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The Surprise Buckingham Palace Sent This Little Girl
Harriet the toy monkey has been around the world three times. With adventures taking her to places like Africa, Thailand, and America, her biggest one yet would be when she landed in Europe. 19 Sep 2019, 17:32
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7 hours 1:03
Factory Explosion Shoots Metal Drum Into the Sky
A powerful explosion ripped through a chemical factory in Turkey. It sent a metal canister hundreds of yards into the air. The drum looked like a rocket as it soared and then crashed to the ground. 19 Sep 2019, 17:32
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9 hours 1:52
11-Year-Old Amputee Gets Dance Lessons From Her Idol
A young dancer from Arizona was shocked to meet a man she calls her inspiration. Abri Bentley, 11, lost her leg to cancer recently but is determined not to give up her passion for dance. 19 Sep 2019, 15:29
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12 hours 2:17
Flight Attendant on Why Passengers Shouldn’t Order Coffee
A flight attendant is sharing secrets that airlines won't tell you. 19 Sep 2019, 12:58
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Out-of-Control Fire Truck Rolls Over During Demonstration
Some firefighters were in need of their own first responders after their truck tipped over. The frightening scene happened in Vac, Hungary. 19 Sep 2019, 0:05
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1 day 1:39
How Jeff Lewis Says His Child Got Expelled From Pre-School
Jeff Lewis says his 2-year-old daughter was expelled from preschool after he criticized the prestigious Montessori school on air. 18 Sep 2019, 22:16
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1 day 3:33
Electrician Makes Creepy Comment on Lisa Guerrero's Looks
Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero and the Inside Edition I-Squad put electricians to the test in the third installment in a special series of investigations. 18 Sep 2019, 22:10
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1 day 2:20
Woman Branded by NXIVM Cult Says Pain Was 'Horrific'
A former NXIVM cult member is speaking candidly about her ordeal. Sarah Edmondson, 42, spent 12 years in the cult led by the charismatic Keith Raniere. 18 Sep 2019, 22:08
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1 day 1:33
Woman Who Said She Was Too Pretty for Jail Gets No Time
Lauren Cutshaw went viral last year when she said she was too pretty to go to jail after she was arrested for DUI. 18 Sep 2019, 21:58
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1 day 1:50
Teen Allegedly Threatened to Shoot 400 at School: Cops
An Oklahoma teen has been arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot hundreds of people “for fun” at her former high school, police said. 18 Sep 2019, 21:50
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1 day 3:52
Where Are All the Aliens?
Are we all alone in the universe? The absence of any evidence of alien life in spite of the probability of extraterrestrials is known as Fermi's Paradox. 18 Sep 2019, 20:43
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1 day 1:15
Doctors Save Baby of Pregnant Bride Who Died on Wedding Day
A joyous day turned tragic when a pregnant bride suffered a stroke and died on her wedding day, but doctors were able to save her child. 18 Sep 2019, 20:38
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1 day 1:18
This Man Dressed Up as Pikachu to Propose
Have you ever heard of Pikachu playing a key role in a proposal? 18 Sep 2019, 19:34
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The Wildest Things to Happen in Courtrooms
Any time people step into a courtroom, you can expect some drama. Here are some times when things got a little extra. 18 Sep 2019, 17:09
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Why This Mom Gave Birth Live on YouTube
They chose to broadcast one of life's most intimate moments live on YouTube. Shiko Nguru and Rama Oluoch shared the birth of their newest son with the world. 18 Sep 2019, 16:35
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Drone Spots Shark Trail Surfer in Australia
A drone caught a terrifying moment for a surfer, as a shark got a little too close. It happened at Werri Beach in New South Wales, Australia. 18 Sep 2019, 16:07
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1 day 3:05
Bride Has Wedding Redo to Wear Her Dream Dress
After going on a weight loss journey, one bride got to redo the dream wedding she always wanted to have. Two years ago, Cherie Judd weighed 250 pounds. 18 Sep 2019, 12:58
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2 days 3:38
Will These Plumbers Properly Fix a Water Heater Leak?
Can these repairmen fix a simple water heater leak or will they try to sell us an expensive replacement? 17 Sep 2019, 22:28
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2 days 1:46
Dad Blows Up Home During Daughter’s Wedding: Cops
A Pennsylvania father blew up his home on his daughter’s wedding day, taking his own life Saturday. 17 Sep 2019, 22:06
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2 days 1:58
Christie Brinkley Is a 'Proud Mom’ of Dancing Daughter
“Dancing With the Stars” had a couple of show-stopping performances during its premiere, and one of them was by Christie Brinkley’s daughter Sailor. 17 Sep 2019, 21:17
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2 days 1:31
Woman Swims English Channel 4 Times in 54 Hours
An American has become the toast of many coasts. Sarah Thomas raised a glass of champagne after becoming the first person to swim the English Channel four times nonstop Tuesday. 17 Sep 2019, 21:16
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2 days 4:38
This Man Walked Away From Music to Start a Food Truck
Derrick Turton worked with the likes of Pitbull, Rick Ross and Fat Joe,  but he walked away from the music industry to start a food truck. Cooking was always Turton's passion. 17 Sep 2019, 19:22
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2 days 1:30
Yoga Class at US-Mexico Border Promotes Unity Without Walls
It was an act of peaceful calming at a place of international tension. 17 Sep 2019, 19:17
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2 days 2:06
Longest Viking Bridge in the World Built in Denmark
The National Museum of Denmark marked the completion of what it says is the world's longest Viking bridge. 17 Sep 2019, 17:09
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2 days 1:02
Dogs With Special Needs and Their Humans Celebrate For Good
Dogs with special needs and their humans came together in New York City to celebrate their pets' big personalities and even bigger hearts. 17 Sep 2019, 15:05
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3 days 4:23
What Will These Repairmen Do for Easy Garage Door Fix?
When something breaks in your house, you rely on the repairman who comes to fix it. But how do you know if they're charging hundreds, even thousands for repairs you don't need? 16 Sep 2019, 22:50
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3 days 2:28
Christie Brinkley’s Daughter Sailor Saves the Day on ‘DWTS’
Christie Brinkley is off “Dancing with the Stars” before the show’s new season even started. The 65-year old supermodel reportedly broke her arm during rehearsals. 16 Sep 2019, 22:24
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3 days 1:20
The True Story of J-Lo’s Box Office Hit ‘Hustlers’
In the new film “Hustlers,” Jennifer Lopez plays a stripper who masterminded a scheme to rip off wealthy Wall Street types. 16 Sep 2019, 21:52
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3 days 2:06
How to Turn Your House Into a Fortress
A terrifying attempted home invasion was caught on security video in Pleasanton, California. First, a man knocked on the home’s door. 16 Sep 2019, 21:23
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3 days 1:50
Woman Accidentally Swallows Engagement Ring in Her Sleep
One bride-to-be lost her engagement ring in one of the strangest places ever: her stomach. Jenna Evans says she swallowed her diamond ring because she was having a very vivid dream. 16 Sep 2019, 21:22
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