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Live: President Trump and Italian President Sergio Mattarella hold joint press conference
President Trump is welcoming Italian President Sergio Mattarella for meetings at the White House and a joint news conference Wednesday morning, a day after a Democratic presidential debate in which | 16 Oct 2019, 17:57
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5 days 7:12
Planned Parenthood fights for its abortion license in Louisiana
With some of the most restrictive abortion regulations in the country, Louisiana could potentially be left with just one abortion clinic. 16 Oct 2019, 16:51
5 days 2:58
Trump says Kurds are "not angels"
President Trump said Wednesday the Kurds are "not angels," as the U.S. withdraws troops from northern Syria and allows the Kurds to fend for themselves. 16 Oct 2019, 16:40
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5 days 2:10
Community rallies behind homeless man, posting flyers to help him find a job
Johnell Johnson has slept on the same New York City stoop for more than a year, greeting every person that walks past him. 16 Oct 2019, 16:28
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5 days 5:22
International Pronouns Day raises awareness
It's International Pronouns Day and activists say it's an opportunity to raise awareness about respecting people's chosen personal pronouns. 16 Oct 2019, 15:31
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5 days 12:31
Joe Biden: My son and I did nothing wrong
Former Vice President Joe Biden defended himself and his son Hunter during the fourth Democratic presidential primary debate. 16 Oct 2019, 15:23
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5 days 10:08
Elizabeth Warren fends off attacks from 11 Democratic opponents in debate
Senator Elizabeth Warren spent the fourth Democratic presidential primary debate fending off attacks from more moderate rivals. 16 Oct 2019, 15:12
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5 days 8:41
Former top aide to Pompeo to testify today on Ukraine
Lawmakers are set to hear from a former top aide to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as they continue their investigation into the White House's dealings with Ukraine. 16 Oct 2019, 15:11
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5 days 3:00
Epicured founders combine passion for food and health care
Rich Bennett and Renee Cherkezian became friends in college. Twenty years later they started a business focused on their shared passion of helping people. 16 Oct 2019, 15:09
5 days 4:54
Pence and Pompeo to travel to Turkey to discuss cease-fire in Syria
Turkey has demanded Kurdish fighters surrender and leave the Syrian border by tonight as violence escalates across the region. 16 Oct 2019, 14:16
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Fourth Democratic debate analysis and spin room interviews
Twelve Democrats took the debate stage on Tuesday night in the largest Democratic debate yet. 16 Oct 2019, 14:16
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6 days 5:09
Harris calls out lack of abortion discussion during debates
Senator Kamala Harris called out the lack of abortion discussion during the Democratic debates, arguing that the future of reproductive rights in America impacts half of the country's population. 16 Oct 2019, 5:24
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6 days 6:56
O'Rourke doubles down on gun buyback plan after Buttigieg criticism
Former Congressman Beto O'Rourke of Texas spoke more at Tuesday's debate than at previous debates, although part of his time was spent in a testy exchange with Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg on gun | 16 Oct 2019, 5:12
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6 days 3:00
Reaction in Iowa and New Hampshire to 4th debate
Voters at a watch party in New Hampshire were concerned about the divisiveness and were excited to hear about foreign policy, opioids and guns during Tuesday night's debate. 16 Oct 2019, 4:19
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6 days 6:20
Julián Castro: "I never think I get enough time" on debate stage
Former Obama Housing Secretary Julián Castro said he thought Tuesday's debate stage was "a little crowded" with 12 Democrats. 16 Oct 2019, 4:06
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to endorse Bernie Sanders
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman New York congresswoman with a massive national following, is set to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for president on Saturday, according to a person familiar | 16 Oct 2019, 3:48
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Michael Bennet: Turkey is "acting against our interest" in the Middle East
Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet believes Turkey is "acting against" U.S. interests in the Middle East. 16 Oct 2019, 2:55
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Beto O'Rourke's campaign manager talks Trump impeachment and candidate's debate prep
Jen O'Malley Dillon, campaign manager for former Texas congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke, spoke to CBSN's Caitlin Huey-Burns ahead of Tuesday's debate in Ohio. 16 Oct 2019, 2:39
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6 days 4:36
Dayton Mayor on what topics Democrats should discuss at Ohio debate
Before Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate in Ohio, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley spoke to CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns about what she hopes her party's candidates talk about on | 16 Oct 2019, 2:35
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6 days 3:48
Michael Bennet: "I'm concerned" about lack of moderates on debate stage
In an interview with CBS News campaign reporter Musadiq Bidar, Colorado Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet said he's "concerned" about the lack of moderates on the debate | 16 Oct 2019, 2:29
6 days 4:31
What Ohio voters want to see in tonight's Democratic debate
Health care and rural issues are on the minds of voters in Ohio, the state that is hosting Tuesday's Democratic debate. 16 Oct 2019, 2:27
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6 days 15:40
Why impeachment is a critical topic on the debate stage
The largest primary debate in the U.S. is taking place Tuesday at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. 16 Oct 2019, 2:17
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6 days 9:48
Trump campaign spokeswoman on impeachment inquiry: "We were always prepared for this"
Donald Trump's presidential campaign is also weighing in on Thursday's Democratic debate. 16 Oct 2019, 1:26
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6 days 22:46
Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff give update on voting to authorize impeachment inquiry
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff said they are not planning on holding a full House vote on the impeachment inquiry. 16 Oct 2019, 0:37
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6 days 11:51
Giuliani: I won't comply with "illegitimate" inquiry
President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani said he will not comply with a subpoena from House Democrats, calling the impeachment inquiry "illegitimate." Lawmakers are seeking documents | 16 Oct 2019, 0:11
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6 days 7:46
Health care and jobs top concerns as Democrats prepare for Ohio debate
As parts of our "Local Matters" series, CBSN is taking a closer look at the state of Ohio, where Democrats hold their 4th presidential debate tonight. 15 Oct 2019, 22:39
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6 days 1:05
Dad and son do adorable dance to celebrate being cancer-free
Kristian Thomas is a 2-year-old with Down syndrome who captured hearts after dancing with his dad. They had a reason to dance – they were celebrating 11 months cancer-free for Kristian. 15 Oct 2019, 21:19
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6 days 4:12
Cory Booker looking to gain traction in 4th Democratic debate
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is looking to gain traction among Democratic voters in tonight's debate in Westerville, Ohio. 15 Oct 2019, 21:03
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6 days 5:45
Bernie Sanders returns to campaign trail for tonight's Democratic debate
Senator Bernie Sanders is set to return to the campaign trail for tonight's debate for the first time since suffereing a heart attack. 15 Oct 2019, 20:56
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6 days 6:12
Local Matters: What issues are most important to Ohio voters?
WBNS reporter, anchor and "Face the State" host Scott Light joins CBSN to discuss the issues that are crucial to Ohio voters as Democratic candidates prepare to debate tonight in Westerville, Ohio. 15 Oct 2019, 20:54
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