2 days 1:24:54
Learning to Map Natural Language to General Purpose Source Code
Models that map natural language (NL) to source code in general purpose languages such as Java, Python, and SQL find utility amongst two main audiences viz. 11 Oct 2019, 21:57
3 days 3:20
HapSense: A Soft Haptic I/O Device with Uninterrupted Dual Functionalities...
HapSense: A Soft Haptic I/O Device with Uninterrupted Dual Functionalities of Force Sensing and Vibrotactile Actuation We present HapSense, a single-volume soft haptic I/O device with uninterrupted | 11 Oct 2019, 7:00
4 days 1:02:10
Advanced polarized light microscopy for mapping molecular orientation
Optics for the Cloud Talks: Advanced polarized light microscopy for mapping molecular orientation Polarization is a basic property of light, but the human eye is not sensitive to it. 9 Oct 2019, 18:36
4 days 36:15
6 days 38:18
Tea: A High-level Language and Runtime System for Automating Statistical Analysis [Python module]
Current statistical tools place the burden of valid, reproducible statistical analyses on the user. 7 Oct 2019, 23:26
1 114
6 days 54:54
Discover[i]: Component-based Parameterized Reasoning for Distributed Applications
Distributed systems are hard to get right. 7 Oct 2019, 16:47
9 days 1:12:33
Scheduling For Efficient Large-Scale Machine Learning Training
Over recent years, machine learning techniques have achieved success in many real-world applications. 4 Oct 2019, 17:07
10 days 1:00:27
Distributed Entity Resolution for Computational Social Science
Very often information about social entities is scattered across multiple databases. 3 Oct 2019, 22:21
10 days 38:06
MMLSpark: empowering AI for Good with Mark Hamilton [Podcast]
Episode 92 | October 2, 2019 If someone asked you what snow leopards and Vincent Van Gogh have in common, you might think it was the beginning of a joke. 3 Oct 2019, 17:25
11 days 46:31
Non-linear Invariants for Control-Command Systems
Control theorists know for long that quadratic invariants, that is ellipsoids, are a good solution to bound the behavior of linear controllers, which constitute the heart of most control-command | 2 Oct 2019, 19:09
11 days 56:42
Vision-and-Dialog Navigation
Dialog-enabled smart assistants, which communicate via natural language and occupy human homes, have seen widespread adoption in recent years. 2 Oct 2019, 16:36
12 days 1:14:48
The Future of Mathematics?
As a professor of pure mathematics, my job involves teaching, research, and outreach. 1 Oct 2019, 17:55
19 746
13 days 56:51
How Not to Prove Your Election Outcome
Earlier this year we (Lewis, Pereira, and Teague) examined the source code for the SwissPost e-voting system, intended to be used for Swiss elections in May. 1 Oct 2019, 1:43
13 days 1:13:48
The Worst Form Including All Those Others: Canada’s Experiments with Online Voting
Although Canada is quickly becoming a world leader in the use of online voting, a vacuum of cybersecurity standards, regulation, and public awareness has left online voting vendors largely to set | 1 Oct 2019, 1:08
13 days 23:42
DIFF: A Relational Interface for Large-Scale Data Explanation
A range of explanation engines assist data analysts by performing feature selection over increasingly high-volume and high-dimensional data, grouping and highlighting commonalities among data points. 1 Oct 2019, 0:40
13 days 1:03:50
A Calculus for Brain Computation
How does the brain beget the mind? How do molecules, cells, and synapses effect reasoning, intelligence, language, science? 30 Sep 2019, 21:10
2 578
17 days 1:10:51
Decoding Multisensory Attention from Electroencephalography for Use in a Brain-Computer Interface
Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) offer a non-verbal and covert way for humans to interact with a machine. 26 Sep 2019, 18:23
17 days 34:26
A Short Introduction to DIMACS & DIMACS and MSR-NYC
A Short Introduction to DIMACS, Fred Roberts, DIMACS Fred Roberts gives an overview of the DIMACS center founded in 1989, after a nationwide competition, as an NSF Science and Technology Center | 26 Sep 2019, 18:22
17 days 1:11:23
Boosting Innovation and Discovery of Ideas
The explosion of available idea repositories—scientific papers, patents, product descriptions—represents an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate innovation and lead to a wealth of discoveries. 26 Sep 2019, 17:55
17 days 1:25:33
Resource-Efficient Redundancy for Large-Scale Data Processing and Storage Systems
Large-scale systems are often subject to non-ideal conditions such as failures, stragglers, load imbalance, etc. 26 Sep 2019, 17:37
17 days 22:39
Optimizing Declarative Graph Queries at Large Scale
This paper presents GraphRex, an efficient, robust, scalable, and easy-to-program framework for graph processing on datacenter infrastructure. 26 Sep 2019, 16:37
18 days 50:14
SILK: Preventing Latency Spikes in Log-Structured Merge Key-Value Stores
LSM-based KV stores are designed to offer good write performance by capturing client writes in memory and only later flushing them to storage. 26 Sep 2019, 0:46
18 days 47:48
Coverage Guided, Property Based Testing
Property-based random testing, exemplified by frameworks such as Haskell's QuickCheck, works by testing an executable predicate (a property) on a stream of randomly generated inputs. 25 Sep 2019, 23:56
18 days 1:15:53
Efficient Robot Skill Learning: Grounded Simulation Learning and Imitation Learning from Observation
For autonomous robots to operate in the open, dynamically changing world, they will need to be able to learn a robust set of skills from relatively little experience. 25 Sep 2019, 23:31
18 days 1:17:54
Towards Secure and Interpretable AI: Scalable Methods, Interactive Visualizations, & Practical Tools
The explosion of available idea repositories — scientific papers, patents, product descriptions — represents an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate innovation and lead to a wealth of discoveries. 25 Sep 2019, 19:57
18 days 1:12:53
Sequential Estimation of Quantiles with Applications to A/B-testing and Best-arm Identification
Consider the problem of sequentially estimating quantiles of any distribution over a complete, fully-ordered set, based on a stream of i.i.d. observations. 25 Sep 2019, 17:09
18 days 51:36
Reproducible Codes and Cryptographic Applications
In this talk I will present a work in progress on structured linear block codes. 25 Sep 2019, 16:02
18 days 41:32
Inside AR and VR, a technical tour of the reality spectrum with Dr. Eyal Ofek [Podcast]
Episode 91 | September 25, 2019 Dr. Eyal Ofek is a senior researcher at Microsoft Research and his work deals mainly with, well, reality. Augmented and virtual reality, to be precise. 25 Sep 2019, 15:00
19 days 54:20
Verifying Web Page Layouts
Web pages define their appearance using Cascading Style Sheets. 24 Sep 2019, 20:27
20 days 59:00
Battling Unfair Demons in Peer Review
Peer review is the backbone of scholarly research. 23 Sep 2019, 21:37
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