3 days 3:04
"When the Wall Fell": Cameroon
‘When The Wall Fell’ is a series of first-person accounts co-produced by RFI, FRANCE 24 and Deutsche Welle to mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. 9 Nov 2019, 8:55
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4 days 3:47
'When the Wall Fell': From Berlin to a rebellion in Albania
Journalist Arta Kutra explains how the fall of the Berlin Wall inspired Albanians to seek regime change. 8 Nov 2019, 9:51
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5 days 6:36
France jockeys for business in Africa
Business leaders gathered in Paris for the annual France-Africa summit last week, focused on ramping up investments in small businesses in Africa. 6 Nov 2019, 19:47
8 days 0:43
Myriam Iragi Maroy, winner of RFI's Dupont-Verlon award for journalism
Congolese journalist Myriam Iragi Maroy works at Radio Top Congo in Kinshasa. She was selected for the Ghislaine Dupont-Claude Verlon award for the clarity and quality of her writing. 3 Nov 2019, 15:07
8 days 0:42
Vital Mugisho, winner of RFI's Dupont-Verlon award
Congolese sound technician Vital Mugisho was awarded the Ghislaine Dupont-Claude Verlon prize for the quality of his sound recordings, notably "Le travail des enfants sur les chantiers" (child | 3 Nov 2019, 15:02
10 days 1:03
Women in France's video game industry #PGW2019
In France, about half of all gamers are women. But for Women in Games organisation, they are underrepresented in the industry. 1 Nov 2019, 19:03
10 days 2:46
Weaving in Paris
The Cité internationale des arts in Paris hosts more than 300 artists and scholars at any one time, from a wide range of disciplines. 1 Nov 2019, 12:48
13 days 11:25
Live on Live - Susie Kahlich
RFI's Anne-Marie Bissada meets the self-defence and martial arts teacher who's passing on her lifesaving skills to women refugees in Berlin | 29 Oct 2019, 16:13
14 days 2:38
Brazilian singer Flavia Coelho
From the 'morros' of Rio de Janeiro where she was born, to the paved streets of Paris where she has been living for almost two decades, the nomadic singer Flavia Coelho has released her fourth album | 28 Oct 2019, 10:34
15 days 1:15
Combatting Ebola in Butembo, North Kivu, DRC
In the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, local and international aid workers continue to deal with Ebola, the deadly hemorrhagic disease that has killed more than 3,000 people | 27 Oct 2019, 15:07
16 days 1:59
Berlin-based Cameroonian journalist denied Australia visa
The award-winning Cameroonian journalist Mimi Mefo, who works for Deutsche Welle in Germany, has been denied a visa to Australia where she had been invited to give a keynote speech on press freedom. 26 Oct 2019, 10:49
18 days 19:09
The Africa Report monthly rendez-vous
The Africa Report's managing editor Nick Norbrook speaks to RFI's David Coffey about the Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopia and relations between the African continent and the European Union. 24 Oct 2019, 15:16
19 days 0:50
Paris metro marks 60th anniversary of Astérix
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Astérix & Obélix, the Paris RATP renamed 12 metro stations in the language of the French comic book. 24 Oct 2019, 8:19
21 day 2:29
On the trail of poet Arthur Rimbaud
The poet Arthur Rimbaud was born in Charleville-Mézières, in eastern France, on 20 October 1854. In 2018, the town created a Rimbaud City Trail made of 11 murals. 22 Oct 2019, 8:43
21 day 12:29
Telling the Rohingya story
They’re described as the world’s most persecuted minority. The Rohingya, a largely Muslim community from Myanmar’s western Rakhine State, are still living under the threat of genocide, warns the UN. 21 Oct 2019, 10:30
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22 days 2:05
French-speaking Youtubers crossover into journalism
As YouTube audiences grow, French-speaking creators with large fan bases are getting bolder with their content. Chief among them is Swiss Youtuber Julien Donzé, nicknamed Le Grand JD. 21 Oct 2019, 9:08
24 days 9:13
A new side of Paris hidden in plain sight
"Discover a new side of Paris, hidden in plain sight." From hunting spoils, to old phonographs, private gardens and much more, The Little(r) Museums of Paris, written by Emma Jacobs, is full of | 18 Oct 2019, 14:10
25 days 3:47
Australian aboriginal artists exhibit works in Paris
Five aboriginal artists from the Bábbarra Women’s Centre in Maningrida in the north of Australia came to Paris, for the first time, to share their traditional stories and knowledge and preside over | 17 Oct 2019, 12:35
26 days 1:19
#WorldMusicMatters, Raashan Ahmad brings on the Sun
MC, producer, hip hop artist and consciousness-raising musician Raashan Ahmad talks about the song Wonderful Fantastic from his latest solo album The Sun. 16 Oct 2019, 14:26
31 day 3:00
#WorldMusicMatters: Ghana's Pat Thomas still living the high life
Dubbed "the golden voice of West Africa" Pat Thomas embodied the glory days of Ghanaian highlife in the 60s and 70s alongside the great Ebo Taylor. 11 Oct 2019, 16:51
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32 days 2:42
Oum brings Moroccan music to a new horizon
Moroccan artist Oum was invited to the Rio Loco festival in Toulouse, southwestern France, to present her third album 'Daba'. RFI's SessionLab met her. 10 Oct 2019, 15:48
34 days 2:06
Mosul's literary renaissance - Paolo Fonani, UNESCO's Country Director in Iraq
Literature and poetry are regaining popularity in the Iraqi city of Mosul two years after its brutal occupation by the Islamic State armed group that branded artists criminals. 8 Oct 2019, 17:18
38 days 1:22
'Noire' remembers rights activist Claudette Colvin
'Noire' is a performance, based on the life story of Claudette Colvin who, nine months before Rosa Parks, refused to give up her seat to a white woman on a bus in the segregated south of the United | 4 Oct 2019, 13:59
39 days 5:37
US slavery story resonates in France
As the struggle for black civil rights comes under the spotlight, we ask whether there are lessons for people of African origin in France. 4 Oct 2019, 9:16
39 days 55:07
Paris Live, 3 October 2019
en.rfi.fr | 3 Oct 2019, 14:03
39 days 1:09
Hong Kong's first political refugee
Ray Wong is the first political refugee from Hong Kong to request asylum in Europe. And he has a message for the European Union. 3 Oct 2019, 12:10
41 day 2:35
Lisa Simone, a unique destiny
The unique destiny of Lisa Simone, daughter of the legendary singer Nina Simone, veteran of the Iraq War and also leading singer on Broadway. SessionLab is mixed in 3D Audio. 2 Oct 2019, 8:37
42 days 2:24
US puppeteer Basil Twist explains Dogugaeshi
US puppeteer Basil Twist is back in Charleville-Mézières, northeastern France, where he learned puppetry at the International Puppet School. 1 Oct 2019, 8:55
43 days 1:00
Thousands pay tribute to Jacques Chirac
en.rfi.frFrance is holiding a day of public tribute at Invalides for former president Jacques Chirac. 29 Sep 2019, 15:37
44 days 1:30
Statue of Liberty in Paris 130 years on
A replica of the Statue of Liberty was gifted to Parisians by Americans living in France in 1889, three years after her bigger sister was unveiled in New York. 29 Sep 2019, 9:55
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