4 hours 2:57
Immigrant-run Radio Station Helps Migrants Adjust to Changing US Political Climate
Every morning at seven o'clock, Luis Valentan anchors a live radio show, whose target audience is thousands of immigrants across the United States. 20 Sep 2019, 14:00
7 hours 0:56
China Highly Appreciates Kiribati's Decision to Cut Ties with Taiwan Authorities: FM spokesman
China highly appreciates Kiribati's decision to cut ties with Taiwan authorities, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Friday. 20 Sep 2019, 11:35
11 hours 2:07
Huawei Launches New Products Highlighting Computing Capacity
Huawei launched new products highlighting computing functions during its annual flagship event "Huawei Connect" in Shanghai, aiming to benefit a wide range of people in multiple fields. 20 Sep 2019, 7:23
1 day 2:27
Chinese Artillery Detachment Conducts Live fire Drill in Gobi Desert
An artillery detachment under the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) 74th Group Army recently conducted a live-fire exercise with multiple types of artilleries in northwest China's Gobi desert | 19 Sep 2019, 12:18
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1 day 1:26
River Night View Helps Boost Economy in Southwest China City
he breath-taking nighttime view along the major river in Liuzhou City, southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has helped boost the city's economy. 19 Sep 2019, 8:59
1 day 1:47
Grey Panda Makes Debut in southwest China
A rare grey panda made public debut Wednesday in southwest China, attracting large crowds of visitors by deviating from the characteristic black-and-white fur of its species. 19 Sep 2019, 8:25
1 day 2:42
Chinese Premier Meets Putin on Bilateral Ties
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin to discuss bilateral relations. 19 Sep 2019, 7:16
1 day 10:34
Xi Inspects Central China's Henan Province
Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday called for keeping firmly in mind the origins of the "red political power" during his inspection tour in central China's Henan Province. 19 Sep 2019, 3:00
2 days 1:38
Huawei Releases World's Fastest AI Training Cluster
Chinese high-tech giant Huawei released Atlas 900, which is said to be the fastest AI training cluster in the world on Wednesday in Shanghai during the Huawei Connect 2019. 18 Sep 2019, 13:12
2 days 1:20
Colossal Waterspout Spotted in Southwest China
A huge waterspout appeared in Beihai City of southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Tuesday, lasting around 10 minutes with rare footage being shot at the local Yintan, or Silver Beach. 18 Sep 2019, 11:50
2 days 1:08
Chinese President Xi Jinping Stresses Development of Real Economy
Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, urged the development of the real economy | 18 Sep 2019, 11:07
2 days 9:51
LIVE: September 18th Incident Memorial Ceremony
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3 days 1:05
Chinese President Xi Jinping Inspects Poverty Alleviation Work in Henan
Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, inspected poverty alleviation work during his | 17 Sep 2019, 13:56
3 days 3:03
Courageous Hong Kong Resident Recalls Moment He Unveiled Rioter's Mask
A Hong Kong resident recalled the moments he took upon himself to unmask an unruly rioter and got beaten up by other protesters on Saturday. Mr. 17 Sep 2019, 13:33
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3 days 1:55
Chinese President Xi Goes to Central China on Inspection Tour
Chinese President Xi Jinping went on an inspection tour in central China's Henan Province on Monday. 17 Sep 2019, 8:24
3 days 0:42
Train Derails Near Hong Kong's Hung Hom MTR Station
A train derailed when departing from the Hung Hom Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station in Hong Kong's Kowloon during rush hour Tuesday morning. 17 Sep 2019, 7:06
3 days 1:48
Chinese Premier Arrives in Russia for Official Visit
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in St. Petersburg on Monday afternoon for a three-day official visit to Russia. 17 Sep 2019, 3:42
4 days 2:55
Hong Kong Commercial Association Celebrates 70th Founding Anniversary of PRC
The Hong Kong Chinese Importers and Exporters Association held a party to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on Monday. 16 Sep 2019, 15:25
4 days 2:17
Beijing Stages Second Rehearsal for National Day Celebrations
Beijing completed the second joint rehearsal for the upcoming National Day celebrations early Monday morning, about two weeks ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic | 16 Sep 2019, 14:04
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4 days 1:21
2019 China Cybersecurity Week Kicks off in North China
The 2019 China Cybersecurity Week opened in north China's Tianjin Municipality on Monday. 16 Sep 2019, 12:02
4 days 1:40
Emblematic Animals Endangered by Bolivia Forest Fires
Forest fires that have lasted for over a month in Bolivia have threatened the lives of the continent's emblematic animals such as jaguars, pumas, toucans as well as other small mammals. 16 Sep 2019, 7:36
4 days 1:49
Zhalong Nature Reserve Nests over 300 Bird Species in Northwest China
Zhalong Nature Reserve in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province is known as the "Land of the Cranes", the reserve is considered by many local people as a gift from "Mother Nature". 16 Sep 2019, 7:19
4 days 1:32
First Phase Completed at Largest Auto Manufacturing Base in China's Southeast Coast
The first construction phase of the largest automobile manufacturing base in China's southeast coast was completed on Sunday. 16 Sep 2019, 3:38
4 days 2:34
UN Chief Visits Hurricane-stricken Abaco Islands in Bahamas
Touring the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas devastated by Hurricane Dorian earlier this month, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said "international support will be absolutely essential" to help | 16 Sep 2019, 2:13
5 days 0:37
Telephoto Lens Records Plane Flying by Large Full Moon During Mid-Autumn Festival
An 80x telephoto lens recorded a striking scene of a plane flying past a large full moon at Haining Guanchao Park in east China's Zhejiang province during the Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday night. 15 Sep 2019, 13:45
28 025
5 days 2:24
Old Style Guangdong Mooncakes Present Fresh Charm
The time-honored Guangdong style mooncake has become more and more popular for its good taste and excellent ingredients. 15 Sep 2019, 13:11
5 days 0:58
Chile Promotes Pet Registration with Microchips Implants
Since Chile officially launched the law of responsible pet ownership in February, over 930,000 dogs and cats have been entered in the national pets registry, according to official data released by | 15 Sep 2019, 8:04
5 days 1:59
HK Residents Take to Streets to Clean up Graffiti, Stickers Left by Rioters
Many Hong Kong residents took to the streets voluntarily on Saturday to clean up the graffiti and stickers left by the rioters, in order to restore the city's image tainted by the illegal protests. 15 Sep 2019, 6:45
5 days 2:08
Zimbabwe Holds State Funeral for Late Former President Mugabe
Thousands of mourners, including national leaders, envoys and special representatives of many countries, sang the praises of Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the late founding President of Zimbabwe, during | 15 Sep 2019, 2:27
5 days 2:09
Hong Kong People Sang Chinese National Anthem on Lion Rock to Show Patriotism
Hundreds of Hong Kong residents climbed up the Lion Rock Hill on Saturday and sang the national song of China to express their congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's | 15 Sep 2019, 1:44
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