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Kids Treasure Bandage Artwork Created For Them By Surgeon
After the surgery is over and a young patient begins to wake up, Dr. Robert Parry gets to work on his other job: turning ordinary surgery dressings into art. 26 Jan 2020, 18:05
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5 Slithery Stories About Cobras
There are several subsets of the cobra family, and all of them are venomous. But even a seemingly fearsome reptile needs some help sometimes. 26 Jan 2020, 18:05
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Friends Help Paralyzed Groom Stand For His First Dance
A groom who is paralyzed from the waist down was determined to dance with his bride at their wedding, with a little help from his friends. 26 Jan 2020, 17:53
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Injured Miss Florida Contestant Uses ‘Pirate Leg’ at Pageant
One beauty queen wasn't going to let an injury stop her from taking the stage to compete for the title of Miss Florida USA. 26 Jan 2020, 17:50
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How a Young Artist Gained Freedom by Following Their Passion
Many modern artists start off their career in a similar way — make a Tumblr for fan art of popular characters from film, TV and comics, gain a following and do commissions of favorite characters for | 25 Jan 2020, 16:55
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1 day 4:47
Dolly Parton Ate Ketchup and Water Soup Before Making It Big
Dolly Parton turned 74 this month, and in 2013, Inside Edition traveled to Tennessee and to sit down with the music icon at Dollywood. 25 Jan 2020, 13:58
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12-Year-Old Sextuplets’ Dinner Time Ritual Revealed
The Byler sextuplets are growing up fast, turning 12 this year! 25 Jan 2020, 13:56
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Demi Lovato to Perform at Grammys for 1st Time Since 2018
Demi Lovato is making her return to the Grammy stage. It's her first live performance since her headline-making overdose in July 2018. 24 Jan 2020, 22:47
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2 days 2:18
Why Rosie Perez Testified at Harvey Weinstein’s Trial
Actress Rosie Perez was seen entering the New York Supreme Court today, preparing to testify against Harvey Weinstein. 24 Jan 2020, 22:34
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3 Teens Killed During Ding Dong Ditch Prank
The prank ding dong ditch turned tragic for three teens after cops say they were intentionally run off the road by the homeowner. 24 Jan 2020, 22:25
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A Robot May Offer Alibi in Jennifer Dulos Case
The woman charged in connection to the disappearance of Connecticut mother of five Jennifer Dulos has claimed photos she took with a grocery store robot prove her innocence. 24 Jan 2020, 22:24
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2 days 1:59
Impeachment Trial Draws Low Ratings
The ratings are in for the first few days of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, and they’re pretty bleak. Just 11 million people tuned in Tuesday, and on Wednesday viewership was down to 9 million. 24 Jan 2020, 22:15
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Can Surgical Masks Protect Against the Coronavirus?
In China, the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak is on the rise. 24 Jan 2020, 22:12
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Alyssa Milano Can Help You Get Through Impeachment Trial
Inside Edition caught up with Alyssa Milano on day two of the impeachment hearing and got her thoughts on how to cope with the long days and the restrictive floor rules. Alyssa’s tips? 24 Jan 2020, 19:42
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16-Year-Old Petitions to Move Super Bowl to Saturday
One teen really wants to move one of the biggest TV nights of year. 24 Jan 2020, 19:28
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Woman Spots Cancerous Mole on TikTok’s Alex Griswold’s Back
Back in mid-December, TikTok star Alex Griswold posted a video of himself getting a pimple on his back popped. Little did he know that the video would potentially save his life. 24 Jan 2020, 13:38
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3 days 2:53
Actress Says During Trial Weinstein Raped Her
On day four of disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein’s trial, Annabella Sciorra testified in court that he raped her more than 25 years ago. 23 Jan 2020, 22:58
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3 days 1:51
Why Michelle Carter Got Out of Prison Early
Michelle Carter, who was convicted of manslaughter for urging her 18-year-old boyfriend Conrad Roy to commit suicide, was released from prison in Massachusetts four months early. 23 Jan 2020, 22:47
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How E-Bikes Are Helping Crooks Make Quick Getaway
Some smash-and-grab thieves are using a new mode of getaway transportation: e-bikes. 23 Jan 2020, 22:23
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3 days 1:54
Rand Paul Reportedly Does Crossword During Impeachment Trial
It’s day four of the impeachment trial, and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that viewers aren’t likely to see on camera. 23 Jan 2020, 22:21
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Man Incredibly Returns $27,000 in Cash Left on Curb
When Michigan resident George Condash discovered $27,000 in cash left outside of a credit union in Detroit, he resisted the urge to take the money and run. 23 Jan 2020, 22:21
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Dangers of the TikTok Penny Challenge
The penny challenge circulating on TikTok can be dangerous, firefighters warn. 23 Jan 2020, 20:20
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What Former Homeless NFL Player Is Setting His Sights On Now
While Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi was sleeping outside the Cleveland Browns’ training facility, he figured out a way to make it into their practice and get signed by the team. 23 Jan 2020, 19:00
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3 days 3:43
Imperfect Gene Test Leads Women to Get Unnecessary Surgery
When she was in her early thirties, Katy Mathes took a genetic test to determine her cancer risk. 23 Jan 2020, 18:24
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Dad Saves Son From Mountain Lion
A 3-year-old boy was attacked by a mountain lion while hiking in a California park with his family. Luckily, his heroic father was there to save the day. 23 Jan 2020, 18:21
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3 days 1:19
Juice WRLD Died of Accidental Overdose: Medical Examiner
Juice WRLD died of an accidental overdose of oxycodone and codeine according to the Cook County Medical Examiner in Illinois. The rapper, whose real name was Jarad Higgins, died on December 8th. 23 Jan 2020, 14:25
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Should You Eat Breakfast? Dr. Oz and Mark Wahlberg Debate It
The age-old debate of the importance of eating breakfast has made adversaries of Dr. Oz and Mark Wahlberg. Dr. 23 Jan 2020, 13:01
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How do Some Asian Americans Celebrate Chinese New Year?
Lunar New Year falls on January 25 and the holiday is celebrated around the world, but not every family’s traditions look the same. 22 Jan 2020, 23:39
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4 days 2:34
Model Says ‘I’m Shy’ to Weinstein in New Audio Released
As Harvey Weinstein’s trial began in New York City, some of the loudest noise was made outside court as Ronan Farrow released a tape allegedly catching audio of one of the disgraced movie mogul’s | 22 Jan 2020, 23:03
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4 days 1:49
Suspected Burglar Caught Rummaging Through Home for 12 Hours
A suspected Midwest City, Oklahoma, burglar was caught robbing an elderly woman’s home for twelve hours. Barbara Love was staying at her grandson’s home while her house was being remodeled. 22 Jan 2020, 23:03
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