6 min 27:15
Music exchanges foster China-ASEAN cultural bridge
A bridge of music. Join us to find out how music exchanges foster a cultural bridge between China and ASEAN countries. #BeltandRoad | 18 Sep 2019, 6:50
1 hour 1:02
Fishing season starts in East China Sea
The fishing season starts in the East China Sea, as a months-long fishing ban is lifted. 18 Sep 2019, 5:53
1 hour 0:26
Harvest festival in Tibet
It's September in Baina village in Tibet--and that means it's time for the Ongkor Festival, a celebration of the harvest bounty | 18 Sep 2019, 5:30
2 hours 2:02
Ecological Environment in Xinjiang
Various landscapes and natural beauties in #Xinjiang attract tourists from home and abroad #EcoChina xhne.ws/X7CJJ | 18 Sep 2019, 4:48
4 hours 16:24
China's ethnic games: Stilt race
Watch Chinese athletes compete in the stilt race in Zhengzhou, running as fast as they can around a 4x100m track – while wearing stilts. 18 Sep 2019, 2:32
6 hours 1:35
74th session of UN General Assembly opens
The 74th session of the UN General Assembly opened at UN Headquarters in New York on Tuesday. 18 Sep 2019, 0:46
6 hours 3:21
Ever wondered #HowChinaCan provide its 1.4 billion people with vegetables all year round?
In northern China, temperatures can drop well below zero degree. Yet, vegetables can be found on dinner tables across the country. Have you ever wondered #HowChinaCan do this? 18 Sep 2019, 0:46
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NOT a PUBG-Game!
This shoot-'em-up is no PUBG-Game! It's the real-life training of an armed police special combat team in north China's Tianjin | 18 Sep 2019, 0:09
15 hours 2:10
Venezuelan government and opposition create national dialogue table
A historic moment took place in Venezuela on Monday when the government and the opposition agreed to create a national dialogue table. 17 Sep 2019, 15:42
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15 hours 0:51
Turkey, Russia, Iran discuss Syria's Idlib situation
Turkey, Russia and Iran focused on the security issue in Syria on Monday in Ankara during a three-way talk and emphasized the need of a long-lasting truce in the northwestern Idlib region of the | 17 Sep 2019, 14:59
16 hours 1:54
Winter Olympics, Winter Paralympics mascots unveiled in Beijing
Winter Olympics mascot Bing Dwen Dwen and Winter Paralympics mascot Shuey Rhon Rhon were unveiled at a ceremony in Beijing on Tuesday. 17 Sep 2019, 14:38
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16 hours 1:34
Canton Fair launches promotion in Kenya
The promotion of the 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) that opens on Oct. 15 in southern China's Guangzhou city was launched in Kenya on Monday. 17 Sep 2019, 14:03
17 hours 1:01
Chinese man creates spinning stroller for triplet daughters
Adorable! This father creates spinning stroller for his triplet daughters in Zhuhai, China | 17 Sep 2019, 13:33
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China From Above: Guangdong |I love you, China
Aerial view of S China's Guangdong province. The #ChinaFromAbove series is in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. 17 Sep 2019, 10:43
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21 hour 1:55
BMW eyes production of all-electric iX3 in China next fall
Nicolas Peter, CFO of BMW AG said the company is optimistic about the Chinese market and plans to kick off the production of all-electric iX3 in China next fall at the International Motor Show (IAA) | 17 Sep 2019, 9:41
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Check out freshmen opening ceremony, military training show in Nanchang University, E China
At the freshmen opening ceremony and military training show held in Nanchang University, east China's Jiangxi Province, the changing formations themed the forthcoming 70th anniversary of the | 17 Sep 2019, 9:40
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World looks to China for experiences in combating desertification
China is becoming global leader in green development. Experts from different countries say world should learn from China's experiences in combating desertification. Check out. 17 Sep 2019, 8:51
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1 day 1:25
Western coverage on Hong Kong biased, unfair: South African politician, researcher
Some Western media's reports on Hong Kong situation are biased and unfair, said a South African politician and a researcher in recent interviews. Click to check out how they explain. 17 Sep 2019, 5:50
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1 day 1:06
Taobao Maker Festival 2019 kicks off in E China
Meatless burgers, boozy ice-cream and more on offer at the Taobao Maker Festival in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, E China. Alibaba's Taobao is China's largest e-commerce platform | 17 Sep 2019, 4:59
1 day 2:26
How can China deliver 50 billion packages every year?
Over 50 billion packages were delivered in China last year -- roughly equal to 36 parcels per person! 17 Sep 2019, 1:00
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1 day 0:36
Flowers bloom in N China
Bloomin' marvelous: Flowers carpet the foot of Taihang Mountain in Hebei, north China | 17 Sep 2019, 0:19
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1 day 1:21
Kung Fu performance to celebrate Shaolin Cultural Centre’s one-year anniversary in Canada
18 Shaolin monks from China perform Kung Fu in Vancouver to celebrate one-year anniversary of the founding of Shaolin Cultural Centre of Canada. 16 Sep 2019, 21:42
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1 day 2:06
Chinese engineers to revamp Ghana's eastern port city rail services
Chinese engineers are in Ghana to help revamp railway services in the port city of Tema as railway provides a convenient mode of transport . 16 Sep 2019, 15:49
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1 day 0:41
Four-legged robot that can do push-ups
A "dog" that can do push-ups. Meet the four-legged robot from China's Zhejiang University | 16 Sep 2019, 13:32
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1 day 0:46
Turnout in presidential elections hits 45.02 pct in Tunisia
Tunisia announced on Sunday that the participation rate in the first round of presidential elections reached 45 percent. 16 Sep 2019, 9:52
1 day 2:53
China from space: Satellite images of Guangdong
An amazing China you've never seen: Satellite images of Guangdong. #ChinaFromSpace | 16 Sep 2019, 9:47
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1 day 1:28:18
LIVE: Hong Kong police hold press briefing
LIVE: Hong Kong police hold press briefing. 16 Sep 2019, 9:43
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Chinese language proficiency competition makes dreams come true for Namibian student
The 12th Chinese Bridge proficiency competition for secondary school students in Windhoek was held on Sept. 12. 16 Sep 2019, 9:40
1 day 0:50
Cross-border bridges to facilitate China-Russia cooperation
Check out the highway and railway bridges linking China with Russia, which facilitate cooperation between the two countries. 16 Sep 2019, 9:12
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1 day 3:12
China From Above: Fujian|I love you, China
Aerial view of China's Fujian province. The special #ChinaFromAbove series is in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. 16 Sep 2019, 8:53
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