12 days 1:27
Trauma Team at Dayton Hospital Praised for Saving Lives
Doctors and nurses at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, rushed into action early Sunday morning as shooting victims poured in. 6 Aug 2019, 22:11
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12 days 2:30
This Shop Sold More Guns After El Paso Shooting
Gun sales are up in El Paso following Saturday’s shooting at a Walmart. 6 Aug 2019, 21:38
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12 days 1:21
Former Classmates of Dayton Shooter Were Scared of Him
Women who knew Dayton shooter Connor Betts are saying that his classmates were scared of him. 6 Aug 2019, 21:36
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12 days 1:18
Fans Point Out Thyroid Lump on Denise Richards’ Throat
Denise Richards is thanking eagle-eyed fans after they noticed a large lump on her throat during the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion. 6 Aug 2019, 21:20
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12 days 1:21
Why Play Golf on a Course When You Can Play in a Cathedral?
Rochester Cathedral looks like any other ornate church on the outside, but on the inside it is transformed into a mini golf course for the summer. 6 Aug 2019, 19:33
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12 days 1:02
11-Year-Old Skateboarder Has Sights Set on 2020 Olympics
Sky Brown is a force to be reckoned with. The 11-year-old skateboarder dreams of competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She was tapped to join Great Britain's national team and hopes to make the cut. 6 Aug 2019, 18:36
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12 days 1:27
Legendary Author Toni Morrison Dies at 88: 'Rest, Queen'
Toni Morrison, one of America's greatest writers, has died. The news of her death was announced by her publisher, Alfred A. Knopf. 6 Aug 2019, 17:06
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12 days 5:40
Sharon Tate’s Unseen Wardrobe
Fifty years ago, pregnant actress Sharon Tate was murdered by the Manson Family. 6 Aug 2019, 16:37
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13 days 3:07
Humans Come to Rescue of Whales in Distress
When these whales were in trouble, humans stepped in to help them out. Two recent rescues in Peru show just how much people appreciate marine life. 6 Aug 2019, 14:17
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13 days 3:10
Could Jetpacks Be the New Way to Travel?
Could jetpacks be the new way to travel? Inventors across the globe are trying to develop the tech. The most recent successful attempt was in France by inventor Franky Zapata. 6 Aug 2019, 14:16
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13 days 1:28
Should Body Armor Be Easy to Buy?
Connor Betts was dressed in what appeared to be tactical gear when he opened fire in Dayton, Ohio. 6 Aug 2019, 13:50
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13 days 1:50
El Paso Shooter Allegedly Posted Manifesto on 8Chan
Twenty minutes before embarking on a shooting spree in El Paso, Texas, that killed at least 22 people, the suspect apparently announced his grim plans on the controversial message board 8chan. 5 Aug 2019, 22:11
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13 days 2:50
Here Are the Victims of Dayton and El Paso
Thirty-one people were killed and 51 were injured in two separate mass shootings that occurred this weekend within 13 hours of each other in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and on a street in the | 5 Aug 2019, 21:46
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13 days 2:09
Security Expert Gives Tips for Staying Safe During Shootings
The entrance to the El Paso Walmart has become a growing memorial for the victims. This time of year, a Walmart is filled with families for back-to-school shopping. 5 Aug 2019, 21:45
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13 days 1:40
America Comes Together in Wake of El Paso and Dayton
Two cities overwhelmed with grief are doing their best to cope following the tragic events in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas. 5 Aug 2019, 21:38
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13 days 2:05
Dayton Gunman Kept a Hit List
More details are emerging about 24-year-old Connor Betts, who carried out the massacre in Dayton, Ohio, killing nine, including his sister. 5 Aug 2019, 21:33
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13 days 3:01
Dinosaurs Are Having a Moment
There's something prehistoric in the air, because dinosaurs are popping up all over. From Jurassic discoveries to modern-day recreations, thunder lizards are the newest old thing. 5 Aug 2019, 21:32
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13 days 1:02
Meet the Carpenter Who Builds Crosses for Shooting Victims
A memorial in El Paso, Texas, has been erected as a sobering tribute to the victims of Saturday’s massacre. There will be 22 crosses in total, all made by Greg Zanis, each about 25 to 30 pounds. 5 Aug 2019, 21:32
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13 days 2:14
Couple in Recovery Has Inspiring Before and After Pics
One Tennessee couple's before and after photos are inspiring many people on Facebook. 5 Aug 2019, 21:32
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13 days 1:36
King Tut's Sarcophagus Is Getting a Facelift
King Tut's sarcophagus is getting the royal treatment. 5 Aug 2019, 21:31
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13 days 1:32
Where Is the Girl Deborah Norville Met on 1998 China Trip?
When President Clinton made his historic visit to China in 1998, Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville was there to catch all the action. 5 Aug 2019, 21:31
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13 days 1:09
Father Rescues 3-Year-Old Son Who Fell Down Manhole in China
Shocking surveillance video out of China shows a 3-year-old boy stepping on a broken manhole and falling down into the well below. 5 Aug 2019, 21:21
194 341
13 days 1:07
Brazil Prisoner Disguises Himself as His Teenage Daughter in Escape Attempt
A prisoner in Brazil tried bust out of prison by disguising himself as his teenage daughter. Clauvino da Silva is one of the leaders of a powerful drug trafficking organization. 5 Aug 2019, 19:22
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13 days 1:42
How This New York Woman Celebrated Her 107th Birthday
To Louise Signore, turning 107 was no big deal. "I said I've had enough parties!” she told WCBS. Still, there was fanfare. 5 Aug 2019, 18:21
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13 days 2:28
Woman Adopts 2 Oldest Dogs at Shelter: 'They're Just So Happy to Be Loved'
Leslie Sacks walked into Asheville Humane Society with an unusual request. "I said, 'Who's the oldest that you have, the longest that has been here, who has been overlooked? 5 Aug 2019, 17:34
147 259
14 days 1:33
Fans Loved Cameron Boyce's Tribute After 'Descendants 3'
Fans who tuned into "Descendants 3" were surprised to see the Disney Channel's touching tribute to Cameron Boyce. 4 Aug 2019, 22:07
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14 days 9:21
Meet a Real-Life Witch Marching for Acceptance
For many, a witch is something you only see on Halloween. They dress in black, wear pointy hats and get around by broomstick. 4 Aug 2019, 21:43
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14 days 3:25
Martha Stewart Reacts to Prison Sentence: ‘I’m Not Afraid’
In July 2004, Martha Stewart was sentenced to prison after being found guilty of conspiracy and other charges in a scandal that rocked her brand. 4 Aug 2019, 21:34
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14 days 1:44
Chef Has Kitchen Hacks for Guacamole Shortage
It's a guacamole emergency. Avocados are in short supply and it's causing prices of the tasty green fruit to skyrocket. 4 Aug 2019, 21:33
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14 days 2:00
Why This Man Is Being Called a Hero After El Paso Shooting
Small silver linings are starting to shine through after two mass shootings gripped the United States in less than 24 hours. 4 Aug 2019, 19:23
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