4 hours 55:36
Watch live: Collapsed Hard Rock Hotel is demolished in New Orleans
Watch live coverage of the demolition of a Hard Rock Hotel that partially collapsed in New Orleans, La. 19 Oct 2019, 17:52
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4 hours 2:20
My Favorite Room with the Kaplan Twins
Artists and influencers Lexi and Allie Kaplan show off their home studio in Los Angeles. 19 Oct 2019, 17:49
4 hours 35:31
The Personal Is Political With Brittney Cooper | Why Is This Happening? - Ep 1 | MSNBC
Talking about the politics of identity, particularly in the age of Donald Trump, can feel like you’re walking through a minefield. 19 Oct 2019, 17:46
1 621
4 hours 14:30
Mark Zuckerberg Invokes MLK
Mark Zuckerberg made another attempt to convey that he has some kind of morals or ethical standards. Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Hasan Piker discuss on The Young Turks. 19 Oct 2019, 17:30
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4 hours 7:12
State Dept. finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton's email scandal
Former Trump 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and podcast host Chirs Hahn react. 19 Oct 2019, 17:25
78 025
5 hours 2:35
Brexit debate alters U.K.'s political landscape
The Brexit debate has changed the way people in the U.K talk about politics. CBS News' Haley Ott reports on how it has impacted the country's political landscape. 19 Oct 2019, 17:20
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5 hours 8:07
British Parliament stalls Brexit plan
U.K. lawmakers voted Saturday to postpone a decision on whether to back Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. 19 Oct 2019, 17:18
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5 hours 3:36
John Kasich Tells Republicans To Worry About Their Trump-Loving Legacy
Governor John Kasich didn’t mince words during a recent interview on CNN when he told Republicans that they needed to look at themselves in the mirror and decide if this is how they want to be | 19 Oct 2019, 17:00
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5 hours 5:28
CNN FAILS To Hide Disgust For One 2020 Dem During Debate With SICK Move
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5 hours 1:31
U.K. lawmakers delay decision on Brexit; protests demand second referendum
British lawmakers voted on Oct. 19 to delay Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal as thousands of people marched through the streets of London demanding a second referendum. 19 Oct 2019, 16:58
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5 hours 0:38
Meet The New Michael Cohen: Rudy Giuliani
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is having his turn in the hot seat. According to Business Insider, he appears to be the weakest link in President Donald Trump's chain. 19 Oct 2019, 16:55
5 hours 21:02
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 18th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
Florida panhandle braces for Tropical Storm Nestor, Boeing test pilots warned of problems years before deadly 737 Max crashes, and mission to capture El Chapo’s son erupts in deadly shootout.Watch | 19 Oct 2019, 16:42
22 254
6 hours 3:24:00
Watch Parliament debate Brexit in historic session
British lawmakers meet Oct. 19 in the House of Commons, where they voted to delay approval of the Brexit deal. 19 Oct 2019, 16:19
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6 hours 4:39
Fox Staffer Warns Of Mass Exodus After Shep Smith Leaves
A Fox News staffer who spoke with CNN says that the network is chaos behind the scenes, and the Shep Smith was one of the only reasons a lot of staffers were willing to stick around. 19 Oct 2019, 16:00
28 163
6 hours 5:08
Teaching In A Remote, Modern, One-Room Schoolhouse: 70 Miles From Nowhere | NBC News
In Duckwater, Nevada, where the nearest gas station is 70 miles away, Lyn Huston has been teaching students from kindergarten through 8th grade for 20 years. 19 Oct 2019, 15:59
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7 hours 1:44
Students demand school reinstate security guard fired over racial slur
Students protested after a black security guard was fired for repeating a racial slur. He says he used it in order to teach a student not to use it. WISC's Jamie Perez reports. 19 Oct 2019, 14:57
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7 hours 2:04
First All-Woman Spacewalk
On Oct 18, NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch performed the first all-woman spacewalk. 19 Oct 2019, 14:43
24 020
8 hours 0:31
How AOC’s Sanders Endorsement May Impact The Democratic Party
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders as her choice presidential candidate for 2020. 19 Oct 2019, 14:08
8 hours 2:41
Video: Tropical system could impact New England next week
Kelly Ann breaks down the forecast for Boston, Massachusetts and New England. 19 Oct 2019, 14:03
8 hours 16:22
How Amazon Returns Work
Returns take a major toll on retailers' bottom line and on the planet, but Amazon is taking big steps to change that. 19 Oct 2019, 14:02
151 813
8 hours 3:00
We Will Investigate Wall Street Corruption for the People of Puerto Rico
A message to Wall Street: We will investigate your corruption. 19 Oct 2019, 14:00
1 239
9 hours 4:11
Consequential Week In Impeachment Inquiry - The Day That Was | MSNBC
It was a consequential week in the impeachment inquiry, as closed-door testimonies painted a picture of President Trump’s efforts to withhold aid to pressure Ukraine. 19 Oct 2019, 13:17
115 126
9 hours 0:27
Kate Middleton And Prince William's Royal Tour Of Pakistan
Business Insider reports that Prince William and Kate Middleton just finished a five-day tour of Pakistan. 19 Oct 2019, 13:01
9 hours 4:43
Pocahontas Quietly Deletes Tweet and PROVES Herself Delusional
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9 hours 1:47
WEATHER NOW: Sunny Saturday, Showers Possible Late Sunday
WEATHER NOW: Sunny Saturday, Showers Possible Late Sunday WPRI 12's Pinpoint Doppler Weather service for Rhode Island and Southeastern Mass. 19 Oct 2019, 12:48
9 hours 0:14
Verona's Frank Riggio breaks off crazy run vs. Hoboken
Verona running back Frank Riggio ran through multiple defenders and even got his helmet ripped off during this crazy play during Friday's win over Hoboken | 19 Oct 2019, 12:42
10 hours 8:52
Clinton Email Review, No One Charged!!!, 2802
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10 hours 4:51
How Medium Helped Connect Woman to Her Murdered Relative
Medium James Van Praagh shared his gifts with Inside Edition in 1998 when he helped link one woman to a murdered relative. 19 Oct 2019, 11:38
21 799
10 hours 5:09
What Happened to the ‘Portal to Hell’ House?
In 2014, Inside Edition visited a house in Indiana that was known as “the Portal to Hell.” There were so many reports of unexplained and eerie occurrences in the house that a local Catholic priest | 19 Oct 2019, 11:36
146 750
10 hours 1:02
Are These the Cutest Flower Girls Ever?
The ladies aren't your typical flower girls. Four grandmas sprinkled flowers as they walked down the aisle at the Tennessee wedding of their grandchildren, Lyndsay and Tanner Raby. 19 Oct 2019, 11:34
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