43 min 3:21
China's Uighur camps - BBC News
Documents seen by the BBC appear to provide a detailed insight into how China handled hundreds of Muslims held in a network of internment camps. 18 Feb 2020, 15:30
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4 hours 1:24
Storm Dennis: See the damage from above - BBC News
Storm Dennis has triggered more severe flood warnings in parts of the UK. More than 200 flood warnings are in place across the country, including nine severe - or "danger to life" - warnings. 18 Feb 2020, 11:26
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5 hours 10:53
Coronavirus: Hong Kong gang steals hundreds of toilet rolls - BBC News
Armed robbers in Hong Kong made off with hundreds of toilet rolls worth more than HKD1,000 ($130; £98). 18 Feb 2020, 10:15
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1 day 7:00
Coronavirus: Americans from quarantined cruise ship flown from Japan - BBC News
Two planes carrying hundreds of US citizens from a coronavirus-hit cruise ship have left Japan, officials say. 17 Feb 2020, 10:35
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2 days 10:19
My experience of coming out in Ireland - BBC News
For as long as BBC journalist Simon O'Leary can remember, he has always known he is gay. But as a child the idea terrified him, and he experienced suicidal thoughts. 16 Feb 2020, 11:12
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2 days 2:41
Youtuber puts Putin portrait in a lift as an opinion poll - BBC News
A Russian YouTube blogger decided to carry out what he described as an ‘honest opinion poll’ and hung a portrait of Vladimir Putin in the lift of a Moscow apartment block. 16 Feb 2020, 11:09
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2 days 8:32
How mattresses could solve hunger - BBC News
Syrian refugees at Zaatari camp in Jordan are working with scientists from the University of Sheffield and the UN Refugee Agency to create a way to grow healthy, fresh food with nothing but water | 16 Feb 2020, 11:08
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3 days 2:29
Rare look inside Bank of England's gold vaults - BBC News
The Bank of England’s gold vaults hold £194bn worth of gold bars. If you stacked them all on top of each other, they would be the same height as 46 Eiffel Towers. 15 Feb 2020, 10:51
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3 days 5:51
The Palestinian family with its own checkpoint - BBC News
How is President Trump's plan to solve the Israeli Palestinian conflict being received on the ground? 14 Feb 2020, 17:15
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4 days 2:10
Coronavirus: Pakistanis stuck in Wuhan- BBC News
Over the past few weeks countries across the world have been evacuating their citizens from Wuhan – the Chinese city at the centre of the Coronavirus outbreak. 14 Feb 2020, 11:52
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4 days 7:50
Coronavirus: Senior Chinese officials 'removed' as death toll rises- BBC News
China has "removed" several senior officials over their handling of the coronavirus outbreak - as the death toll rises. 14 Feb 2020, 10:57
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4 days 6:22
Mike Bloomberg campaign pays influencers for memes - BBC News
Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is paying social media influencers to back him in the hope of reaching younger voters. 14 Feb 2020, 10:50
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4 days 11:20
Cabinet reshuffle: Chancellor Sajid Javid resigns – BBC News
The Chancellor Sajid Javid has resigned without warning in the middle of the Prime Minister's reshuffle - after Boris Johnson ordered him to fire his team of advisers if he wanted to stay in the post. 13 Feb 2020, 22:40
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5 days 6:16
China coronavirus deaths and cases spike - BBC News
Some 242 deaths from the new coronavirus were recorded in the Chinese province of Hubei on Wednesday - the deadliest day of the outbreak. 13 Feb 2020, 13:30
1 148 069
5 days 6:37
Putin Forever? - BBC News
When President Putin dropped his bombshell announcement last month about rearranging Russia's power structure, some wondered if he was looking for a smooth exit or rather that he wanted to stay in | 13 Feb 2020, 12:33
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5 days 9:14
UK Cabinet reshuffle: Sajid Javid resigns as chancellor - BBC News
Sajid Javid has resigned as chancellor as Boris Johnson carries out a post-Brexit cabinet reshuffle. 13 Feb 2020, 12:10
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5 days 17:20
The largest coronavirus outbreak outside China is on a cruise ship - BBC News
The largest coronavirus outbreak outside mainland China is not in a country, but on a cruise ship. 13 Feb 2020, 10:14
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5 days 4:55
Coronavirus: 9th UK case confirmed - BBC News
A ninth person has tested positive for Coronavirus in the UK. The woman flew into London from China and was tested after developing symptoms. 12 Feb 2020, 22:40
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6 days 2:49
Bernie Sanders' White House bid gathers pace - BBC News
Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire Democratic primary contest, on a terrible night for former vice-president Joe Biden. 12 Feb 2020, 15:12
42 328
6 days 3:26
The ongoing struggle for peace in Darfur - BBC News
Sudan's rulers have agreed to hand over ex-President Omar al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to face genocide and war crimes charges. 12 Feb 2020, 14:28
15 808
6 days 9:38
Coronavirus disease named Covid-19 - BBC News
The World Health Organization says the official name for the disease caused by the new coronavirus is Covid-19. 12 Feb 2020, 7:17
790 557
6 days 4:11
Coronavirus: British man linked to 11 other cases ‘fully recovered’ - BBC News
A British man linked to 11 coronavirus cases has spoken for the first time, saying he has "fully recovered" from the illness. 11 Feb 2020, 22:36
260 988
7 days 2:41
Omar al-Bashir: Sudan agrees ex-president must face ICC - BBC News
Sudan's rulers have agreed that those wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) will appear there. 11 Feb 2020, 15:42
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7 days 6:22
Geneva meeting to discuss coronavirus outbreak - BBC News
Health experts are due to gather in Geneva to discuss the coronavirus and talk about the scale of the growing worldwide epidemic and whether the drastic measures taken by China can work. 11 Feb 2020, 12:38
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7 days 10:52
Coronavirus: China's Xi visits hospital in rare appearance - BBC News
In a rare public appearance, China's President Xi Jinping has visited health staff in Beijing treating patients infected with the coronavirus. 11 Feb 2020, 9:57
808 274
7 days 3:00
Sydney rains: Record rainfall brings flooding but puts out mega-blaze - BBC News
Sydney has been hit by its heaviest rain in 30 years, bringing widespread flooding but also putting out two massive bushfires in New South Wales. 11 Feb 2020, 9:53
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7 days 3:30
Coronavirus infection closes UK medical centre- BBC News
A medical centre in the city of Brighton on the south coast of England was closed today, after a member of staff tested positive for the coronavirus. 10 Feb 2020, 22:26
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8 days 1:21
World's largest firework set off - BBC News
The Guinness World Records entry for largest aerial firework has been broken in Colorado United States. The successful attempt weighed 2,800lbs (1,270kg) and measured 62in (1.57m). 10 Feb 2020, 12:38
143 192
8 days 4:23
Coronavirus: Four more people diagnosed in UK - BBC News
The number of people infected by the coronavirus in the UK has doubled to eight - after four more patients in England tested positive for the virus. 10 Feb 2020, 11:17
324 636
8 days 3:11
Coronavirus kills 97 in deadliest day so far - BBC News
The number of people killed by the new coronavirus rose by 97 on Sunday, the highest number of casualties in a day. 10 Feb 2020, 10:35
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