7 days 2:57:43
A Very Freaky Black Friday ... LIVE!
#KevBakerShow #FreakyFriday #BlackFriday Its not only Freaky Friday but its Black Friday too!
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8 days 1:06:41
Mystical Ways & Historical Days with Evan & Steven Strong
#KevBakerShow #OurAlienAncestry #ForgottenOrigin Evan & Steven Strong will be with me in the second hour of the show to discuss their upcoming conference "Mystical Way & Historical Days".
14 days 2:59:00
TGIFF - Thank Goodness It's #FreakyFriday... And It's LIVE!
#KevBakerShow #FreakyFriday #Paranormal Time to get into all things paranormal, supernatural & woo, all thanks to FREAKY FRIDAY!
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15 days 1:59:01
'Signs & Wonders' of The HALF BLOOD FULL BEAVER MOON with Mary Dusina ๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒ‘
#KevBakerShow #FullMoon #BloodMood Join us for our LIVE PHONE in for this years 'Beaver Moon' & its set to be extra special with a partial eclipse taking place meaning its a BLOOD MOON!
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17 days 1:59:05
KBS LIVE! Are We In The Days Of UFO/UAP Disclosure with Ben Emlyn Jones
#KevBakerShow #BenEmlynJones #UFO Author/researcher/public speaker Ben Emlyn-Jones joins me to discuss all the latest UFO related news including the head of NASA & one of the top spooks in the US
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21 day 3:00:42
Can You Handle The Woo? ... Freaky Friday LIVE!
Join us for another FREAKY FRIDAY!
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28 days 2:58:36
Can You Handle The Woo? ... Freaky Friday LIVE!
Friday means one thing around these parts .... time for FREAKY FRIDAY!
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34 days 58:01
Beyond The Mothman with Travis Shortt
#KevBakerShow #Mothman Travis Shortt joins me this Halloweens ever for KBSXtra, the latest KBS over on Aftermath.FM.
1 517
35 days 2:56:55
Freaky Friday Halloween Special - Trick, Treat or Woo?
Its the Freaky Friday halloween special so lets get real freaky right from the off with lots of witches, ghosts, goblins & who knows what else awaits us down this Halloween rabbit hole!?!?
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36 days 1:38:36
Australia's Gympie Pyramid Under Attack & Our Alien Ancestry
#KevBakerShow #OurAlienAncestry Authors & researchers Evan & Steven Strong rejoin me on KBS to discuss some disturbing news concerning the destruction of a very important ancient site in Australia.
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42 days 2:58:48
Who Are The Real Mib & When Are The From? ... Freaky Friday Live
#FreakyFriday Scotty Lopez mentions that his mom has been looking into some Men In Black stories & I personally am fascinated with just who these strange figures are, so this week we are going to
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45 days 2:00:11
Horoscopes For The Hunters Moon & Halloween Woo w/Mary Dusina + Live Phone-in
#KevBakerShow # # It's the full moon again, so that means its time for our resident astrologist Mary Dusina!
1 172
68 days 2:32:03
FREAKY FRIDAY! Magical Stone Balls & High Technology In Ancient Alien Times
This week we explore various stone/rock artifacts from the ancient world & at times we question whether or not it is ours or ancient alien technology on display.
2 005
71 day 56:28
MUST SEE! Ancient MAGICAL STONES & Advanced Technology From Lost Civilizations
#KevBakerShow #OurAlienAncestry #EvanStevenStrong In this MUST SEE episode of KBS we were rejoined by the team of Evan & Steven Strong to discuss ancient rocks that hold within them immense, dare I
2 278
74 days 2:00:26
60 Years On From One Of The Worlds First Alien Abduction Stories with Ben Emlyn Jones
#KevBakerShow #UFO #BenEmlynJones Ben Emlyn Jones joins me to to discuss the case of Betty & Barney Hill which took place 60 years ago.
1 918
74 days 2:04:21
Harvest Moon - What Does It Mean For You with Mary Dusina... LIVE!
