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Jeremy Corbyn's speech on Labour's vision for Britain
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has outlined his pitch to stop a no-deal and rebuild Britain in a speech in the key marginal seat of Corby. 19 Aug 2019, 11:48
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Edinburgh Fringe's funniest jokes from 2012 to 2019
From Olaf Falafel's vegetable pun to Stewart Francis’s one-liner about Posh and Becks in 2012, here's a look back at the winners of the funniest jokes at the Edinburgh festival fringe in recent | 19 Aug 2019, 9:48
4 hours 1:03
US buying Greenland: Trump considers the idea but it's not a priority
US president Trump speaks to the media in New Jersey about the US buying Greenland from Denmark for strategic reasons. 19 Aug 2019, 6:58
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21 hour 1:16
Hong Kong demonstrators explain reason for protests as thousands gather in rain
Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people flocked to a downtown park for a fresh rally after two months of increasingly violent clashes that have prompted severe warnings from Beijing and failed to | 18 Aug 2019, 14:27
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Bangladesh fire leaves thousands homeless after blaze destroys slum
At least 10,000 people are homeless after a massive fire swept through a crowded slum in the Bangladesh capital and destroyed thousands of shanties, officials said on Sunday. 18 Aug 2019, 11:17
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Didcot power station cooling towers demolished
Three remaining cooling towers at the disused Didcot. A power station in Oxfordshire was demolished on Sunday morning. 18 Aug 2019, 9:49
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Far-right groups and counter-protesters take to the streets in Portland
Portland saw its largest far-right demonstration of the Trump era on Saturday, as 500 rightwingers travelled from around the country to march back and forth across the city’s bridges, and briefly | 18 Aug 2019, 9:00
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Peter Fonda's most memorable film performances
A look back at the most memorable roles of actor Peter Fonda, who died at the age of 79 on Friday, following a battle with lung cancer. 17 Aug 2019, 10:32
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Boris Johnson calls killing of PC Andrew Harper a 'mindless and brutal crime'
Boris Johnson has expressed his shock at the death of a police officer in Berkshire and praised the bravery shown by Harper when attending a reported burglary near the village of Sulhamstead | 16 Aug 2019, 13:58
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Zimbabwe riot police use teargas and batons to clear protesters
Riot police charge hundreds of protesters in Zimbabwe hours after a court rejected an opposition attempt to overturn the ban on a planned rally. 16 Aug 2019, 12:40
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Vehicle drives into protesters outside US detention centre
A vehicle drove into a line of protesters outside a detention centre in Rhode Island on Wednesday. 16 Aug 2019, 10:08
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Trump gets tough with New Hampshire voters: 'You have no choice but to vote for me'
Speaking at a rally in New Hampshire on Thursday, the US president told voters they had to support his re-election campaign or suffer the economic consequences. 16 Aug 2019, 7:31
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Dale Earnhardt Jr and family survive small plane crash
US safety agencies are investigating the crash of a small plane in Tennessee that was carrying retired race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr and his wife and daughter. 16 Aug 2019, 6:36
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New Zealand police hunt gunman after Australian killed in 'tragic, random attack'
An Australian man was shot dead while he was sleeping in a campervan in the New Zealand town of Raglan just after 3am on Friday. 16 Aug 2019, 6:12
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Video shows possible breach of US sanctions on Iran
Video obtained by the Guardian shows the unloading of Iranian fertiliser from a cargo ship, CS Future, at Lianyungang port in China. 16 Aug 2019, 2:48
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Jo Swinson says Corbyn cannot become temporary PM
Jo Swinson, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has dismissed Jeremy Corbyn's plan to stop no deal, saying the Labour leader does not command enough support to become a caretaker prime minister. 15 Aug 2019, 15:19
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Hong Kong: Chinese ambassador to UK warns Beijing 'will not sit on its hands' over protests
Liu Xiaoming issues stark warning to protesters in Hong Kong, saying Beijing is prepared to 'quell any unrest swiftly' if demonstrations continue. 15 Aug 2019, 13:28
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Passengers flee plane after 'miracle' emergency landing in cornfield
A passenger jet with 233 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing in a cornfield after striking a flock of birds as it took off. 15 Aug 2019, 12:08
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Japanese researchers build robotic tail
A team of researchers at Japan’s Keio university have built a robotic tail. 15 Aug 2019, 11:26
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4 days 1:09
Jeremy Corbyn urges MPs to back Labour plan to block no deal Brexit
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced he will call a no-confidence vote in Boris Johnson, urging other opposition parties to make him caretaker prime minister with the aim of calling a general | 15 Aug 2019, 8:42
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4 days 2:16
Deepfake shows Bill Hader morph into Tom Cruise and Seth Rogan in CBS interview
A YouTube clip of Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader in conversation with David Letterman on his late night show in 2008 has gone viral for showing Hader doing an impression of Tom Cruise – as his | 15 Aug 2019, 1:29
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4 days 1:08
Pakistan PM Khan issues furious threat to India over Kashmir
Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, has threatened to ‘teach India a lesson’ in a warning against any attack on Pakistani-administered Kashmir. 14 Aug 2019, 20:00
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Greta Thunberg sets sail on zero-carbon Atlantic voyage
Climate activist Greta Thunberg has set sail from Plymouth on what could be her most daunting challenge yet - crossing the Atlantic in a solar-powered racing yacht. 14 Aug 2019, 16:47
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4 days 2:11
Boris Johnson: watch the prime minister's first ever People's PMQs
Johnson took a swipe at the EU and his own MPs when answering questions from the public on the likelihood of leaving the EU on 31 October, whether a general election will happen this year, and his | 14 Aug 2019, 12:22
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4 days 12:53
People's PMQs: Boris Johnson answers questions on Facebook Live – live
Boris Johnson takes questions from the public in a Facebook live event | 14 Aug 2019, 12:02
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NSW police say USB drive discovered on alleged Sydney stabbing attacker
NSW police commissioner Mick Fuller speaks to the media in Sydney about the arrest of a 20-year-old man who allegedly went on a stabbing rampage in Sydney's CBD. 14 Aug 2019, 2:24
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Hong Kong: airport protests descend into violence
Mass protests at Hong Kong's international airport descended into chaos as riot police used pepper spray and batons in an attempt to disperse the thousands of demonstrators who had grounded flights | 13 Aug 2019, 21:17
79 176
5 days 0:28
'A Kinder egg?': Boris Johnson shocked to hear prisoners' smuggling techniques
Boris Johnson grimaced and exclaimed 'you are joking' as he was shown a body scan from a prisoner who tried to smuggle contraband into jail in a Kinder egg hidden inside his body. 13 Aug 2019, 17:44
24 732
5 days 0:56
Hong Kong: violence erupts as protesters and riot police clash at airport
Violent clashes break out at Hong Kong airport as riot police arrived to disperse protesters. One officer drew a gun after being beaten by demonstrators, but no shots were fired. 13 Aug 2019, 16:17
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5 days 0:45
Riot police in Russia punch a women in stomach during a protest for free elections
Russia’s interior ministry has launched an investigation after a video went viral showing a riot police officer punching a woman in the stomach during a protest for free elections. 13 Aug 2019, 16:07
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