7 hours 2:53
Trump on cleaning up California: If they can’t, we’ll do it for them
Former President George W. Bush deputy assistant Brad Blakeman discusses the homelessness crisis in California and whether the federal government should step in. 21 Feb 2020, 3:15
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8 hours 4:50
Trump has shown 'tremendous' leadership on coronavirus: Dr. Siegel
Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel says the Trump administration has given the American public confidence in approaching coronavirus. 21 Feb 2020, 2:15
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8 hours 8:14
Robert Ray discusses Roger Stone's sentencing, AG Barr
Robert Ray, who is a member of President Trump's defense team, says President Trump is making a concerted effort to promote the integrity of the Department of Justice. 21 Feb 2020, 1:30
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9 hours 4:12
Sen. Blackburn on Roger Stone sentencing: The swamp is 'murky'
Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., shares her thoughts on Attorney General William Barr and the Roger Stone sentencing. 21 Feb 2020, 0:35
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10 hours 3:40
Illinois mayor rejects new Amazon warehouse that would add 1,500 jobs
An Illinois mayor rejected Amazon's proposal to build a new fulfillment center that would add 1,500 jobs. The 'Bulls and Bears' panel weighs in. 20 Feb 2020, 23:20
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11 hours 1:22
USC to eliminate tuition for families making under $80,000
The University of Southern California is changing pace in light of the damaging college admissions scheme.  FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information | 20 Feb 2020, 22:27
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12 hours 1:39
Stocks fall on coronavirus fears, global growth concerns
FOX Business' Jackie DeAngelis discusses why investors were spurred to sell stocks over coronavirus fears on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. 20 Feb 2020, 21:31
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14 hours 4:46
Charles Payne grills Steyer on how he made his fortune
2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer discusses former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's performance in the Nevada Democratic debate and says corporations have 'bought the | 20 Feb 2020, 19:50
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15 hours 1:48
MGM Resorts cyberattack hits Justin Bieber, Twitter CEO: Report
FOX Business' Susan Lee reports on MGM hack exposing personal data of 10.6 million guests. 20 Feb 2020, 18:47
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16 hours 6:18
Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison
FOX Business' Edward Lawrence reports on Roger Stone's sentencing; New York Post Editorial Board member, Kelly Jane Torrance weighs in. 20 Feb 2020, 17:49
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16 hours 4:17
Sanders stopped talking about 'millionaires' when he became one: Schweizer
Author and investigative journalist Peter Schweizer discusses Bernie Sanders' campaign hypocrisy and new details on Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting. 20 Feb 2020, 17:24
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18 hours 3:15
Ambassador Grenell named acting Director of National Intelligence
Former State Department official, Christian Whiton, discusses John Kerry and Sen. Chris Murphy's involvement with Iran and Trump's recently appointed acting Director of National Intelligence. 20 Feb 2020, 16:12
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18 hours 2:49
Varney: Democrats will raise your taxes, Trump will cut them
FOX Business' Stuart Varney on how Democratic presidential candidates will raise taxes while Trump will cut them; Trump 2020 advisory board member, Harlan Hill, weighs in. 20 Feb 2020, 15:17
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19 hours 3:59
Ajit Pai provides updates on the future of 5G
Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, breaks down the innovation 5G will provide; Fox News' Brett Larson gives insight. 20 Feb 2020, 14:35
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20 hours 6:09
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New rules in UK allow doctors to refuse care to 'racists': Report
California Governor Gavin Newsom calls on doctors to write prescriptions for houses just like antibiotics. 20 Feb 2020, 1:59
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1 day 3:22
Left wing media would want nothing more than Barr to resign: Rep. Steube
Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., says he's in support of Attorney General William Barr's decision to not resign. 20 Feb 2020, 0:43
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1 day 43:01
Trump delivers remarks on California Water Accessibility
President Trump will deliver remarks on water access in Bakersfield, California. The president was in the valley earlier today for a fundraiser hosted by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. 19 Feb 2020, 23:53
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1 day 3:37
Is Amazon legally responsible for goods it sells from third parties?
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses whether or not Amazon can be held liable for damages sold on its site. 19 Feb 2020, 22:40
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1 day 3:55
Fed is being ‘naive’ on coronavirus: Former Dallas Fed adviser
Former Dallas Fed adviser Danielle DiMartino Booth shares her insights on how the Federal Reserve will act in the coming year. 19 Feb 2020, 21:40
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1 day 1:39
Oracle employees call on CEO to cancel fundraiser for Trump
FOX Business' Hillary Vaughn discusses the hefty sum President Trump supporters are forking out to attend a California fundraiser to support the Commander-in-Chief's 2020 reelection campaign. 19 Feb 2020, 20:38
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1 day 3:50
DOJ pushing back on Barr resignation reports
Former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis gives input on the recent reports of Barr's possible resignation. 19 Feb 2020, 19:16
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1 day 42:21
VP Pence speaks on NASA's iconic history, exciting future
Vice President Mike Pence addresses employees at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia. 19 Feb 2020, 18:26
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1 day 3:14
Biggs blasts LA mayor's immigration stance: He's violating federal law
Rep. Andy Biggs, R-AZ, discusses the renewed talk of impeachment on Capitol Hill and the mayor of Los Angeles giving illegal aliens advice while stating the city is on their side. 19 Feb 2020, 18:07
39 424
1 day 4:40
Bloomberg unveils plan to rein-in Wall Street
Bloomberg's pollster Doug Schoen weighs in on Bloomberg's chance of success in his first upcoming debate and the 2020 election. 19 Feb 2020, 17:07
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1 day 3:25
Trump’s policies created prosperity that never happened under Obama: Chaffetz
Fox News contributor and former Utah representative Jason Chaffetz discusses recent comments made by Rep. 19 Feb 2020, 16:03
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1 day 13:24
Panel spars over how Dem candidates will win over minorities
Radio host and Fox News contributor Richard Fowler and Republican strategist and Pinion Enterprises founder Joseph Pinion discuss the importance of minority support in the 2020 race, how candidates | 19 Feb 2020, 15:10
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1 day 5:19
Blackburn: Government agencies have been weaponized for political purposes
Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, discusses the work U.S. 19 Feb 2020, 14:15
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1 day 5:36
Gutfeld: Why is Obama tweeting about economy instead of supporting Biden?
Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld reacts to former President Obama seeming to take credit for the current strong economy. 19 Feb 2020, 13:11
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2 days 6:18
Roger Stone's prosecution was based on false narratives: Carter
FOX Business contributor Sara Carter says Roger Stone's prosecution 'weaponized' the Department of Justice and President Trump to showcase a false narrative. 19 Feb 2020, 1:30
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