1 hour 2:22
Staten Island Man Gives Back With Elaborate Christmas Display Honoring Late Wife | NBC Nightly News
Joe DiMartino started “Lights for Life,” his elaborate Christmas display, to honor his wife, who was killed on September 11, 2001. 9 Dec 2019, 0:55
1 hour 1:48
Caroll Spinney, Puppeteer Who Brought Big Bird To Life, Dies At 85 | NBC Nightly News
Spinney, the legendary puppeteer who brought iconic Sesame Street characters Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch to life, died on Sunday at his home in Connecticut. 9 Dec 2019, 0:52
1 hour 2:16
What To Expect In The House Impeachment Inquiry This Week | NBC Nightly News
The House Judiciary Committee is expected to take several hours on Monday as evidence against President Trump and testimony from past witnesses is presented to the country and the committee. 9 Dec 2019, 0:45
1 hour 1:40
Police Arrest California Man Who Appeared To Simulate Mass Shooting In Videos | NBC Nightly News
In graphic video posted online, a Southern California man talks to himself inside a hotel room and takes aim using a cache of weapons at pedestrians on the street below. 9 Dec 2019, 0:42
2 hours 2:20
Pensacola Naval Base Shooting Presumed To Be Terrorism, FBI Says | NBC Nightly News
Officials have yet to determine a motive and are working to determine if 21-year-old Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani acted alone or as part of a network. 9 Dec 2019, 0:38
7 hours 2:27
MTP Compressed: Partisan Divisions Remain On Impeachment As House Dems Draft Articles
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discuss the next steps in the impeachment inquiry. Plus, retiring Rep. 8 Dec 2019, 19:07
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7 hours 1:50
Democrats, GOP Move In Opposite Directions On Russia Views | Meet The Press | NBC News
Ahead of 2020, polls show Democrats and Republicans disagree on viewing Russia as a "critical threat."» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video | 8 Dec 2019, 19:04
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7 hours 10:29
Full Cruz: House Impeachment Is 'Kangaroo Court' | Meet The Press | NBC News
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas): "They are going to impeach, not because they have the evidence, but because they hate the president ... It's going to go to the Senate. 8 Dec 2019, 19:01
20 712
7 hours 7:54
Full Nadler: Impeachment Proceedings Are 'A Matter Of Urgency' | Meet The Press | NBC News
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says they will bring articles of impeachment before the committee this week.» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video | 8 Dec 2019, 18:58
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7 hours 7:51
Full Panel: Senate Republicans Prepare For Impeachment Trial | Meet The Press | NBC News
2020 Republicans will push Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the rules, Washington Post's Robert Costa says in a panel discussion.» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » | 8 Dec 2019, 18:53
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Watch live: Trump speaks at the Israeli American Council National Summit
Watch live coverage as President Trump delivers remarks at the Israeli American Council National Summit. » Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video: bit. 8 Dec 2019, 2:52
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - December 7th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
Military reviewing foreign training program after mass shooting at Florida naval base, American student freed in prisoner swap after spending three years in Iranian jail, and family of UPS driver | 8 Dec 2019, 2:46
77 714
1 day 2:50
Paper Or Plastic? Inside The Heated Debate Over Drinking Straws | NBC Nightly News
There’s a big push to ban plastic straws, and many companies are turning to paper as a more environmentally friendly option. 8 Dec 2019, 0:25
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1 day 1:49
Family Of UPS Driver Killed In Police Shootout With Hostage Takers Speaks Out | NBC Nightly News
Frank Ordonez, a 27-year-old UPS driver, was killed on Thursday in a shootout between police and two robbers who hijacked his truck. 8 Dec 2019, 0:22
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1 day 1:56
American Student Freed In Prisoner Swap After Spending 3 Years In Iranian Jail | NBC Nightly News
Xiyue Wang had been held in an Iranian prison since 2016, after he was charged with espionage while in the country for graduate research. 8 Dec 2019, 0:19
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1 day 2:18
