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4 Apr 2012
21 day 9:13
Legendary Acura Nsx Pov *Pure Sound* 4K
Get Krispy Merch: Sit back and listen to this NSX rip through some Texas Highways during the audio run for its video.
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28 days 6:18
Kms8 #4
As always I try to capture some Super 8mm film from my shoots and adventures. I just got a few rolls back from development that date back to before we moved to Dallas!
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41 day 14:20
Ford GT National Rally XIII | Ford GT Forum
After a few year hiatus the Ford GT Forum rally is BACK! Late last year Arizona was overrun by a parade of old and new Ford GT's. The drive was gorgeous and the events were a blast.
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45 days 2:48
Death To Thieves | "The Theft"
On 4/11/2018 a thief broke into our rental van while out on a shoot with a client in Las Vegas, NV stealing close to $30,000 of equipment and footage.
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48 days 10:09
You NEED this to film cars!! + NSX BTS
Hollyland Solicom C1: My friends Lucca and Tito tagged along to help me capture some rollers of the recent NSX feature I uploaded.
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53 days 3:58
NSXpressway | Paul's Red NSX
Get Krispy Merch: I reached out to Paul to film his NSX as one of my first features here in Dallas to help stir up some noise.
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92 days 26:18
Hyperfest 2021 Official After Movie (4K)
Get Krispy Merch: Hyperfest is known as the Automotive Amusement park and takes place each year down at VIR in Virginia.
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96 days 0:36
Hyperfest 2021 Official After Movie Teaser
02/15/2022. DO.NOT.MISS.THIS.
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127 days 10:55
Vinfast Ev Cars First Look At Ces 2022
You read that right! I went back to CES for the first time in over 10 years since my iTouchiPodz days thanks to VinFast. Now VinFast may not be a company you heard of yet but you soon will!
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129 days 2:35
Wekfest Austin 2021 By Hand
Get Krispy Merch: I didn't bring any major gear with me to Wekfest other than my camera.
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130 days 18:38
The Worst & Best Things Happened AT ONCE!
Check out Dirt Legal: We make our way to Austin, TX for Wekfest and the Legacy's first car show and things don't go as planned at all...
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131 day 18:40
How To Get Your Car "Show Ready" + NEW PARTS!
Get Krispy Merch: With the Legacy's first Texas car show coming up we had to get her correct!
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137 days 5:09
KMS8 #3 (Krispy Media Super 8mm)
Get Krispy Merch/Stickers: Happy New Year! I've been sitting on this Super 8 footage from this past year and wanted to share it with you guys.
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147 days 9:12
700Hp Subaru Pov *Pure Sound + Turbo Noises*
Get Krispy Merch: Lean back in your chair and enjoy the amazing sounds my 700HP Subaru Legacy GT wagon creates.
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163 days 12:35
ScrapeFest Utah 2021
Get Krispy Merch: Since 2018 we've been thinking about heading back to Utah to check out more of their landscape and automotive scene.
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180 days 22:36
Gridlife Alpine Horizon Festival 2021 After Movie
Get Krispy Merch: Gridlife approached us to complete the trifecta of After Movies for their Festivals with the untouched Alpine Horizon event.
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183 days 0:51
Gridlife Alpine Horizon Festival 2021 Teaser
Full After Movie Releases: 11/20/2021 9am CST
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202 days 9:25
Starting Over...
Part 2 of Krispy Cross Country 1.5. Turned out it was a one way trip... Krispy Merch: Follow me on IG:
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204 days 29:51
Krispy Cross Country 1.5 (Part 1)
We had so much fun on Krispy Cross Country last October we had to do it all over again this year!
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216 days 6:49
We're Going On Another Road Trip!!
WE ARE DOING IT ALL AGAIN NEXT WEEK! Look out for more vlogs and recap from the trip. This trip will end with some of the biggest news I've ever had yet...
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217 days 3:08
Need For Speed No Limits In Real Life
NFS No Limits: #SponsoredbyEA #NeedForSpeedNoLimits NFS contacted me and asked if I would help promote their new mobile game.
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233 days 5:59
Top Tier Touge Run
Out here doing what we do best, fueled by the best. I've partnered up with Sunoco to share some thoughts on their Top Tier Ultratech™ fuel while hitting New York back roads with a few top tier cars.
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253 days 4:45
KMS8 #2 (Krispy Media Super 8mm)
Get Krispy Merch/Stickers: Shooting on Super 8 has been such an awesome experience so far.
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299 days 6:40
Clean Culture Ballpark Banger NY 2021 *4K*
Get Krispy Merch: Clean Culture came back home to have a show at our local ballpark so you know we had to come out cover it all!
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304 days 8:13
SLUSH “The Motorsport Festival”
Get Krispy Merch: We make our way back out to PPIR outside of Colorado Springs to document the first SLUSH motorsport festival.
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306 days 8:11
1,300Hp Supra Pov *Pure Sound*
Get Krispy Merch/Stickers: Enjoy an quick afternoon Drive in Jon's 1,300hp Toyota Supra as we capture audio for The Standard Speed Shop film.
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308 days 10:05
Filming And The Car Caught On FIRE!
Get Krispy Merch/Stickers: On our last full day of filming we captured all the in shop footage and then some more rollers as well!
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309 days 18:58
The COOLEST Collection Of Cars All To Ourselves!!!
Get Krispy Merch/Stickers: Our first day filming for the standard speed shop we knocked out such an assortment of rollers with so many cool cars from Vipers, to Supras, to fully
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313 days 2:07
The Standard Speed Shop
Jon of The Standard Speed Shop, outside of Pittsburgh, PA hit us up and asked if we could create him a film to launch his new shop.
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332 days 21:05
This Changes Everything!!
Get Krispy Merch: BOYS THE LEGACY IS BACK!!!!(For now....) So much fun driving this thing and making vlogs on the channel again working on the car. How cool are these quick jacks?!
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