1 hour 1:09:31
Bernie Speaks with Working Families in Nevada
TRUMP WILL BE A ONE-TERM PRESIDENT: Under President Trump, the very concept of democracy is under attack. 9 Dec 2019, 1:25
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7 hours 1:13:03
Working Families Town Hall with Bernie
TAKE BACK POWER FROM BILLIONAIRES: Americans deserve a government that works for all, not just the 1%, their lobbyists and their campaign contributors. 8 Dec 2019, 19:26
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1 day 55:29
Rally with Bernie for Union Rights
RALLY FOR UNION RIGHTS: Unions are the last line of defense for workers against corporate greed. In my first term we are going to double union membership nationwide. Join us live in Cedar Rapids | 8 Dec 2019, 1:19
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1 day 1:08:52
Rural Economy Town Hall with Bernie
BREAK UP BIG AG: The time is long overdue for the U.S. government to stand with family farmers. 7 Dec 2019, 18:23
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1 day 35:53
Campaign Update from Iowa!
BREAK UP BIG AG: The time is long overdue for the U.S. government to stand with family farmers. 7 Dec 2019, 4:33
17 940
2 days 26:17
Bernie Speaks at Iowa Farmers Union Forum
WE NEED FAMILY FARMS, NOT MORE FACTORY FARMS: Thousands of family farmers are forced off their land every year by big agribusinesses. 7 Dec 2019, 0:35
13 772
2 days 29:47
Bernie at Youth Climate Strike
BERNIE AT CLIMATE STRIKE: I'm proud to stand with young people in Iowa and around the world today in their climate strikes. 6 Dec 2019, 17:03
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3 days 33:42
Bernie Speaks at Iowan Organic Farmers Presidential Forum
END THE GREED: In rural America, we are seeing giant agribusiness conglomerates extract as much wealth out of small communities as they can, while family farmers are going bankrupt and, in many | 6 Dec 2019, 1:35
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3 days 50:25
Hear the Bern Episode 35 | Office Race (w/ Grace Blakeley)
Briahna talks to author Grace Blakeley about our era of hyper-capitalism, characterized by the growing dominance of the financial sector and weakened labor. 6 Dec 2019, 0:21
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4 days 3:24
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7 days 1:04:47
Community Meeting with Bernie
END THE GREED: No billionaires, super PACs or corporate lobbyists are supporting us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 1 Dec 2019, 22:00
32 534
9 days 3:13
Amazon Workers For Bernie
Amazon workers in Minnesota have helped lead the fight for higher wages and better working conditions at Amazon fulfillment centers. Bernie Sanders has stood with them and helped win higher wages. 29 Nov 2019, 22:05
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10 days 42:18
Hear the Bern Episode 34 | Turkey Talk with Bernie and Peter Daou
As millions of us head home for the holidays, Briahna sits down with Bernie and former sparring partner Peter Daou for lessons on talking across our rancorous political divides. 28 Nov 2019, 3:49
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12 days 36:45
Campaign Update with Faiz Shakir
Campaign Manager Faiz Shakir is live from New York with an update for our grassroots supporters on our path to victory. 27 Nov 2019, 0:33
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12 days 0:31
Big Us | Bernie Sanders
"Bernie is a very rare egg in Washington. He’s honest....He’s not there for Wall Street. He’s not there for Hollywood. He’s not there for big oil, or big pharma or big anybody. Just Big Us. 26 Nov 2019, 15:11
49 437
13 days 1:03:22
Town Hall with Bernie and SEA/SEIU 1984
STRENGTHEN UNIONS: It was the trade union movement that built the middle class in this country, and it is the trade union movement that is going to rebuild it once again. 26 Nov 2019, 0:24
18 766
13 days 28:50
Bernie Meets with Interfaith Leaders
END RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY: Trump’s plan is to divide us up because that's the only way he can win. We are going to do the opposite. Our campaign is grounded in the idea of human solidarity. 25 Nov 2019, 22:23
15 803
13 days 1:15:58
Worker Appreciation Tour Brunch with Bernie
RESPECT WORKERS: The right to form a union is a constitutional right. 25 Nov 2019, 18:55
14 467
14 days 1:08:05
Worker Appreciation Tour Rally
A MOVEMENT FOR WORKING PEOPLE: Trump lied when he said he’d stand up to corporate greed and help working people. 24 Nov 2019, 23:26
15 464
14 days 1:06:51
Worker Appreciation Tour Town Hall
A CAMPAIGN FOR THE WORKING CLASS: Nothing scares the billionaire class more than a strong union movement. We will fight for a union for every worker. Join us live in Hillsboro, New Hampshire | 24 Nov 2019, 19:32
13 419
15 days 49:26
Labor Solidarity Dinner with Bernie
PROTECT AND EXPAND UNIONS: I’m proud to have the boldest pro-union platform in the history of American politics. When we are in the White House we will double union membership nationwide. 24 Nov 2019, 0:37
19 283
15 days 1:39:22
Town Meeting with Bernie in Franklin, NH
BERNIE BEATS TRUMP: Unlike Donald Trump, we believe in bringing people together, not dividing them up. That is how we are going to win. Join us live in Franklin, NH | 23 Nov 2019, 19:24
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16 days 6:16
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16 days 4:46
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16 days 3:15
Bangladeshi Tenant Power
22 Nov 2019, 16:54
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