Ilya and The Robber | "Илья Муромец и Соловей-Разбойник" с английскими субтитрами

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Published on 15 Oct 2021, 13:00
"Ilya and The Robber" with english subtitles. Cartoons for family!
"Илья Муромец и Соловей-Разбойник" с английскими субтитрами только на нашем канале.

Russia is famous for its heroes, as well as its robbers. Above them all is the Prince of Kiev, who keeps everything in check and watches for trouble on the horizon. But sometimes even princes make mistakes. This is one of those times. The Prince has a disagreement with the hero, and Sparrow the Robber steals all the money from the national treasury. What will the Prince do? Together with Ilya Muromets, the Prince (Sergey Makovetsky) sets off after Sparrow. Along with them comes the reporter from the New Birchbark. The long and perilous road brings them all the way to the Emperor of Byzantium (Oleg Tabakov) in Tsargrad, who colluded with Sparrow against the Prince of Kiev . . .

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