1 hour 1:07
Zhong Nanshan: Blood plasma is safe and effective in treating coronavirus
Doctors are now using the plasma of recovered patients to treat existing COVID-19 patients. 18 Feb 2020, 16:00
1 hour 3:23
In The Spotlight: How a deliveryman keeps Beijing supplied during coronavirus outbreak
"I'm not fearless, especially since my running around puts my three-year-old kid at risk of catching the virus. 18 Feb 2020, 15:45
1 hour 0:45
Wuhan's Leishenshan hospital discharges first pair of patients
Two COVID-19 patients have been discharged after recovering at Wuhan's second makeshift hospital. An 83-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man were admitted to the hospital on February 9. 18 Feb 2020, 15:45
1 hour 1:36
Pakistan to consider importing insecticides from India to fight locusts
In efforts to fight a locust invasion, reports say Pakistan is likely to purchase insecticides from India, bypassing a trade ban it imposed with New Delhi last year. 18 Feb 2020, 15:30
1 hour 11:49:34
Live: On-site view of Leishenshan Hospital as construction continues 雷神山医院建设继续
Construction continues at Wuhan's purpose-built Leishenshan Hospital, which is in use for diagnosed novel #coronavirus patients with mild symptoms. 18 Feb 2020, 15:18
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1 hour 0:40
Robots step in to provide services during coronavirus outbreak
Robots have stepped in to provide other services during the coronavirus outbreak when face-to-face interactions between people are limited to lower risks of infection. 18 Feb 2020, 15:14
2 hours 1:40
First patients of coronavirus discharged from huoshenshan
The city of Wuhan, battling the coronavirus, is seeing more hope as more and more patients infected with this virus are recovering and being released from hospitals. 18 Feb 2020, 15:09
2 hours 1:06
WHO not raising its coronavirus risk assessment
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2 hours 0:34
How many pieces of protective gear do medical staff wear?
Recently, a medical worker released a video to show how many pieces of the protective gear medical personnel have to wear and how to put them on. 18 Feb 2020, 15:00
2 hours 1:27
What's the experience like being a medic at Huoshenshan Hospital?
Huoshenshan Hospital has been in operation for half month. This is the daily routine of a medic who works here. 18 Feb 2020, 14:50
2 hours 0:58
Nurses at Jiang'an makeshift hospital lead patients in 'clapping dance'
Optimistic patients with mild symptoms of the novel coronavirus pneumonia at the Jiang'an makeshift hospital in Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, were encouraged by | 18 Feb 2020, 14:44
3 hours 1:04
UN chief urges world community to provide more support for Afghan refugees
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the world community to perform responsibilities with a renewed commitment, taking more actions to help Afghan refugees on Monday. 18 Feb 2020, 14:05
3 hours 0:19
Chinese COVID-19 expert explains promising progressContent:
Zhong Nanshan,a renowned Chinese respiratory scientist, said researchers are making progress in finding effective treatments for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 18 Feb 2020, 14:04
4 hours 1:40
80 percent of state-owned companies have returned to normal operation
80 percent of the over 20,000 state-owned companies in the manufacturing sector have returned to normal operations, Ren Hongbin, deputy head of State-owned Asset Supervision and Administration | 18 Feb 2020, 13:00
4 hours 3:37
Coronavirus: The heroes of the epidemic
A group of four patients were discharged from the Huoshenshan emergency hospital in central China's city of Wuhan on Saturday after recovering from the novel coronavirus, following the earlier | 18 Feb 2020, 13:00
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4 hours 1:33
China's local authorities moving to support idled businesses
Local authorities across China are continuing to take measures to support the resumption of businesses that have been idled by the coronavirus outbreak. 18 Feb 2020, 12:45
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4 hours 0:36
Hubei government briefs media on combating COVID-19
Qian Yuankun, deputy secretary-general of Hubei Province, said at a daily press conference on Tuesday that authorities should closely monitor the communities, implement more preventive measures in | 18 Feb 2020, 12:26
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4 hours 3:03
Alibaba barred from Hong Kong Stock Link
Chinese #e-commerce giant #Alibaba Group Holding, which had a secondary listing in Hong Kong in late November, will not be granted entry to the Hong Kong Stock Connect scheme, dashing the hopes of | 18 Feb 2020, 12:16
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5 hours 0:38
Expert: Narrow spaces, ventilation 'deficiencies' may cause virus to spread on cruise ship
Around one in eight people on the Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. So, how effective have the quarantine measures been? Dr. 18 Feb 2020, 12:00
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5 hours 0:47
President of Jinyintan hospital's wife donates plasma
A special plasma donor arrived at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan city: Cheng Lin, the wife of the president of the hospital Zhang Dingyu. 18 Feb 2020, 11:36
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5 hours 0:23
Baby learns to climb at home during coronavirus epidemic
The baby's parents created "climbing wall" by using refrigerator packaging as a daily exercise amid the coronavirus epidemic. 18 Feb 2020, 11:30
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6 hours 0:32
Japanese taxi driver found infected during live TV interview
A taxi driver in Japan found out he's been diagnosed of COVID-19 during a live TV interview on Monday. 18 Feb 2020, 10:42
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7 hours 1:22:06
Live: Latest on Guangdong's efforts against COVID-19广东省通报新冠肺炎防控最新进展,钟南山院士将出席
Chinese officials hold a press conference on the prevention and control measures of the new coronavirus outbreak in south China's Guangdong Province with renowned respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan in | 18 Feb 2020, 9:49
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8 hours 34:23
Live: Hubei officials share latest on the control of coronavirus 湖北省通报新冠肺炎疫情防控最新进展
Officials of central China's Hubei Province, the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic, is holding a daily news conference to brief the media on the latest measures taken to control the outbreak. 18 Feb 2020, 8:43
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9 hours 57:23
Live: Briefing on agricultural policies to support coronavirus control国务院联防联控机制介绍“菜篮子”稳产保供工作情况
The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of China's State Council briefs the media on the latest efforts in fighting the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19), especially measures to maintain the | 18 Feb 2020, 8:06
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9 hours 1:07
Recovered coronavirus patient donates plasma to help others
Chen Qingbo, 42, was among the first batch of patients to recover from novel coronavirus pneumonia and was discharged from Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, a | 18 Feb 2020, 7:29
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9 hours 0:19
Picking up packages like a spy during outbreak
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10 hours 29:38
Foreign internet celebrities amid the virus outbreak
In the battle against the novel coronavirus, Chinese people are not alone. 18 Feb 2020, 7:00
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10 hours 0:53
No hugs for couple working at coronavirus quarantine
A nurse posted a clip of a brief encounter with her husband in hospital quarantine in northwestern China's Shaanxi Province on February 14. 18 Feb 2020, 7:00
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10 hours 0:31
Patient, doctor meet on COVID-19 front line 13 years after 1st contact
A patient has met the doctor who saved his life 13 years ago. Wang Bing and Liu Qingyue met in Hubei Province, although they both work as doctors in eastern Shandong Province. 18 Feb 2020, 6:48
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