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NBA legend Kobe Bryant dies in California helicopter crash at age 41
NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others were killed Sunday when their helicopter plunged into a steep hillside in dense morning fog in Southern California, his sudden death at age 41 | 27 Jan 2020, 4:55
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Los Angeles remembers icon Kobe Bryant and 13-year-old daughter, Gianna
Fans, celebrities and those who knew Kobe Bryant best are devastated by the news he and his daughter were among nine people who were killed Sunday morning in a helicopter crash. 27 Jan 2020, 4:40
2 hours 6:31:10
Live Updates: Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash
Kobe Bryant, a five-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers who is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, died in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles on Sunday, the City | 27 Jan 2020, 3:41
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3 hours 3:42
Fans mourn Kobe Bryant at Staples Center in Los Angeles
As worldwide reaction pours in after Kobe Bryant's death Sunday, fans have come to the Staples Center to mourn the Lakers superstar. CBSN Los Angeles reports. 27 Jan 2020, 2:25
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Clippers coach Doc Rivers mourns Kobe Bryant
Clippers coach Doc Rivers choked back tears as he recounted the devastating news about Kobe Bryant's death. "He means a lot to me," Rivers said. Watch his remarks here. 27 Jan 2020, 1:27
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Magic Johnson describes Kobe Bryant's deep love for the Lakers
Earvin "Magic" Johnson joins CBS Los Angeles' Jim Hill to discuss Kobe Bryant and how "nobody took more pride in putting on a Lakers jersey" than him. 27 Jan 2020, 0:47
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Kobe Bryant among 9 killed in helicopter crash near Los Angeles
Kobe Bryant was among nine people who died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on Sunday. Authorities held a press conference with the latest details. Watch here. 27 Jan 2020, 0:18
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"I felt like I lost a son": Former Lakers General manager Jerry West on Kobe Bryant's death
Jerry West, former Lakers general manager, speaks with CBS Los Angeles' sports director Jim Hill about the relationship he had with Kobe Bryant early in his career and the lasting legacy he will | 26 Jan 2020, 23:00
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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reacts to Kobe Bryant's death
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar posted a video online where he offers his condolences to Kobe Bryant and his family. Bryant was among five people killed in a helicopter crash Sunday in California. 26 Jan 2020, 22:56
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7 hours 12:01
CBS Los Angeles sports director reflects on Kobe Bryant's career
Jim Hill, CBS Los Angeles' sports director, has interviewed and personally gotten to know Kobe Bryant over the years. 26 Jan 2020, 22:11
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Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash in California
Kobe Bryant, a five-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers who is considered one of the greatest basketball players ever, died in a helicopter crash Sunday in Los Angeles. He was 41. 26 Jan 2020, 21:52
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Remembering the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant
"CBS This Morning: Saturday" co-host Dana Jacobson joins CBSN with a look back at Kobe Bryant's life and legacy. 26 Jan 2020, 21:42
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Lev Parnas releases recording of Trump dinner: Full video
An attorney for Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas has provided a recording to CBS News of President Trump saying in April 2018 to "take her out" about the Ukrainian ambassador. 25 Jan 2020, 23:58
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Senators running for president go from impeachment trial to Iowa
The four senators vying for the Democratic nomination for president headed to Iowa Saturday after being in Washington all week for President Trump's impeachment trial. 25 Jan 2020, 23:44
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1 day 6:04
Harvey Weinstein trial gets off to dramatic start
The trial against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein got off to a dramatic start this week with disturbing testimony from actress Annabella Sciorra. 25 Jan 2020, 23:33
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Inside the Senate chamber during the impeachment trial
President Trump's legal team had their first opportunity on Saturday to present their case after the House impeachment managers spent three days giving their opening arguments. 25 Jan 2020, 23:17
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Trump is heard saying "take her out" about Ukrainian ambassador in newly-obtained recording
President Trump during an April 2018 dinner told Lev Parnas, an associate of Mr. 25 Jan 2020, 22:47
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Trump's lawyers conclude first day of opening arguments
President Trump's defense team began laying out their defense on Saturday, the first day of their opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial. 25 Jan 2020, 19:42
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1 day 3:27:40
Impeachment Trial Day 5: Trump's lawyers to give opening arguments
President Trump's lawyers will give their opening arguments on Saturday after three days of Democrats making their case. 25 Jan 2020, 18:58
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CBS News' Major Garrett on reporting referenced by Adam Schiff
CBS News' Major Garrett discusses his reporting referenced Friday by Rep. Adam Schiff during President Trump's impeachment trial. 25 Jan 2020, 18:45
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Impeachment Trial Day 4: Democrats to spotlight what they say is Trump's obstruction of Congress
Senators concluded the second day of opening arguments in President Trump's impeachment trial on Thursday night, with House Democrats arguing the president abused his power by pressuring Ukraine for | 25 Jan 2020, 2:56
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2 days 7:20
What role could retiring Senator Lamar Alexander play in the impeachment trial?
Politico's John Bresnahan joined CBSN to discuss why both Democrats and Republicans are watching how retiring Republican Senator Lamar Alexander will vote on witnesses in the impeachment trial. 25 Jan 2020, 2:50
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2 days 1:11:04
Schiff concludes by laying out case for abuse of power
House impeachment manager Adam Schiff closed out the case for removing President Trump from office on the charge of abuse of power. 25 Jan 2020, 0:06
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Trump attorney says Saturday session will be a "trailer" for their arguments
Jay Sekulow, one of President Trump's attorneys, reminded reporters that they "haven't begun" to put their case out on impeachment. Mr. 24 Jan 2020, 23:37
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Second case of coronavirus confirmed in U.S.
Health officials in Illinois have confirmed a second U.S. patient has tested positive for the deadly coronavirus. 24 Jan 2020, 22:32
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Teen makes prom dress for his date
When a teenage boy from Indiana found out the dress his prom date wanted was too expensive, he decided to make her one – and it looked just like the dream dress she envisioned. 24 Jan 2020, 20:55
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President Trump speaks at March for Life rally
President Trump spoke Friday at the annual anti-abortion March for Life rally. He was the first president in the 46-year history of the event to appear in person. Watch his full speech here. 24 Jan 2020, 20:23
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2 days 1:26
Breastfeeding moms hold "nurse in" at Georgia Chick-fil-A
Nick Proto of WRDW-TV in Augusta, Georgia, reports that women have come to the rescue of a mom who was asked to cover up while breastfeeding at local Chick-fil-A restaurant. 24 Jan 2020, 20:18
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83-year-old woman with dementia becomes recording artist, thanks to caregiver
This 83-year-old woman with dementia just became a hit recording artist in the U.K. 24 Jan 2020, 19:39
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FedEx warns customers about text message scam
FedEx is warning about a scam in which customers receive a text message saying they have a soon-to-be delivered package. CBS News' Tom Hanson reports the scam could cost you money. 24 Jan 2020, 17:50
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