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Exclusive: 'People have a right to be furious,' says Lebanon prime minister Hassan Diab | ITV News
The prime minister of Lebanon has told ITV News he's not "afraid" of people's anger in the country - but won't say when he'll join protesters on the streets.
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'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' 2020 swaps Australia for UK countryside | ITV News
The forthcoming series of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!
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The nurse who saved three premature babies during the Beirut blast | ITV News
In the pitch black and surrounded by crumbling rubble everywhere a nurse courageously managed to rescue three premature babies, amid the devastation in Beirut.
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Revealed: Areas of the UK likely to be hardest hit by coronavirus job losses | ITV News
Data obtained by ITV News has revealed the crippling impact coronavirus is likely to have on towns and cities across the UK.
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Migrants must be 'returned to France' says Priti Patel as record set for Channel crossings |ITV News
The home secretary has said migrants attempting to enter the UK via the English Channel should be returned to France after a new record was set for the number of people making the crossing.
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True Colours: Health | ITV News
A woman whose baby was stillborn has told ITV News Central that racial bias played a big part in her not receiving the right kind of care.
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Covid-19: Will France be next on UK's coronavirus quarantine list? | ITV News
Two senior Cabinet ministers have refused to rule out the possibility of France being removed from the UK's list of safe travel destinations, amid reports it could be the next country to face
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Hottest August day in UK since 2003 as temperatures soar to 36 degrees at Heathrow Airport |ITV News
The UK has seen its hottest August day since 2003 as temperatures soared to 36.4c at Kew Gardens and Heathrow on Friday.
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Girl, 10, on hopes of becoming next Formula One star | ITV News
There hasn't been a female driver in a Formula 1 Grand Prix race since 1992.
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Guernsey Police recruitment video removed due to online backlash | ITV News
A Guernsey Police recruitment video which featured fire arms, explosions and high-speed car chases has been removed from social media, after it was criticised for being unrealistic.
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Beirut explosion: Macron urges reform as officials seek to shift blame over blast | ITV News
The French president Emmanuel Macron has visited Beirut after a huge explosion in the city on Tuesday killed at least 135 people.
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Police and prosecutors 'had it in' for Caroline Flack, says star’s mother | ITV News
The mother of television star Caroline Flack has accused a senior police officer of prosecuting her daughter because of her celebrity status.
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Campaign for tougher jail terms for police killers has huge backing, Pc Harper's mum says | ITV News
The mother of Pc Andrew Harper has said she was "blown away with the response" to her campaign for tougher punishments for those who kill police officers.
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Hiroshima: What happened to the survivors of the atomic bomb? | ITV News
75 years ago US President Harry Truman gave the order to drop an atomic bomb on a city for the first time in history.
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Bereaved families of UK Covid-19 victims accuse Boris Johnson of ignoring them | ITV News
Grieving families of coronavirus victims say they are being ignored by the prime minister and their experiences "swept under the carpet".
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Beirut explosion: How can Lebanon survive this latest catastrophe? | ITV News
Beirut, once known as the Paris of the Middle East, once again looks like a war zone after Monday's blast that destroyed the city's port and much of the surrounding area.
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Beirut blast: Growing questions over who knew about deadly chemicals | ITV News
A number of port officials in Beirut have been placed under house arrest, amid growing questions and anger over why the ammonium nitrate was being stored there following a massive explosion at the
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Search for survivors in rubble after massive explosion in Beirut | ITV News
A desperate hunt for survivors from the explosion in Beirut is underway, after at least 135 people were killed and 5,000 were injured in the blast.
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Caroline Flack's mum says she was 'hounded' and 'let down' by officials | ITV News
The inquest into the death of Caroline Flack, has heard the TV star felt her life was "falling apart" in the months before she took her own life.
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Prince William and Kate Middleton pay visit to famous amusement arcade on Barry Island | ITV News
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a special visit to Barry Island in South Wales on Tuesday.
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Leaked bodycam footage shows the 18 minutes of panic leading up to George Floyd's death | ITV News
The following report contains description of the bodycam footage which you may find distressing New footage has emerged of the moments leading up to George Floyd's death.
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Second wave in December ‘likely’ unless Test and Trace improves dramatically | ITV News
The NHS Test and Trace programme needs to be scaled up in order to reopen schools safely, researchers have said.
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Huge explosion rocks Beirut with widespread damage and injuries | ITV News
A massive explosion has rocked central Beirut, damaging buildings and blowing out windows and doors as a giant mushroom cloud rose above the capital of Lebanon.
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Tony Morris: Obituary | ITV News
How did Tony Morris become an award-winning TV presenter and journalist covering all the biggest stories in the North West for all those years?
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Captain Sir Tom Moore ‘delighted’ to be honorary colonel of Army training college | ITV News
Captain Sir Tom Moore said it is “truly a great honour” to be made honorary colonel of an Army training college as he visited the military establishment as part of his new role.
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New 'game-changing' coronavirus tests can diagnose Covid-19 and flu in 90 minutes | ITV News
Two "game changing" tests for coronavirus and flu – which promise results in 90 minutes – are to be rolled out in hospitals, care homes and laboratories as early as next week.
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Alleged rape victim 'devastated' Conservative MP not suspended from party | ITV News
The woman who claims she was raped by a Conservative MP has told us she is devastated that he hasn't been suspended from the parliamentary party.
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Former SDLP leader and Nobel peace prize winner John Hume dies aged 83 | ITV News
Former prime minister Tony Blair has led tributes to former SDLP leader John Hume, one of the key architects of peace in Northern Ireland, after his death at the age of 83.
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'I was crying every night': Does TikTok fuel eating disorders? | ITV News
ITV News has uncovered new evidence that videos which could trigger eating disorders are being posted on social media site TikTok.
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Eat Out to Help Out scheme begins | ITV News
The government's attempt to ave restaurants and cafes from financial ruin began on 3 August. It's Eat Out to Help Out scheme means diners can now get 50% off meals up to a maximum of £10 per person.
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