2 days 2:22
COVID-19 Evacuees In Nebraska To Be Released From Coronavirus Quarantine | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Kathy Park details the release of 57 Americans who were quarantined in Nebraska after being evacuated from Wuhan, China, for the COVID-19 coronavirus. 21 Feb 2020, 5:11
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2 days 2:09
Black And Latino Nevada Voters Rate Candidates’ Debate Performance | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Simone Boyce speaks to voters of color about their reaction to the fiery Las Vegas presidential debate. 21 Feb 2020, 5:10
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2 days 19:45
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - February 20th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News
Roger Stone sentenced to 3 years, 4 months in prison for lying to Congress, Democrats on the attack in Nevada as Bloomberg makes debate debut, and first coronavirus deaths among evacuees from cruise | 21 Feb 2020, 2:33
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2 days 1:58:20
Trump Speaks At Campaign Rally In Colorado | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)
Watch live coverage of President Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colo. 21 Feb 2020, 2:19
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2 days 1:18
9-Year-Old With Rare Cancer Checks New Item Off His Bucket List | NBC Nightly News
Carter Escobar was sworn in as an honorary police officer - checking another item off the 9-year-old’s bucket list as he fights a rare cancer. 21 Feb 2020, 0:57
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2 days 1:58
Victoria’s Secret Sold Amid Plummeting Sales And Cultural Shift | NBC Nightly News
The company has been struggling to stay relevant as American mindsets shift and competitors embrace body positivity. 21 Feb 2020, 0:56
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2 days 1:29
Authorities Warn Of Dangers Of Pointing Lasers At Aircraft | NBC Nightly News
Laser attacks on police, military, civilian and commercial aircraft have been a problem for years. 21 Feb 2020, 0:56
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2 days 1:37
9 Killed In Germany Mass Shooting, Far-Right Motive Suspected | NBC Nightly News
A gunman killed nine people — mostly Muslim immigrants — in a suburb of Frankfurt, then killed his mother and himself, police say. 21 Feb 2020, 0:55
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2 days 1:36
First Coronavirus Deaths Among Evacuees From Cruise Ship | NBC Nightly News
Two elderly passengers aboard the Diamond Princess in Japan died from the coronavirus after their voyage on the ship. 21 Feb 2020, 0:55
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2 days 1:09
Jet Makes Fiery Landing At Daytona Beach Airport | NBC Nightly News
Investigators are looking into why this small private jet touched down with landing gear that either malfunctioned or wasn’t deployed. 21 Feb 2020, 0:54
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2 days 2:18
Trump Says Roger Stone Has A ‘Very Good Change Of Exoneration’ | NBC Nightly News
President Trump spoke in Las Vegas where he congratulated former inmates moving on from the justice system, while lamenting what he described as a lack of fairness for his associate Roger Stone. 21 Feb 2020, 0:54
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2 days 2:00
Roger Stone Sentenced To 3 Years, 4 Months In Prison For Lying To Congress | NBC Nightly News
The former Trump campaign advisor had been found guilty of obstructing a congressional investigation of Russia's 2016 presidential election meddling. 21 Feb 2020, 0:53
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2 days 1:40:29
Trump Gives Commencement Speech At Hope For Prisoners Graduation | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)
President Donald Trump gives the commencement address at the graduation ceremony for Hope for Prisoners, a program to help former prisoners transition back into normal life. 20 Feb 2020, 21:03
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2 days 4:19
Will President Donald Trump Pardon Roger Stone After Prison Sentence? | NBC News
Following Roger Stone's sentencing, NBC News' Peter Alexander analyzes the speculation about President Donald Trump would pardon his longtime ally. 20 Feb 2020, 19:59
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2 days 1:06
Harry Reid: Iowa And New Hampshire 'Have Done So Much Damage' | NBC News
Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Iowa and New Hampshire should not be the first to vote in the Democratic primary nominating contest. 20 Feb 2020, 18:59
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2 days 4:20
Judge Gives Roger Stone 'Tongue -Lashing' Before Sentencing Him To 40 Months In Prison | NBC News
