14 hours 22:01
Why Some People Believe Elvis and Dinosaurs Are Still Alive
Though Elvis Presley is long gone, the dinosaurs haven't roamed the Earth in millions of years and werewolves have never been proven to exist, some believe these facts to be mere opinions.
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14 hours 1:01
Woman Arrested for Getting Too Close to Bear: Cops
A terrifying close encounter as a grizzly bear lunges at a tourist in Yellowstone National Park. She scurried away, but didn’t escape the law.
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14 hours 2:28
How Did This 50-Year-Old Beer Taste?
When Diane and Ed Nusselhuf married in 1971, they bought themselves a can of Coors beer, which they promised to drink on their 50th wedding anniversary.
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14 hours 8:23
14-Year-Old Jiu-Jitsu Prodigy Determined to Be World Champion
Sophie Sharp, 14, trains in the mixed martial arts sport of Jiu Jitsu 7 days a week.
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14 hours 1:55
What Happens at ‘After Bark’ Stays at ‘After Bark’
You likely won't find anything like it. A bar where humans and their pups can go to share drinks and treats.
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Restaurant Owner on Why He Won’t Allow Vaccinated People In
A California restaurant owner is making headlines for banning vaccinated patrons from his establishment.
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1 day 1:09
Simone Biles Shares Her Struggles With Dismounts
Olympic gymnast Simone Biles elaborated on why she chose to withdraw from the Olympic competitions in Tokyo in an Instagram story posted on Thursday night.
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1 day 1:51
Scarlett Johansson Made $20 Million on Disney’s ‘Black Widow’
“Black Widow” star Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney, saying the studio's decision to release the film on their streaming platform at the same time of its theatrical release has cost her millions
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Loud Movie May Have Masked Shooting of 19-Year-Old TikToker
A suspect has been arrested in the movie theater shooting that killed an 18-year-old and left her 19-year-old companion on life support.
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Lollapalooza Could Be a Superspreader Event: Some Experts Say
Over 100,000 music fans packed shoulder to shoulder at Lollapalooza as the four-day music festival kicked off in Chicago.
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1 day 1:24
Giant Head Looms Over City
A giant inflatable head of 19th century painter Vincent Van Gogh floated over Toronto, Canada.
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1 day 1:09
3-Year-Old Skateboards Better Than Most Adults
Brody Dylangr, 3, is showing you’re never too young to start learning how to skateboard. The toddler picked up the sport in the last year and a half and now skateboards better than most adults.
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12-Year-Old Adopted by Cop Who Saved Him From Abusive Dad
Ronnie was adopted into the Blair family in 2019.
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1 day 3:34
Summer Camp Sexual Abuse of Kids Is an Ongoing Problem
Millions of kids head off to sleepaway camp each year, but how safe are they?
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2 days 1:38
4th Jetpack Sighting by LAX Leaves Many Bewildered
The mysterious real-life “Iron Man” is apparently back at it. The unidentified jetpack pilot was spotted again near Los Angeles International airport Wednesday.
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2 days 1:43
Sommelier Charged With Setting Outdoor Dining Sheds on Fire
A top New York City wine expert who was once named “sommelier of the year” by Food & Wine Magazine has been charged with setting outdoor dining sheds in Manhattan on fire.
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2 days 1:44
Firefighter Surrounded by 100 Teens in ‘Fight Night’ Attack
In Queens, New York, an off-duty firefighter was out walking his labradoodle named Dylan when he was surrounded by a mob of 100 teens at his local park.
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2 days 1:35
Arrest Made in Shooting of 19-Year-Old TikTok Star
Corona Police have arrested Joseph Jiminez in the death of 18-year-old Rylee Goodrich and the shooting of 19-year-old Anthony Barajas.
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2 days 1:21
Bear Cub Recovering After All 4 Paws Burned in Wildfire
A bear cub was saved from a wildfire, but now faces a long road to recovery. A couple in California went to check on their house, which was threatened by the Tamarack Fire, just south of Lake Tahoe.
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2 days 1:16
Huge Waterspout Spotted Near Seaside Town
A giant waterspout recently was spotted off Turkey’s Black Sea coast. The huge whirling funnel cloud appeared near the city of Sinop.
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2 days 1:24
Body of 16-Year-Old Recovered After Flash Flood
Police in Cottonwood, Arizona, announced that the body of 16-year-old Faith Moore has been recovered. Faith went missing over the weekend when a flash flood carried away her car.
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2 days 1:01
Woman Gets Rejected by Gaston at Disney World
It’s a tale as old as time: a young woman dumped by her boyfriend is looking for another shot at love.
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2 days 1:08
Burglar Takes a Dip in Homeowner’s Pool Before Breaking In
An intruder makes himself at home, taking a dip in the pool, then dries off with the homeowner’s towel and helps himself to a lemon.
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3 days 3:20
Michelle Obama Says She’s Rooting for Simone Biles
Simone Biles is getting an outpouring of support after the announcement that she will not compete in the individual all-around competition at the Olympics to instead focus on her health.
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3 days 2:05
Some Parents Are Lying About Their Kids’ Age to Get Vaccines
A worried father says he’s considering lying about his daughter’s age to get her a COVID-19 vaccine, and he’s not the only one.
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3 days 1:48
23-Year-Old Acrobat Falls 30 Feet From ‘Wheel of Destiny’
A 23-year-old acrobat who fell during a stunt-gone-wrong is speaking out from the hospital where he’s recovering from his injuries.
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3 days 2:16
Student Stabbed 120 Times in Car She Mistook for an Uber
Samantha Josephson, the University of South Carolina senior who was kidnapped and brutally killed after getting into a car that she mistook for her Uber, suffered “heinous, cruel and malicious
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3 days 1:43
CDC Says Everyone Should Wear Masks Inside as Delta Variant Rages
Just as the nation was starting to see the COVID-19 pandemic in the rear view mirror, masks are back as the Delta variant sweeps the country.
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3 days 1:21
Teen TikToker on Life Support After Movie Theater Shooting
An 18-year-old has died, and a 19-year-old TikToker is on life support after being shot in a California movie theater.
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3 days 1:29
Doctor Tweets Photo Just Before She's Killed in Landslide
Nine people are dead after a devastating landslide in India.
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