4 days 2:40
There’s a Desk Filled With Candy at the Impeachment Trial
It’s day three of President Trump’s impeachment trial, and hungry senators are starting to turn to the Senate’s historic candy desk to make it through the day. 22 Jan 2020, 22:55
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4 days 1:01
Bartender Knew How to Save Choking Customer From ‘Baywatch’
Boston bartender Oscar Simoza wasted no time stepping into action when he saw a customer choking, surveillance footage showed. 22 Jan 2020, 22:30
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4 days 1:29
How to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus at the Airport
Fears are sparked across the globe about the coronavirus outbreak, but there are ways to minimize your risk from contracting the deadly condition. The outbreak comes at a crazy time for travel. 22 Jan 2020, 22:11
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4 days 1:21
XXXTentacion’s Mother Seeks Custody of His 1-Year-Old Son
A legal battle may be brewing over custody of the child of slain rapper XXXTentacion. 22 Jan 2020, 21:17
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4 days 1:39
What You Need to Know About Coronavirus That's Spread From China
A virus that has killed at least six and sickened hundreds in China has made its way to the United States. 22 Jan 2020, 20:12
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4 days 1:02
Is That Harry Styles Working at Starbucks?
Did Harry Styles get a job at Starbucks? 22 Jan 2020, 19:14
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5 days 5:13
4 Kids Who Got Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery isn’t just for people of a certain age; sometimes young people get cosmetic procedures, as well. 21 Jan 2020, 22:51
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5 days 1:12
Prince Harry Reunites with Meghan Markle in Canada
A grinning Prince Harry joined Meghan Markle and their baby Archie in Canada last night to start their new lives outside the royal family. 21 Jan 2020, 22:46
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5 days 1:42
Woman Says DEA Agent Wrongly Confiscated Dad’s Life Savings
A Pennsylvania man’s entire life savings was lost when the DEA confiscated it at an airport, the man’s daughter said. 21 Jan 2020, 22:41
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5 days 1:10
Hero Dad Kills Coyote to Save His Son
A Kensington, New Hampshire man and his wife were hiking with their three children when a coyote grabbed the hood of their two-year-old son’s snow suit and pulled him to the ground. 21 Jan 2020, 22:31
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5 days 1:49
Why These Moms Want Their Kids’ Birth Certificates Redone
Five years ago, victims of Dr. 21 Jan 2020, 22:31
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Shanann Watts’ Family Denounces Movie About Her Death
A new movie depicting killer Chris Watts and the gruesome murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters has been denounced by the victims’ grieving family. 21 Jan 2020, 22:28
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Oprah Takes Her Name Off Russell Simmons Documentary
Oprah Winfrey recently decided to step down from serving as an executive producer on a documentary that explores sexual assault allegations made against music mogul Russell Simmons. 21 Jan 2020, 22:28
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Taylor Swift’s Mom Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Tumor
Taylor Swift is opening up about her beloved mother’s brain tumor diagnosis. Taylor's mom, Andrea, was diagnosed with the tumor amid her battle with breast cancer, which has been ongoing since 2015. 21 Jan 2020, 22:04
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5 days 1:28
6-Year-Old Girl Saves Family From House Fire
When a fire broke out in the kitchen of a home in New Jersey, Madalyn Karlbon, 6, sprang into action. 21 Jan 2020, 18:50
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Meet UCLA Dance Team’s First Male Performer
The famously talented UCLA Dance Team has let its first male performer join its ranks. 21 Jan 2020, 18:14
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How Sickle Cell Anemia Affects This 13-Year-Old Girl
January is National Blood Donor Awareness Month, and 13-year-old Tymia Green is encouraging more people to donate. 21 Jan 2020, 18:13
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5 days 1:22
The Unknown Rivalry Between the Stars of 'Star Trek'
A new book is detailing the alleged backstage bad blood on the set of “Star Trek” between co-stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. 21 Jan 2020, 16:21
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6 days 1:37
Dentist Who Pulled Tooth on Hoverboard Found Guilty of Fraud
The Alaska dentist who was filmed riding a hover board while pulling a patient’s tooth has been found guilty of multiple counts of Medicaid fraud. A judge found Dr. 20 Jan 2020, 22:38
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6 days 1:44
7-Year-Old Traumatized in School’s ‘Seclusion Room’
Beth Sandy sent her son to the Gages Lake School outside of Chicago, which offers tailored education opportunities for children who – like Beth’s son – have severe ADHD. 20 Jan 2020, 22:22
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6 days 1:48
Meghan Markle Might Be Going Into Fashion
Meghan Markle is believed to be planning her own clothing line with her best pal, fashion designer Mischa Nonoo. 20 Jan 2020, 22:11
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6 days 1:41
17-Year-Old With Perfect ACT Score Shares Test-Taking Tips
How do you ace the ACT and the SAT? Steven Cayea, 17, has a few tips. The Deer Park, Long Island, teen scored a perfect 36 on his ACT and a 1570 on his SAT. The junior at St. 20 Jan 2020, 17:58
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7 days 5:36
Are We All Just Living in a Big Video Game?
“The Simulation Hypothesis is the idea that everything we see around us is actually part of a computer simulation or a super sophisticated video game," Riz Virk told InsideEdition.com,. 19 Jan 2020, 12:30
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7 days 1:45
Why January Is Such a Tough Month to Get Through
Why is January the most depressing month? Experts say it's because of personal finances and the weather. 19 Jan 2020, 12:28
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Dad Becomes Insanely Talented Painter After Suffering Head Injury
This former car salesman has the artistic skills that would take years to develop. But he became a master painter literally overnight. 19 Jan 2020, 12:24
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8 days 10:10
Brave Baby's Incredible Fight for Survival
The Mount Pleasant Community Center had never seen as much fanfare as it did on the day Addilyn Woodard’s first birthday was celebrated. 18 Jan 2020, 12:37
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8 days 1:38
Is This $350 Umbrella Really Indestructible?
Has this ever happened to you? Your umbrella turns inside out during a storm. It has even happened to President Trump. But a new company claims to have built the world's most indestructible umbrella. 18 Jan 2020, 12:27
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8 days 3:06
How a Facetime Helped Diagnose a Stroke
A Facetime call helped save Diane McPeters’ life in 2012 after it was discovered she was having a stroke. 18 Jan 2020, 12:24
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9 days 2:31
Why Did Alopecia Cause Congresswoman to Lose Hair?
It was a courageous statement by Massachusetts congresswoman Ayanna Pressley when she shared with The Root that a condition called alopecia has caused all of the hair on her head to fall out over | 17 Jan 2020, 23:53
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9 days 3:12
What Happened to the ‘School of Rock’ Kids?
In 2003, "School of Rock" debuted at No. 1 and was a hit with both critics and moviegoers. 17 Jan 2020, 22:38
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