#KevBakerShow #MaryDusina Our resident astrologist Mary Dusina is back on KBS to talk about the Harvest Moon & what it means for you.
1 376
91 day 3:00:50
FREAKY FRIDAY LIVE - The Atlantis Cycle & Lots More High Strangeness
#FreakyFriday #Paranormal #Supernatural Today we are going to talk about the myth of Atlantis & how it may hold secrets relevant to the times we are living in now.
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98 days 3:00:51
FREAKY FRIDAY LIVE - Paranormal Investigations & More Woo Than Most Can Handle!
#FreakyFriday #Paranormal #Supernatural Friday again, already & as promised on last weeks show we are going to open up with a look at two of the worlds most infamous paranormal researchers & the
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101 day 2:04:06
Pale Crawlers, The Rake, Flying Humanoids, Mothman & More Cryptozoology with Vincent Richardson
#KevBakerShow #Mothman #Supernatural Welcome back to another LIVE KBS with today's first time special guest Vincent Richardson.
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101 day 1:43:53
Two Dudes Talking UFO/UAPs, Galileo Project, Stonehenge & More
#KevBakerShow #BenEmlynJones #UFO Ben Emlyn-Jones is my special guest on this episode of KBS.
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103 days 2:02:15
Blue 'Sturgeon' Moon Monday - Astrological & Metaphysical Messages from Mary Dusina - KBS LIVE!
#KevBakerShow #MaryDusina #Astrology Astrologist Mary Dusina joins us for her regular show to coincide with the full moon & this time its the 'Sturgeon' full moon & not only that, its a 'blue moon'.
1 434
105 days 2:58:31
Just Another Freaky Friday... LIVE!
#FreakyFriday #Supernatural #Paranormal Can you handle the Freaky Friday Woo?
1 944
106 days 52:25
The Greatest Archaeological Cover Up EVER!
#KevBakerShow #ForgottenOrigin #OurAlienAncestry Evan & Steven Strong join me to discuss one of the biggest archaeological cover ups, ever!
2 131
112 days 2:53:36
Freaky Friday Goes Through The Paranormal Portal *** 5 HOURS OF NON-STOP WOO ***
#FreakyFriday #Paranormal #Supernatural It's Friday the 13th & on this channel that means one thing - Freaky Friday joins the Paranormal Portal for what promises to be another 5 hours of pure woo
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119 days 2:48:10
Freaky Friday Live.... Paranormal, Supernatural & Lots of High Strangeness
#FreakyFriday #Paranormal #Supernatural Join us for this weeks Freaky Friday, the show where we get into some of the weirdest mysteries, strangest supernatural & craziest stories from around the
2 234
120 days 1:18:08
Lets Talk About The Kybalion & The 7 Hermetic Principles
#KevBakerShow #Hermes Jimmy Genes joins me to go over information about ancient knowledge & information that is reserved for the 'initiate'.
1 415
120 days 25:36
Weird Weather, Siberian Wildfires & Earth Changes Everywhere
#KevBakerShow Jimmy Genes joins me in this part of KBS Ep#1539 to go over all the latest wacky weather & on-going earth changes from around the world If you like what we are doing here & would
126 days 3:00:05
Freaky Friday LIVE ๐Ÿ”ด Ancient Knowledge & Mystery History From Australia
#FreakyFriday #Australia #Aboriginal Today we go back 'down under' in search of ancient knowledge & to uncover some mystery history that goes along way to telling the story of our human origins
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133 days 2:58:11
Space Billionaires, Advanced Technology, Werewolves & Lots more Woo.... Freaky Friday LIVE!
#FreakyFriday Join us for another journey into the unknown. Freaky Friday is completely unscripted, so where we go, no one knows!
2 522
135 days 2:18:35
Messages From Under The Buck Moon with Mary Dusina + Live Call-in
#KevBakerShow #Astrology #BuckMoon Astrologist Mary Dusina joins me for our FULL MOON broadcast & this time its the Buck Moon.
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