2 days 3:00:05
Freaky Friday LIVE πŸ”΄ Ancient Knowledge & Mystery History From Australia
#FreakyFriday #Australia #Aboriginal Today we go back 'down under' in search of ancient knowledge & to uncover some mystery history that goes along way to telling the story of our human origins
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9 days 2:58:11
Space Billionaires, Advanced Technology, Werewolves & Lots more Woo.... Freaky Friday LIVE!
#FreakyFriday Join us for another journey into the unknown. Freaky Friday is completely unscripted, so where we go, no one knows!
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10 days 2:18:35
Messages From Under The Buck Moon with Mary Dusina + Live Call-in
#KevBakerShow #Astrology #BuckMoon Astrologist Mary Dusina joins me for our FULL MOON broadcast & this time its the Buck Moon.
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11 days 1:43:26
UFO, Alien Abductions, Ancient Aliens & More with Ben Emlyn-Jones
#KevBakerShow #UFO #Aliens Author & researcher Ben Emlyn-Jones joins me to discuss all the latest from the world of UFOlogy.
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13 days 1:32:15
Ancient Skulls, Australian Mounds & The Inconvenient Truth About Human Evolution
#KevBakerShow #OurAlienAncestry #ForgottenOrigin Evan & Steven Strong join me to discuss their upcoming Chapter 12 of the 'Our Alien Ancestry' series of online conferences.
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16 days 3:00:06
Not Just Another Freaky Friday... The Myth Returneth?
#FreakyFriday #Paranormal #Supernatural Tonight is going to be a very, very special & strange FREAKY FRIDAY!
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18 days 32:37
UFO DISCLOSURE & The Great Luciferian Deception with LA Marzulli
#KevBakerShow #LAMarzulli #UFO Researcher, author & film maker LA Marzulli joins me to discuss his documentary "UFO DISCLOSURE: The Great Deception & The Luciferian Endgame" If you like what we
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19 days 1:39:16
Billionaires In Space, Robots Rolling Out & So Much More ... KBS EP#1529
#KevBakerShow #Space #Robots Nanogirl is back with me for the opening show of the week & we get her thoughts on everything going on in the world including the billionaires heading into space &
23 days 3:01:53
Supernatural Mist, Strange Fog, 12,000 Year Catastrophe Cycle & Time Anomalies
It's that time of week again to enter the realms of mythology, high strangeness & beyond as we go full FREAKY FRIDAY mode!
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23 days 51:40
Britney, Black Goo & The Illuminati Music Industry with Ryan Gable
#KevBakerShow #BritneySpears #MusicIndustry Ryan Gable joins me to talk about the recent court case involving Britney Spears over the 'conservatorship' status her father holds over her.
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30 days 2:33:26
πŸ‘» Can You Handle The WOO? πŸ‘» --- Freaky Friday.... πŸ”΄ LIVE πŸ”΄
#FreakyFriday #Paranormal #Supernatural Friday again so time to dust of the strange, the supernatural & high strangeness files as we dive deep into some of the woo that goes on around the world If
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37 days 3:03:06
Freaky Friday LIVE --- Prophets & Prophecy
#FreakyFriday #Prophecy This week we are diving into the world of prophets & prophecy, so join us for all this & no doubt lots more high strangeness along the way If you like what we are doing
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38 days 2:04:30
Messages From The Strawberry Moon with Mary Dusina
#KevBakerShow #StrawberryMoon #Solstice Welcome back to KBS LIVE & today im joined by our resident astrologist Mary Dusina.
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41 day 1:04:00
Who Knows What To Believe with Ben Emlyn-Jones
#KevBakerShow #UAP #BenEmlynJones Ben Emlyn-Jones is back on KBS later today so lets crack open the Ben-X-Files & get into all the latest from the world of Ufology with the much anticipated report
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42 days 1:41:17
Uluru & UFO Disclosure... Earth Ascension & The Changes Coming Our Way
#KevBakerShow #ForgettonOrigin #OurAlienAncestry Steven & Evan Strong join me all the way from Australia to discuss all their latest research including more information about the UFO that was seen
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44 days 3:02:41
When Scotland Get A Draw At Wembley... It's Defo A FREAKY FRIDAY πŸ€£πŸ‘»
#FreakyFriday So, you know there must be a prophecy somewhere that states when us Scots go down to England & shut their media right up, its got to be some harbinger of an apocalypse of some kind
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47 days 2:33:46
Programming Humanity Through Alien Movies & TV Shows
#KevBakerShow Today I'm joined by NanoGirl & Julez Of The Flame for a talk about science fiction. Are we being programmed about aliens via the most popular Sci-Fi movies & TV shows.
