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Published on 5 Jun 2022, 12:00
Washing hands is easy and it should be fun for kids and for adults also! In a very funny song, with dance music for kids and cartoons!🤗📢Listen on SPOTIFY - listento.loolookids.com 📢Download our app: onelink.to/looloo

At LooLooKIDS we believe that kids need to laugh, learn, and play, and can also be responsible very early on – because responsibilities can be as fun as games. Being a happy and reliable member of your family is a joy for everybody, and we offer one of our best kids songs collection as an example of this!

Inspire kids to learn new things and discover the world with these educational songs from LooLoo KIDS.

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00:00 Wash Your Hands
02:04 Peek-a-Boo
03:52 If You're Happy and You Know It
05:32 I love the mountains
07:24 Apples and bananas
09:55 One Elephant went out to play
12:55 The bear went over the mountain
15:30 London Bridge Is Falling Down
17:12 The Muffin Man
19:09 Wind the bobbin
20:56 My friend Lola
22:26 Skidamarink
24:00 Cock-a-Doodle-Doo
25:25 The Tinny Little Boat

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Wash Your Hands - LYRICS
After petting dogs - RUFF-RUFF
Wash your hands!
After holding frogs - RIBBIT-RIBBIT
Wash your hands!
After climbing trees - CLAP -CLAP
Wash your hands!
Just before you eat -YUM-YUM
Wash your hands!

Washing hands is easy
Washing hands is fun
Scrub with soap and water
Soon you will be done!

After playing with a ball - CATCH!
Wash your hands!
After playing with a doll…- MA-MA!
Wash your hands!
After touching slime…- YUCK
Wash your hands!
After potty time… PHIUUUU
Wash your hands!

Washing hands is easy
Washing hands is fun
Scrub with soap and water
Soon you will be done!

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