1 day 10:53
How a $450 Million Loss Was Made to Disappear
11 years after one of Europe’s biggest banking scandals, 13 executives have been sentenced and financial penalties of $175 million have been dealt. 13 Dec 2019, 15:55
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3 days 15:14
The Finns are Probably Living Better Than You
Finns are known as some of the happiest people on Earth. 11 Dec 2019, 16:17
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9 days 13:51
How Trump's Trade War Went From Method to Madness
Over the course of the US-China Trade War, the Trump administration's aggressive policies and unpredictable behavior have lead to the negotiating table. 5 Dec 2019, 11:00
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10 days 13:39
How Finland Survived The iPhone
Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance heads to Finland for a three-part exploration of this traditionally contented country's tech industry. 4 Dec 2019, 20:35
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12 days 10:03
This MIT Engineer Built His Own Bionic Leg
At MIT's Media Lab, researchers are developing prosthetic limbs that users can control with their minds, making a robotic foot move as seamlessly as a biological one. 2 Dec 2019, 22:09
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16 days 33:35
What Chef Eric Ripert Learned From Bourdain
Of all of the travel hacks chef Eric Ripert has perfected, none are as important as the ones he inherited from his decades-long friend, the late, great Anthony Bourdain. 28 Nov 2019, 18:24
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18 days 3:57
The Vegan Economy Has Arrived
Is Veganism just a passing trend or the beginning of a whole new industry and era? Bloomberg’s Quicktakes has a closer look at this burgeoning sector of the new economy. 26 Nov 2019, 15:30
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19 days 5:19
This YouTube Couple Is Reinventing Pizza
Daniel Oh and Katie Ok host a YouTube channel called Future Neighbor ( youtube.com/channel/UC-SmuIHMG2HPDFUOBRu5LnA) specializing in Korean home cooking. 25 Nov 2019, 15:00
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23 days 3:43
Keeping Korean Gold Print Alive
Gi-ho Kim’s family has been doing traditional Korean gold print for five generations. 21 Nov 2019, 22:32
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From Blade Runner to Uber, The Flying Car Beckons
Now that autonomous vehicles are being tested, it's natural to ask: are flying cars next? 18 Nov 2019, 17:17
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31 day 10:31
In Case of Apocalypse, Open Here
In this episode of "Hello World," Ashlee Vance travels to Svalbard - an archipelago located at 80 degrees north - to participate in some doomsday preparation with GitHub CEO Nat Friedman. 13 Nov 2019, 18:20
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33 days 3:02
Comfort Vs. Privacy In A Connected World
The Internet of Things, the vast collection of internet-connected devices talking to each other and completing a wide range of tasks, is getting bigger and more connected by the day. 11 Nov 2019, 15:52
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37 days 13:29
The Spectacular Rise and Fall of WeWork
In less than one year, WeWork went from having a $47 billion valuation and being the darling of the venture capital world to needing an $8 billion infusion to avoid running out of money. 7 Nov 2019, 15:00
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39 days 8:36
The Cutting-Edge Tech Reversing Human Damage
Our natural habitats are crucial to the planet's health. Whether through man-made interference or natural events, ecosystems such as forests and reefs are under threat. 5 Nov 2019, 15:08
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40 days 8:24
Meet The World's $200M Fountain-Maker
Mark Fuller is the eccentric owner of what could be the most technically advanced water fountain-maker on the planet (the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas being among his more famous). 4 Nov 2019, 16:22
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43 days 10:43
Building a Computer Like Your Brain
Our brain has 86 billion neurons connected by 3 million kilometers of nerve fibers and The Human Brain Project is mapping it all. 1 Nov 2019, 13:30
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44 days 9:50
The Search For Life Beyond Earth
For half a century, researchers have been scanning the sky for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, so far to no avail. 31 Oct 2019, 13:30
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45 days 11:06
Reversing The World's Fastest Spreading Disease
Dengue is the fastest spreading tropical disease. 40% of the world’s population is currently at risk. It’s transmitted by mosquitoes and so far there’s been little progress in fighting back. 30 Oct 2019, 15:05
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46 days 9:05
The Holy Grail of Clean Energy
For a long time it’s been said “fusion is the energy of the future. And always will be”. 29 Oct 2019, 13:00
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49 days 1:21
Moonshots Are Changing The World
Coming soon: Moonshot, a new Bloomberg Original series about people taking incredible risks to change the world in a positive way. Episodes coming to YouTube beginning October 29th. 26 Oct 2019, 13:00
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50 days 21:57
Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire?
There are millions of asteroids in our solar system. Because some are full of materials that are rare on Earth, they have been valued at stupendous amounts. 25 Oct 2019, 13:00
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51 day 24:07
Microgravity Will Change How We Make Everything
Microgravity can be used to unlock old materials and make new ones in ways that can’t be replicated on Earth. Private companies know this, and are leading the charge toward the next gold rush. 24 Oct 2019, 13:00
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52 days 17:59
Welcome To Your Home in Space
Over the past few decades, the International Space Station has allowed astronauts to live, work and conduct research in microgravity. 23 Oct 2019, 13:00
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Space: The Final Business Frontier
In the not-too-distant future, entirely new industries will be developed in space. But for these endeavors to be viable, we need to first get the necessary tools into orbit. 22 Oct 2019, 13:00
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57 days 6:51
This Revolutionary Director Wants To Fix Hollywood
After decades of under-representation, women directors are finally on the rise in film and advertising. 18 Oct 2019, 12:00
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Giant Leap: The New Business of Space
In the not-too-distant future, entirely new industries will be developed in space. These are the stories about the entrepreneurs and visionaries who are taking that next Giant Leap. Launching Oct. 15 Oct 2019, 22:00
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61 day 4:30
An Ancient Korean Tradition is Making a Comeback
Leesle Hwang is reinventing one of Korea's oldest forms of dress, hanbok. Her designs bring the centuries old tradition into the modern day. Video by Angus Bennett & Abigail Morgan | 14 Oct 2019, 18:21
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71 day 5:42
Tech’s Most Controversial Startup Makes Drone-Killing Robots
Founded by Palmer Luckey and backed by Peter Thiel, Anduril is rekindling the connection between the American military and Silicon Valley. 4 Oct 2019, 14:03
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74 days 10:44
The Secretive Gold Deal Keeping Venezuela Afloat
Venezuela is teetering on the edge of economic collapse, but despite crippling U.S. sanctions, the government of Nicolas Maduro has held on. 1 Oct 2019, 18:26
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75 days 7:07
Curing Our Plastic Problem
Plastic is both a super product and an ecological nightmare. 30 Sep 2019, 19:38
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