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51 day 3:01:44
Back By Popular Demand.... FREAKY FRIDAY LIVE... Strange Sounds | Lunar Mystery | Lots More Woo
#FreakyFriday #Paranormal The Wookies have spoken & we have had to listen, so here you go, Freaky Friday LIVE is back on YouTube If you like what we are doing here & would like to support the
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54 days 1:18:10
Star Wars vs Reality - Conspiracy In The Force... and Beyond!
#KevBakerShow #StarWars Time for something completely different on KBS as i welcome first time guest & host of 'Conspiracy In The Force' podcast.
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58 days 42:49
Geeks Talking Tech, UFO Disclosure & Military Technology That May Appear As Alien
#KevBakerShow #UFO #Disclosure Scotty Lopez is riding shotgun with me for the final KBS of the week.
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60 days 40:02
Predictive Programming vs Precognition | Lets Talk About #UFO Disclosure
#KevBakerShow #Debris In this extract of The Kev Baker Show im joined by Nanogirl for a conversation about whether or not movies/tv shows hide things in plain sight on purpose or are the writers
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62 days 19:50
Astronomer Warns Of Experiments That Could DESTROY Our Galaxy
#KevBakerShow #CERN #AviLoeb Astronomer Avi Loeb is back in the news again with a warning that experiments with particle colliders could destroy our entire galaxy, but dont panic just yet, lets
2 142
66 days 1:43:49
Messages From The Blood Moon & What Does It Mean For You?
#KevBakerShow # # Mary Dusina & NeSe are my special guests in this episode of KBS. We discuss the Blood Moon & take listeners calls along the way.
1 162
66 days 2:53:30
The UFO Event They Don't Want You To Know About
#KevBakerShow #PentyrchUFO Join me for this special LIVE broadcast of KBS. I will be joined by the main witness Caz Clarke & UFO researcher Gari Jones to discuss what went down in Pentyrch in 2016.
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68 days 51:50
Unified Theory Of Paranormal Activity, Portals, Unidentified DNA & UFO Disclosure
#KevBakerShow #UFOtwitter #ParanormalPlanet Author, researcher & investigator Jack Cary joins me to discuss his work & to talk about what he calls 'The Unified Field Theory Of Paranormal
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69 days 1:37:50
Ghost Hunters Talk About Hauntings & Voices From Beyond The Grave
#KevBakerShow #Paranormal #Ghosts Steve & Jenn Hodgson join me to discuss their recent paranormal investigations.
74 days 3:55
Multiple UFOs In The Skies Over Arizona?
#KevBakerShow #UFO #UAP The video shows multiple unidentified objects in the skies over Mesa, Arizona, on May 14th at 3.34pm Arizona time.
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76 days 1:43:43
UFOs In The Mainstream, Pentyrch #UFO Crash, Crop Circles & Mystery Orbs
#KevBakerShow #Disclosure Ben Emlyn Joins is my special guest on this episode of KBS. We talk about UFO's in the mainstream, UK UFO crash, crop circles & so much more Full show notes...
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81 day 1:43:03
Are The Celts The Lost Tribe Of Dan? Ancient Aliens? Ginger Giants? All This & More....
#KevBakerShow #TribeOfDan #AncientAliens Jimmy Genes joins me to talk about the Tribe Of Dan, one of the lost tribes of Israel.
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85 days 2:35:31
From Ancient Reptilian Aliens To The Rougarou
#FreakyFriday #AncientAliens #Skinwalker This week we take the high strangeness to new levels with a discussion that spans all the way from talking to plants, ancient aliens, mysterious ranches &
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