06.08.18 51:17
06.08.18 3:41
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06.08.18 1:22:56
ANTIFA Attacks Patriots At Berkley! Venezuela Stages False Flag Drone Attack - Full Show
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had an assassination attempt on him via an explosive-laden drone. The U.S. 6 Aug 2018, 5:43
15 795
06.08.18 20:37
Trump Protestors Harass Female Reporter
Owen Shroyer breaks down the latest on what happened at MLK park in Berkeley, CA when ANTIFA showed up looking for a fight. Owen also talks with Millie Weaver who got harrased by ANTIFA. 6 Aug 2018, 4:25
9 154
06.08.18 9:14
Breaking! Chinese Spies Ran Dianne Feinstein’s Office For 20 years
We can only imagine the twenty-four hour media blitz that would be unleashed if this had happened with the Trump campaign, or on anyone’s staff even remotely associated with President Trump past or | 6 Aug 2018, 3:30
15 938
05.08.18 3:50
Antifa Attack Native American Elder With Parkinsons
Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 5 Aug 2018, 17:28
27 722
05.08.18 5:50
Will City Officials Rename Austin To Appease Communist Driven PC Culture?
NYU professor Michael Rectenwald warns that western civilization is under siege from Maoist totalitarians and that we are on the verge of “completely losing our culture.” Well the dismantling of | 5 Aug 2018, 6:30
7 176
04.08.18 4:43
Online Secret Police Acknowledged At Senate Hearning
Recently, The Senate Intelligence Committee held a hearing on the use of social media misinformation campaigns by foreign actors. 4 Aug 2018, 22:26
17 258
04.08.18 5:57
Why President Trump Isn't A Racist
We know you don't believe the hype. But that isn't stopping the multinational corporate media leviathan from ramming the lie that President Trump is racist down your throat. 4 Aug 2018, 16:00
16 533
04.08.18 5:10
TSA Program Allows Federal Air Marshalls To Target Everyone
Just when you thought the airport had already gone full Orwellian. Federal Air Marshalls are now following unsuspecting average U.S. 4 Aug 2018, 15:30
8 303
04.08.18 4:55
Lefty Wakes Up To The True Tyranny Of Antifa
Lefty Wakes Up To The True Tyranny Of Antifa. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 4 Aug 2018, 0:40
33 962
03.08.18 13:19
Hero Hacker Imprisoned For Exposing Hospital's Medical Kidnapping
Martin Gottesfeld joins David Knight live from prison where he is being detained for a supposedly illegal hacking of a hospital where Justina Pelletier was held as a part of her medical kidnapping. 3 Aug 2018, 22:43
8 489
03.08.18 15:56
Climate Change Fraud Used To Justify Growth Of Government
For many decades, MSM has tried to justify growth in government using climate models. During the 80s and 90s, the MSM contradicted current climate predictions. 3 Aug 2018, 21:12
4 613
03.08.18 21:49
Will Johnson: The Left’s Goal Is To Destroy America
Will Johnson, founder of “Unite America First”, joins David Knight to discuss the smearing of patriots that support President Trump and his America first agenda. 3 Aug 2018, 19:49
6 670
03.08.18 12:52
Cardinal Sins And CPS Kidnapping
David Knight presents an interview he conducted with Minnesotan Dwight Mitchell who had his children taken from him, kidnapped, by CPS based on the testimony of a babysitter he hired. 3 Aug 2018, 19:38
4 633
03.08.18 9:05
Democrats And The Liberal Media Are The New Darlings Of The Warfare State
David Knight breaks down how members of the democrat party and talking heads in the mainstream, liberal media are the new voices vouching for the perpetuation of the U.S. warfare state. 3 Aug 2018, 18:57
5 271
03.08.18 13:59
Who Makes Up These Rules?
David Knight shares the sentiments of Tim Allen, Lenny Bruce, and other great comedians in wondering who makes these politically correct social media rules that can be enforced extra-judicially. 3 Aug 2018, 18:15
18 447
03.08.18 14:37
Leftist Celebrities Call For Trump Supporters To Be Euthanized
Mike Adams breaks down how leftist celebrities have been openly calling for Trump supporters that they disagree with about politics to be euthanized to death for their beliefs. 3 Aug 2018, 15:46
19 576
03.08.18 2:50:00
Pray To God: The Time Is Now To Defend America
Alex Jones discusses Google's censorship platform, now based in communist China, and exposes how it ties into the globalists' one world government plan for total control over internet censorship. 3 Aug 2018, 3:15
27 768
03.08.18 11:09
Why You Need To Read The Russian Hoax
Mike Adams makes his case for why all patriotic Americans who support the President need to read Gregg Jarrett's new book The Russian Hoax that exposes Robert Mueller's hidden agenda. 3 Aug 2018, 0:14
9 872
02.08.18 15:29
BREAKING: Trump Approval Rating Reaches 50%
Alex Jones reveals how and why President Trump's approval rating has reached a solid fifty percent, which is higher than former President Obama's rating at the same point in his first term. 2 Aug 2018, 21:07
18 283
02.08.18 9:31
America Is Already At War With China
China has declared economic warfare on America. While most of the media is obsessed with Russia and demonizing Infowars, China is actually America’s greatest enemy and threat. 2 Aug 2018, 17:09
20 962
02.08.18 2:14:14
Russian Bot Invades Live Infowars Broadcast! - War Room Full Show
A malfunctioning Russian bot infiltrated and invaded Infowars live broadcasts. 2 Aug 2018, 2:32
12 235
02.08.18 15:30
MSM Panic Public with 3D “Ghost Guns” So You Don’t See “Red Flags”
Mainstream media and Democrats want to panic you over 3D GHOST GUNS but they don’t want you to see the real “Red Flag” — 467 guns confiscated on judges orders in Florida. 2 Aug 2018, 0:00
11 049
01.08.18 41:19
10 311
01.08.18 9:15
Trump Called Traitor For Fighting To Free The U.S. From Chi-Com Control
Alex Jones breaks down how President Trump is attempting to free the United States from control by the Communist Chinese, and for doing so, the mainstream American media calls him a traitor. 1 Aug 2018, 18:39
5 133
01.08.18 14:07
Globalists Working To Destroy All Independent Media
Alex breaks down how the agenda of the tech giants is to demonize independent media leading to an environment where people will have to pay in order to use the internet. 1 Aug 2018, 17:52
4 114
01.08.18 14:14
50,000 Migrants Waiting To Invade Spain
According to a report in Spanish newspaper El Mundo, North Africa is becoming a “pressure cooker,” with at least 50,000 African migrants desperate to cross into the European country via the Strait | 1 Aug 2018, 15:27
18 294
01.08.18 8:38
32 475
01.08.18 2:52:20
Full Show - ANTIFA Arms And Prepares To Protest Portland Freedom March For Patriots - 07/31/2018
Alex Jones breaks down how former Trump aide Paul Manafort faces his first trial over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. 1 Aug 2018, 4:10
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