Trump associate Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison and ordered to pay a $20,000 fine for obstructing a congressional investigation dealing with Russia's 2016 election meddling. 20 Feb 2020, 18:28
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2 days 1:19
Mike Bloomberg Speaks After Nevada Debate: Donald Trump Was 'The Real Winner' | NBC News
After widely panned debate performance, former Mayor Mike Bloomberg said that President Donald Trump was the "real winner" of the Nevada debate and spoke about his Democratic rivals. 20 Feb 2020, 18:01
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2 days 1:45:25
Trump Associate Roger Stone Faces Sentencing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)
Roger Stone, President Trump's longtime friend and associate, faces sentencing today following his conviction on seven felony charges, including lying to Congress and obstructing House and FBI | 20 Feb 2020, 17:57
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2 days 1:43
If No Candidate Earns A Majority Of Delegates, How Should A Nominee Be Chosen? | NBC News
The Democratic presidential candidates weigh in on if the person with the most delegates, even without the majority, should win the nomination. 20 Feb 2020, 16:08
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2 days 38:06
World Health Organization Provides Update On Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)
The World Health Organization holds a briefing to prove updates on the renamed coronavirus, COVID-19, that has killed more than 1,700 people. 20 Feb 2020, 15:39
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2 days 4:28
Analyzing The Rise Of Democratic Socialism | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Dasha Burns speaks to the author of the socialist manifesto to get his take on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ growth as the Democratic frontrunner despite American’s unfavorable view of socialism. 20 Feb 2020, 15:29
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3 days 1:48:58
Watch The Full NBC News/MSNBC Democratic Debate In Las Vegas | NBC News
Missed the Democrats’ heated debate in Las Vegas, Nevada? Watch the full replay here. 20 Feb 2020, 14:01
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3 days 2:14
President Donald Trump Goes After ‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg At Campaign Rally | NBC News
President Trump attacked Mike Bloomberg and railed against “dirty cops” at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona. 20 Feb 2020, 13:38
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3 days 5:10
Watch Highlights Of The Democratic Debate In 5 Minutes | NBC News
Watch highlights from the ninth Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar clashed with debate newcomer Mike Bloomberg. 20 Feb 2020, 6:07
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3 days 3:54
Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden Spar Over Democratic Socialism | NBC News
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Mike Bloomberg, and former Vice President Joe Biden sparred over the merits of democratic socialism and capitalism. 20 Feb 2020, 4:09
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3 days 2:06
Pete Buttigieg: ‘I Was Into Bernie Before It Was Cool’ | NBC News
Pete Buttigieg said he had been a fan of Sen. Bernie Sanders when he was younger but then criticized him over taxes and his health care plan. 20 Feb 2020, 4:04
46 801
3 days 1:58:51
Trump Speaks At Campaign Rally In Arizona | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)
Watch live coverage of President Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Ariz., while Democratic candidates face off for the ninth presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nev. 20 Feb 2020, 4:03
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3 days 19:05
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - February 19th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News
Attorney General Barr considered resigning over Trump’s tweets, Harvey Weinstein’s defense team asks judge to throw out juror, and hundreds gather to celebrate 8-year-old boy’s adoption. 20 Feb 2020, 3:53
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3 days 1:23
Warren: We Can't Pass Climate Legislation Because Of 'Corruption' And 'The Filibuster' | NBC News
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., claimed climate legislation could not be passed because of "corruption" and called for an end to the filibuster. 20 Feb 2020, 3:49
12 233
3 days 5:48
Amy Klobuchar Greets Mexico’s President After Forgetting His Name | NBC News
Sen. Amy Klobuchar defended an earlier slip up when she could not name President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and argued with Pete Buttigieg over policy. 20 Feb 2020, 3:48
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