House Judiciary Criticizes Trump In New Report Outlining Case For Impeachment | NBC Nightly News
A new report from the House Judiciary Committee criticized President Trump for not participating in the impeachment inquiry, saying impeachment is “The Constitution's final answer to a President who | 8 Dec 2019, 0:16
18 741
1 day 2:15
Watch: Event Commemorates The 78th anniversary Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor | NBC News
An event was held at Pearl Harbor to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the attack on the island. 7 Dec 2019, 23:18
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Trump: Giuliani 'Will Make A Report' To The Attorney General And Congress | NBC News
When President Trump was asked if he was aware that Rudy Giuliani was travelling in Europe and Ukraine, he told reporters Giuliani had "a lot of good information" and would "make a report" to | 7 Dec 2019, 21:07
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1 day 0:54
Trump: 'We Are Very Happy' American Student Was Freed From Iran | NBC News
President Trump told reporters that he was glad an American graduate student has been freed from an Iranian prison and is headed home as he departed the White House.» Subscribe to NBC News | 7 Dec 2019, 21:04
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1 day 11:25
Watch: Trump speaks to reporters before departing for Florida
Watch as President Trump takes questions from reporters before departing the White House. 7 Dec 2019, 20:17
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1 day 5:29
How More Tariffs On China Will Impact American Companies | NBC News Now
NBC News’ Dasha Burns speaks to the CEO of Ledbury, a clothing company based in the U.S., to find out how more China tariffs may impact American companies, like his own. 7 Dec 2019, 7:02
4 113
1 day 4:54
Anti-Vaccine Movement Takes Online Harassment Into The Real World | NBC News Now
NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny reports on how the anti-vaccine movement has grown from an online community to a physical threat for some doctors and legislators. 7 Dec 2019, 7:01
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1 day 6:06
Iranian Father Seeks Answers For Son Who Was Shot And Killed In Recent Unrest | NBC News Now
NBC News Emmanuelle Saliba speaks to the father of a man that was shot and killed in protests that have rocked Iran for three weeks. 7 Dec 2019, 7:01
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1 day 5:49
Jane Fonda Talks About Her Climate Change Protests And Getting Arrested | NBC News Now
Legendary actress Jane Fonda has been making headlines for protesting climate change – and getting arrested for it. 7 Dec 2019, 7:01
1 day 5:29
The Second Act Of Beauty Mogul Bobbi Brown | NBC News Now
NBC News’ Stephanie Ruhle sat down with beauty mogul Bobbi Brown to discuss why she chose to leave the company that bears her name to start an entirely new brand. 7 Dec 2019, 7:01
1 day 2:57
French Montana Out Of Hospital In Time For New Album | NBC News Now
Moroccan-American rapper French Montana talks to NBC News about how his new album strikes at the balance between his Muslim upbringing and his childhood in the Bronx. 7 Dec 2019, 7:01
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1 day 15:19
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - December 6th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
Saudi Air Force member identified as gunman in Navy base shooting, White House rejects invitation to participate in House impeachment inquiry, and shocking video shows the death of migrant child in | 7 Dec 2019, 4:49
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Deadly Attacks On Military Bases Highlight Inside Threats To Americans Serving | NBC Nightly News
Today’s deadly shooting in Pensacola follows an incident at Pearl Harbor Naval shipyard on Wednesday, where an active duty sailor killed two people and himself. 7 Dec 2019, 4:13
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1 day 2:08
Shocking Video Shows The Death Of Migrant Child In Holding Cell | NBC Nightly News
The 16-year-old from Guatemala, who was sick with the flu, is the sixth child to die in U.S. custody in the last year. 7 Dec 2019, 4:13
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1 day 2:20
Inside Uber’s Special Unit Investigating Sexual Assault Allegations | NBC Nightly News
“It's only by really being honest with ourselves about what the data says that we can begin to develop best practices to end sexual violence,” Uber’s Chief Legal Officer Tony West tells NBC News’ | 7 Dec 2019, 4:13
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