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12 May 2015
2 days 27:26
Diana and Roma Back to School stories for kids
Diana and Roma are getting ready for school. Collection of the best Back to School stories for kids. Thanks for watching!
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9 days 59:08
Roma and Diana follow the Rules of Conduct / video compilation
Roma and Diana show examples of good behaviour, safety and personal hygiene. Collection of useful, motivating videos for children. Thanks for watching!
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16 days 16:47
Roma and Diana - Family vacation trip to France
Roma and Diana spend their school holidays in France. There is good air and many exciting activities for children. Thanks for watching!
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23 days 29:08
Roma and Diana Educational Stories with baby Oliver
Diana and Roma teach baby Oliver, entertain him and play educational games with him. Funny educational stories with baby Oliver. Thanks for watching!
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29 days 24:33
Roma and Diana in the Best Challenge Stories
Diana and Roma, together with their parents, organize various interesting challenges and have a great weekend! Such games entertain children, train their mind, endurance and intelligence.
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37 days 23:13
Roma and Diana pretend to visit the Cinema and Other Adventure Stories
Diana and Roma visit an unusual cinema. Diana teaches Romu how to keep his eyesight. Children have fun on the First Day of Summer and show how important it is to have friends at school.
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45 days 25:44
Roma and Diana Meet Summer and other useful stories about good behavior from their lives
Roma and Diana celebrate the first day of summer and show examples of behavior such as relationships with a younger brother, personal hygiene and health, achieving goals. Thanks for watching!
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52 days 39:27
Roma and Diana Travel - Compilation Video about fun family trips
Roma and Diana love to travel. They will share the best moments of their family trips. Thanks for watching!
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58 days 17:27
Roma and Diana entertain little brother Oliver
Roma and Diana love their little brother Oliver. Oliver wants to play. Diana and Roma will show you how to entertain the baby and play with him.
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65 days 25:39
Roma and Diana at School - Video compilation about school, friendship and knowledge
A large collection of video stories about Roma and Diana at elementary school. Roma and Diana learning to make friends, gain knowledge and responsibility at school. Thanks for watching!
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73 days 14:29
Roma and Diana's fun holidays in Turkey
During school holidays, Roma and Diana went to the sea, to Turkey. It was a great family trip! Thanks for watching! Subscribe to Kids Roma Show - bit.ly/2kj62uh Instagram instagram.
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80 days 21:09
Roma and Diana show how to behave at the Airport and Other latest episodes of Diana and Roma
Roma and Diana show how to behave at the airport, relax in the Maldives and learn to help each other. Collection of the newest useful episodes for children! Thanks for watching!
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88 days 22:54
Roma and Diana Big Maze Challenge and other Funny adventure stories for kids
Roma and Diana take part in an inflatable maze challenge to help Oliver get out of a trap. Collection of new adventure stories of Roma, Diana and Oliver. Thanks for watching!
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94 days 25:02
Roma and Diana - fun family trips with dad / Video compilation
Diana and Roma with dad explore new places Collection of new stories for children! Thanks for watching!
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101 day 21:09
Roma and Diana in the best Mutual Aid stories
Roma and Diana are very friendly and always help each other in different situations. A collection of the best stories about mutual help from Diana and Roma. Thanks for watching!
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108 days 14:08
Roma and Diana in the Best Amazing Kids Challenge
Roma and Diana play Black vs. Pink Challenge, the floor is Lava Challenge and Hot vs. Cold Challenge. A collection of the most amazing Challenges for kids. Thanks for watching!
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115 days 12:40
Roma and Diana show how children should behave
Diana teaches Roma how to save natural resources and other helpful behavioral stories for children. Thanks for watching!
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122 days 16:51
Roma and Diana celebrate Diana's birthday in Pink Panther style
Roma and Diana celebrate Diana's birthday in Pink Panther style. It was a super fun day with friends. A collection of new videos about the birthday of Diana, Roma and Oliver! Thanks for watching!
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129 days 25:53
Diana and Roma in funny animal stories for kids
Diana and Roma love animals. Children visit zoos and learn how to care for pets.
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135 days 27:30
Roma and Diana Best New Adventure Stories for Kids
Roma and Diana in a collection of the best adventure stories for children. Useful videos about school and rules of conduct. Thanks for watching!
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142 days 13:35
Roma and Diana play outdoor games / Funny stories for kids
A collection of interesting stories about Roma and Diana playing outdoors. Thanks for watching!
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149 days 16:13
Roma Pretends to be a Robot and other new stories Diana and Roma
Diana and Roma in a new funny story about a robot and other children's videos starring Roma. Thanks for watching!
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155 days 24:16
Roma and Diana in the Magic Cube and other funny Challenge stories
Diana and Roma in the best Challenge stories. Collection of funny videos for kids.
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163 days 17:12
Roma and Diana - Dad's Birthday and other Funny episodes with dad
Roma and Diana - Dad's Birthday and other Funny episodes with dad Thanks for watching!
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170 days 23:26
Roma and Diana show how to actively spend the weekend!
Roma and Diana love active recreation. They show their viewers in kids videos how to spend the weekend fun and useful! Thanks for watching!
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177 days 20:04
Roma and Diana - New school stories for kids
New school stories for children from Roma and Diana. Thanks for watching!
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184 days 32:07
Roma and Diana Funny stories with Mommy
Roma and Diana pretend play with Mommy.
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191 day 14:29
Diana and Roma in funny stories about school
Diana helps her brother Roma get ready for school using the to-do list. Children help each other at school. Funny useful stories for children about school.
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198 days 54:41
Roma and Diana - Winter Vacation Adventures and Other Fun Stories for Kids
Roma and Diana had winter holidays. The whole family went on a ski holiday in the French Alps! Diana and Roma went skiing all day and had a great winter vacation.
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205 days 23:02
Roma and Diana songs - Best music video
Roma and Diana Best music videos for kids!
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