in ex-cop Derek Chauvin’s murder trial in the case of the death of George Floyd.
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2 hours 3:07
Derek Chauvin Awaits Sentence in Maximum Security Prison
Convicted murderer and ex-cop Derek Chauvin spent his first full day in prison after the jury took less than eleven hours to deliberate their verdict.
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2 hours 2:43
10-Year-Old Witness to George Floyd’s Murder Is Writing Book
When it comes to sentencing Derek Chauvin, prosecutors say that because children were present during the murder, they will ask for a longer sentence.
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4 hours 1:48
What We Know So Far About What Happened to Ma’Kiah Bryant
About 760 miles away from the courtroom where a jury in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was about to deliver the verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, officials say 16-year-old Ma’Kiah Bryant was shot
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7 hours 2:22
McDonald’s Shows They’re Part of the BTS Army With New Meal
BTS will soon have their own meal at McDonald’s, following other musicians like Travis Scott and J Balvin. The 7 BTS members haven’t created their own special recipe.
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11 hours 1:22
Diver Reunites Man With Unique Wedding Ring Lost in River
Karl Bly is an expert diver whose hobby is searching the American River outside Sacramento, California, for lost treasures. On one of his dives, he spotted something shiny at the bottom of the river.
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11 hours 1:14
5-Year-Old Girl Stares Down Bobcat in Her Backyard
It’s girl versus bobcat! A fearless 5-year-old named Rian is staring down a wild bobcat in her own backyard. Who will flinch first? It’s like a scene from a Clint Eastwood western showdown.
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1 day 3:06
Derek Chauvin Convicted of Murder of George Floyd
Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree unintentional murder Tuesday in the fatal arrest of George Floyd last summer.
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1 day 2:35
Who Are the Jurors Who Convicted Derek Chauvin?
The jury that decided Derek Chauvin’s fate was made up of five men and seven women. Four are Black, six are white, and two identify as multi-racial.
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1 day 2:54
Why Do Cops Pull People Over for Hanging Air Fresheners?
Before he was fatally shot by police, Daunte Wright called his mother to her he had been pulled over for having an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror.
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1 day 1:04
18-Year-Old Gets Accepted Into 4 Ivy League Universities
It’s the best day ever for this high school senior. Stephanie Gutierrez just found out she’s been accepted to Columbia University. But wait, there’s more.
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1 day 1:43
Demi Lovato Apologizes to Froyo Shop for Slamming Them Online
Demi Lovato is backpedaling after blasting a small yogurt shop, The Bigg Chill, for serving sugar-free items.
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1 day 1:31
Kids as Young as 6 Months Old Participate in Vaccine Study
Children in the U.S., some only months old, are participating in the COVID-19 vaccine trials currently underway.
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1 day 1:47
Wildlife Officials Hope to Grow Jaguar and Condor Population
It was farmers who brought an injured Andean Condor to the attention of wildlife officials in La Paz, Bolivia. The 5-year-old male was found in poor condition.
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1 day 1:02
Boy Gets Surprise Visit to Dad in Hospital for 8th Birthday
It's the best gift you could give an 8-year-old boy: a visit with his dad, who's been stuck in the hospital with COVID-19 for months.
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1 day 1:49
Man Seen Kidnapping Duck From Condo Development
An unlikely epidemic seems to be sweeping the country’s condo developments: ducks from community ponds are going missing at an alarming rate.
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1 day 1:48
Fraternity Brothers Pay Off House Cook’s Mortgage
Jessie Hamilton spent 14 years as a cook for the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house at Louisiana State University.
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2 days 2:33
Tommy Chong Says He Smoked Marijuana With Arnold Schwarzenegger
At 84, Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong, has been smoking weed for more than six decades. But there was a time when he wasn’t the stoner he is today.
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2 days 2:07
Couple Attacked by Rabid Bobcat Were Bitten 3 Times Each
A North Carolina couple is speaking out about the moment they were attacked by a rabid bobcat in a terrifying ordeal captured on surveillance camera.
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2 days 1:59
Will Prince Harry Stay in England for the Queen’s Birthday?
It's being speculated that this weekend's funeral for Prince Philip may have created an opportunity to heal the rift between Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family.
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2 days 1:49
How Long Will Jurors Take to Decide Derek Chauvin’s Fate?
The nation is on edge as it awaits a decision in the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, who is accused of killing George Floyd during an arrest outside a Minneapolis store last May.
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2 days 1:39
Fugitive Ex-Cop Wanted in Triple-Murder Case Arrested
Stephen Broderick, 41, a former detective for the Travis County Sheriff's office, was arrested Monday after he was found walking along a rural road around 7 a.m.
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2 days 1:20
Driver's Seat Was Empty When Tesla Crashed, Killing 2, Cops Say
Two unidentified men were killed when the Tesla they were in crashed into a tree before bursting into flames outside Houston, Texas.
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2 days 1:39
Ohio Teen Arrested in New York for Openly Carrying Assault Rifle
Ohio resident Saadiq Teague, 18, was arrested in New York as he sat charging his phone in Times Square because he had a semi-automatic rifle openly sitting at his feet.
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2 days 1:05
Would You Eat a Vaccine-Themed Dessert?
A pastry shop in Hungary is offering coronavirus vaccine-themed desserts.
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2 days 1:14
Jeffree Star Has to Wear Back Brace Following Car Accident
YouTuber Jeffree Star says the reinforced steel of a Rolls Royce saved his life. The car hit black ice and flipped over with Jeffree and best friend, Daniel Silva, inside.
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2 days 2:00
Russian Leader Vladimir Putin Displayed in Effigy on Toilet
Czech protesters installed Russian President Vladimir Putin in effigy in front of the Russian Embassy in Prague. Putin was displayed nude and sitting on a toilet.
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