2 hours 2:31
Wanna be rich? Build roads first! #HowChinaCan
Wanna be rich? Build roads first! The total length of rural roads in China has increased nearly 6-fold over the past 40 years. 22 Sep 2019, 2:42
5 hours 0:34
China-Russia Off-road Race in Suifenhe, NE China
On your marks! Get set... and it's 'Go' at 2nd China-Russia Off-road Race in China. Featuring a course of mud pits and gravel roads, over 100 vehicles compete for the chequered flag | 22 Sep 2019, 0:10
6 hours 2:11
UN chief sees change in momentum of climate action thanks to youth movement
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday said he saw a change in the momentum of global climate action thanks to the ongoing youth movement. 21 Sep 2019, 23:24
6 hours 2:10
UN officials, envoys mark PRC's 70th founding anniversary
Several UN high-ranking officials and representatives from different missions to the UN extended their congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. 21 Sep 2019, 23:14
12 hours 1:52
Chinese community in Bahamas lends helping hand after Hurricane Dorian
After the destruction of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, the city of Free Port has begun to rise from the rubble. 21 Sep 2019, 16:47
18 hours 1:01
3rd edition of El Gouna Film Festival kicks off in Egypt
The 3rd edition of El Gouna Film Festival opened on Thursday in Egypt's Red Sea resort town of El Gouna. 21 Sep 2019, 10:39
20 hours 1:31
China, ASEAN ties reap harvest with shared vision
The 16th China-ASEAN Expo commenced Saturday in Nanning, south China's Guangxi, highlighting trade and investment. Check out the new Guangxi Pilot FTZ and its significance for China-ASEAN trade ties | 21 Sep 2019, 9:04
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20 hours 1:53
World safety, prosperity may rely on U.S.-China relations: U.S. scholar
Why do world safety and prosperity may rely on U.S.-China relations? Stephen A. Orlins, President of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, explains. 21 Sep 2019, 8:48
21 hour 1:06
Chinese firm's tree-planting initiative wins UN highest environmental award
Turning the "green good deeds of half a billion people" into real trees, a Chinese firm's tree-planting initiative wins the UN highest environmental award. 21 Sep 2019, 8:36
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22 hours 0:35
China's 1st intra-city high-speed railway breaks ground
Construction of China's first intra-city high-speed railway, Jinan-Laiwu railway, has started recently in east China's Shandong Province. The 117.5-km rail line has a designed speed of 350 kph | 21 Sep 2019, 7:02
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22 hours 0:51
Former Ukrainian PM hails China's success over past 70 years
China can be proud of its 70 years of history as it has built a successful economy and brought benefits to its people, says Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian Prime Minister | 21 Sep 2019, 7:01
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1 day 2:17
Eco China: Hong Kong, Pearl of the Orient
South China's Hong Kong boasts not only its well-known architectural landmarks but also stunning natural view #EcoChina #FlyOverChina xhne.ws/TANg0 21 Sep 2019, 3:17
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1 day 2:46
Explore #HowChinaCan more than double life expectancy
To good health and a long life! The average life expectancy in China in 2018 was 77 up from just 35 in 1949. 21 Sep 2019, 1:39
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1 day 1:04
At least four Chinese speaking tourists dead in tour bus crash in U.S. Utah
At least four Chinese speaking tourists were confirmed dead in a tour bus crash near Bryce Canyon National Park in U.S. state of Utah on Friday, according to Utah Highway Patrol (UHP). 21 Sep 2019, 1:28
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1 day 0:26
Rural landscape in central China is dyed golden in Autumn
Nature is a great impressionist! The way the autumn sun falls on these terraced fields gives the impression of a Pissarro painting. What do you think? 21 Sep 2019, 0:30
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1 day 1:37
UN chief stresses negative impact of climate change on world peace
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday highlighted the negative impact of climate change on world peace. 20 Sep 2019, 20:04
1 day 1:38
Interview: UNDP chief expects financing announcements at upcoming UN climate summit
Unless the issue of financing for climate effort can be well addressed, countries' ability to follow their national climate strategies will be held back, UN Development Programme Administrator Achim | 20 Sep 2019, 19:53
1 day 1:18
WTO spokesperson hails China's active role in WTO
WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell spoke highly of China's active participation in WTO's activities, and commended China's #achievements in the past four decades. 20 Sep 2019, 15:03
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1 day 0:54
China's 600 kph maglev train: Key components unveiled
What is the "heart" of China's 600 kph maglev train? Key components of the high-speed maglev train have been unveiled in Zhuzhou. 20 Sep 2019, 12:52
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1 day 1:24
WTO spokesperson: blame for globalization misstated
WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell said the blame for #globalization is "misstated", and governments should offer better training and education to solve problems when facing technological progress. 20 Sep 2019, 11:16
1 day 0:36
Huawei unveils world's first 2nd-generation 5G smartphone
Chinese telecom giant #Huawei unveils its Mate 30 Series, the world's first second-generation 5G smartphone, in Germany. #Smartphone | 20 Sep 2019, 11:09
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1 day 1:37:46
LIVE: Hong Kong police hold press briefing
LIVE: Hong Kong police hold press briefing. 20 Sep 2019, 9:49
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1 day 1:25
China deserves credit for becoming economic giant in 70 years: former Zimbabwean minister
A former Zimbabwean minister attributes China's economic transformation and industrialization to its steadfast adherence to ideology and a gradual and systematic modernization of its technology. 20 Sep 2019, 9:32
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1 day 1:29
People's diplomacy vital to China-Russia relations: Friendship Medal awardee
People's diplomacy and humanitarian cooperation is one important pillar in the development of China-Russia relations, says Galina Kulikova, first deputy chairperson of the Russia-China Friendship | 20 Sep 2019, 9:13
1 day 1:35
"We should unite to reject violence": CEO of Hong Kong MTR
"Our duty is to maintain the operation of Hong Kong's train networks, we should unite to reject violence," says CEO of Hong Kong's MTR Corp. (Viewer discretion is advised) | 20 Sep 2019, 9:09
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1 day 3:08
A former Polish diplomat's lifelong bond with China
"I strongly admire China's development," says former Polish ambassador to China Zdzislaw Goralczyk. He recalls love story with his Chinese wife spanning 60 years. 20 Sep 2019, 8:46
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1 day 1:11
Learn the "Codes" in Railway System by LEGO
Learn the "codes" in railway system by #LEGO: flag semaphore, an ancient information-conveying system, is still adopted in railway xhne.ws/zw8Pw | 20 Sep 2019, 8:45
1 day 1:12
China's first cross-strait rail-road bridge to be closed
All sections of Pingtan cross-strait bridge are expected to be fully connected later this month. As China's first cross-strait rail-road bridge, it will open to traffic in 2020. 20 Sep 2019, 8:38
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1 day 2:21
Explores China's egg-cellent modern production techniques! #HowChinaCan
How would you like your eggs? 566 billion eggs were produced in China last year, almost 40% of the world's total! 20 Sep 2019, 7:22
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2 days 2:45
A hurricane survivor’s tale of loss and survival
Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas on September 1, destroying property and lives as it ripped through the island nation. Howard Armstrong is one of the survivors of the storm. 20 Sep 2019, 0:34
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