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NBC Exclusive: Cyntoia Brown-Long’s Television Interview Since Her Prison Release | NBC Nightly News
Lester Holt has the first television interview with Cyntoia Brown-Long since her release from prison earlier this year, after her life sentence for murder was commuted. 15 Oct 2019, 4:43
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4 days 1:38
WH Trying To Distance Trump From Video Showing His Likeness Attacking News Media | NBC Nightly News
The video shows President Trump’s face superimposed onto a shooter’s body, inside what’s described as “the Church of Fake News.” The Trump campaign says it did not produce the video, which appears | 15 Oct 2019, 4:40
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4 days 2:20
Trump: Immediate Cease-Fire After TR Forces Move Deeper Into Kurdish Enclaves | NBC Nightly News
Turkey has captured 50 Kurdish villages and towns in six days, and is also using Arab militias as shock forces -- tearing down symbols of Kurdish rule. U.S. 15 Oct 2019, 4:38
3 383
4 days 2:00
Andrew Yang Explains Why Digital Data Is Personal Property | NBC News Now
2020 candidate Andrew Yang explains how he plans to reframe how we think about data and data privacy. 15 Oct 2019, 4:04
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4 days 2:20
Hard Rock Hotel Construction Collapse Witness: ‘It Was Pandemonium’ | NBC News Now
A large part of the construction site at the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapsed, leaving two dead and one missing. 15 Oct 2019, 4:01
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4 days 4:06
Founder Of ‘Ben And Jerry’s’ Talks Support For Bernie Sanders | NBC News Now
Bernie Sanders’ campaign co-chair and one of the founders of the popular ice cream brand “Ben and Jerry’s”, Ben Cohen, talks about his support for the 2020 hopeful as he returns to the campaign | 15 Oct 2019, 3:56
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4 days 3:50
Democratic Candidates To Take Ohio Stage For Fourth Debate | NBC News Now
Twelve of the 2020 presidential candidates will take the stage in Ohio for the fourth Democratic primary debate. 15 Oct 2019, 3:54
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4 days 5:07
Why U.S. Aid Is So Important To Ukraine | NBC News Now
As the impeachment inquiry is ramping up, many are wondering why the U.S. is giving aid to Ukraine in the first place. 15 Oct 2019, 3:53
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She Can STEM Camp Empowers Young Girls To Reach For The Stars | Mach | NBC News
The She Can STEM Camp at the National Air and Space Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience that introduces young women to the science of flight, exposing them to diverse careers in aviation and STEM | 14 Oct 2019, 19:58
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Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 13th)
President Trump orders U.S. 14 Oct 2019, 19:21
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5 days 1:19
The Queen’s Speech Combines Pomp And Politics, Black Rod And Brexit | NBC News
Queen Elizabeth II set out the U.K. government’s agenda in a speech to lawmakers that was steeped in tradition but overshadowed by Brexit concerns. 14 Oct 2019, 15:21
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5 days 1:46
Drone Video Shows Aftermath Of Hard Rock Hotel Collapse | NBC News
Following the massive building collapse in the French Quarter of New Orleans, drone video shows the extent of the damage at the under construction Hard Rock Hotel. 14 Oct 2019, 15:20
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5 days 2:29
ID, Wallet, Keys All In Your Hand: Sweden Moves Into The Future With Microchipping | Nightly News
Imagine carrying just about everything you need beneath the surface of your hand - your wallet, keys and ID, all in a microchip. 13 Oct 2019, 23:34
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Outrage After Woman fatally Shot By Officer Inside Fort Worth Home | NBC Nightly News
Community leaders and family members are calling for justice after the death of 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson. 13 Oct 2019, 23:31
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5 days 2:17
Bidens Speak Out On Trump’s Accusations & U.S. Ambassador To Testify On Capitol Hill | Nightly News
Hunter Biden announced that he is cutting ties to a Chinese investment firm and said that, should his father become president, he will refrain from working with foreign-owned companies. 13 Oct 2019, 23:27
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Trump Orders U.S. Troops To Withdraw From Northern Syria As Turkey Offensive Grows | Nightly News
The move comes as Turkey makes rapid advances in its war against American allies, the Kurds of Syria. Without U.S. 13 Oct 2019, 23:23
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Polls Show Support For Impeachment But Not Removal, Yet | Meet The Press | NBC News
There are a few numbers inside the latest NBC News/WSJ poll that reveal how important the next few weeks of news could be in the impeachment story.» Subscribe to NBC News | 13 Oct 2019, 16:32
19 980
6 days 2:49
Investigation Into Giuliani Associates Complicates Ukraine Questions | Meet The Press | NBC News
The arrest of two associates of Rudy Giuliani brings impeachment investigation together with questions over departure of U.S. 13 Oct 2019, 16:29
27 414
6 days 19:15
Full Mattis: Americans 'Don't Need Military Generals' Getting Involved In Politics | Meet The Press
Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to talk about the Turkish invasion of Syria and the importance of trust between allies.» Subscribe to NBC News | 13 Oct 2019, 16:25
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6 days 6:56
Full Engel: Turkey Is 'Acting Like A Russian Ally' | Meet The Press | NBC News
In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Rep. 13 Oct 2019, 16:21
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6 days 7:47
Full Panel: War In Syria As U.S. Pulls Back Troops | Meet The Press | NBC News
Peggy Noonan, Cornell Belcher, Ashley Parker and Michael Schmidt join the Meet the Press roundtable to talk about Turkey's incursion into Syria and reports of U.S. 13 Oct 2019, 16:15
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6 days 19:21
Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 12th)
New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel construction site partially collapses, firefighters race to contain Los Angeles wildfire as first residents return home, and a Texas police officer fatally shoots a woman | 13 Oct 2019, 11:01
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6 days 1:38:20
Watch Live: President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks At The Values Voter Summit | NBC News
Watch live coverage as President Trump delivers remarks at the Values Voter Summit. 13 Oct 2019, 0:13
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6 days 1:52
Texas Police Officer Fatally Shoots Woman Inside Her Home | NBC Nightly News
A Fort Worth police officer was checking out a residence with an open door then opened fire through a window, killing the homeowner inside. 12 Oct 2019, 23:26
193 108
6 days 2:28
Federal Prosecutors Investigating Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine Dealings: Report | NBC Nightly News
The president tweeted in defense of Rudy Giuliani after the New York Times reported that federal prosecutors in Manhattan are looking at whether the president’s attorney broke the law. 12 Oct 2019, 23:24
33 559
6 days 2:25
Video Appears To Show Alleged Atrocities By Turkish-Back Militias Against Kurds | NBC Nightly News
As Turkish forces drive forward into Syria, video appears to show alleged atrocities carried out by Turkish-backed Arab militias, including the execution of a Kurd. Multiple U.S. 12 Oct 2019, 23:21
53 783
6 days 1:48
New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site Partially Collapses, Killing At Least 1 | Nightly News
The upper floors of the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans suddenly began to crumble on Saturday, its concrete floors collapsing on top of each other. Louisiana Gov. 12 Oct 2019, 23:18
846 587
7 days 1:33
Trump Rails Against Democrats At Louisiana Rally | NBC News
President Trump referred to the impeachment inquiry as "bullshit," called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and encouraged attendees to vote for Republicans at a campaign rally in Lake Charles | 12 Oct 2019, 16:12
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