10 hours 13:29
Pat Buchanan on Birthright Citizenship
Pat Buchanan joins John Bachman to talk about Trump's plan to end birthright citizenship.  They also discuss the trade war with China and the controversy surrounding Trump's Greenland idea. 23 Aug 2019, 0:23
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10 hours 12:56
Chris Ruddy Discusses Wayne Allyn Root, Trump and the Mooch
Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy discusses Wayne Allyn Root's description of President Trump as the King of the Jews, and Scaramucci turning his back on his former boss. 23 Aug 2019, 0:22
1 day 7:57
Bill O'Reilly and Wayne Allyn Root Discuss Democrat Jewish Americans
Bill O'Reilly and Wayne Allyn Root discuss why some Jewish citizens still vote Democrat when the party is moving so far from supporting Israel on the heels of "The Squad" and how the media reacted | 22 Aug 2019, 0:16
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1 day 13:05
Michael Savage discusses travel ban, Epstein's death, and Scaramucci's attacks on President Trump.
Michael Savage discusses his previous travel ban experience to Britain, the suspicious death of Epstein, and the Scaramucci attacks on President Trump. 21 Aug 2019, 12:00
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2 days 5:48
Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo #252
Bill O'Reilly talks about political correctness plaguing college campuses as the school year begins. 21 Aug 2019, 0:14
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2 days 13:10
Michael Savage: Dems have Been Hijacked by The Squad
Michael Savage says that the Democratic Party has been hijacked and is now represented by "The Squad" as they face down with Israel.  They also talk about Jeffery Epstein and Trump's feud with The | 20 Aug 2019, 22:54
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3 days 7:24
Bill O'Reilly Discusses the Dueling Portland Protests
Bill O'Reilly discusses the ongoing protests in Portland and Trump's pending decision to label ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.  He also talks about Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar's invitation to | 20 Aug 2019, 0:14
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3 days 5:13
Bernard Kerik Discusses Firing of Eric Garner Officer
Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik talks about the firing of the NYPD officer involved in the death of Eric Garner. 19 Aug 2019, 23:15
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6 days 8:30
Michelle Malkin discusses immigration enforcement and the war on law enforcement
Michelle Malkin discusses immigration enforcement and the war on law enforcement. 16 Aug 2019, 17:55
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13 days 0:33
David Horowitz Warns 'Dark Agenda' Against Christians
Mike Huckabee, Tucker Carlson, and Glenn Beck urging Christians and people of all faiths to get and read Dark Agenda. 9 Aug 2019, 18:29
14 days 6:39
Bill O'Reilly: Trump is Weighing Red Flag Laws
Bill O'Reilly talks about the gun reforms that Trump is considering, including red flag laws, which are designed to keep guns out of the hands of possible shooters and keep them with law abiding | 8 Aug 2019, 19:13
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16 days 5:36
Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo #251
Bill O'Reilly talks about the hate rhetoric that is spreading across the country, and how it has risen since Trump's rise to the Republican Nomination. 7 Aug 2019, 0:14
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17 days 9:08
Bill O'Reilly Discusses Recent Mass Shootings
Bill O'Reilly talks about the string of mass shootings that have happened in the past week and what the media is doing to spin the blame onto President Trump. 6 Aug 2019, 0:22
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22 days 4:23
Bill O'Reilly On Tump's Feud With Elijah Cummings
Bill O'Reilly talks about Baltimore and Trump's ongoing feud with Elijah Cummings. 31 Jul 2019, 23:14
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22 days 5:23
Eric Trump Talks about the Democratic Debates
Eric Trump joins Howie Carr to talk about the Democratic debates and the state of the Democratic party running against President Trump. 31 Jul 2019, 23:05
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24 days 5:50
Alan Dershwitz Responds to New Yorker Article
Alan Dershowitz talks about his response to the New Yorker's smear article on him. 29 Jul 2019, 23:14
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28 days 5:44
Alan Dershowitz Discusses the Death Penalty
Alan Dershowitz joins John Bachman to talk about the administration's move to re-introduce the death penalty and his life long opposition to it. 25 Jul 2019, 22:13
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29 days 18:07
Alan Dershowitz Breaks Down Mueller Testimony
Alan Dershowitz joins Kendall Coffey and Jenna Ellis Rives to talk about Robert Mueller's testimony on Capitol Hill today. 24 Jul 2019, 22:48
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30 days 5:56
Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo #250
Bill O'Reilly talks about how the far left is helping Donald Trump and predicts that America will rise up against the extreme left. 24 Jul 2019, 0:08
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31 day 5:34
Bill O'Reilly: Iran is Showing Signs of a Failing State
Bill O'Reilly explains how the seizure of oil tankers and the alleged capture of CIA spies all points to Iran's leadership losing it's support.  They also discuss Mueller's upcoming testimony before | 23 Jul 2019, 0:14
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35 days 5:40
Alan Dershowitz Discusses Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein
Alan Dershowitz talks about his past relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. 18 Jul 2019, 22:24
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36 days 8:31
Bill O'Reilly Says There Maybe a Backlash Against Democrats Over Their Reaction to Trump's Tweets
Bill O'Reilly says that the Democrats may take the brunt of the backlash for their extreme actions to condemn Trump's Twitter attacks on "The Squad".  He also discusses why the left is not trying to | 17 Jul 2019, 23:57
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37 days 5:52
Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points #249
Bill O'Reilly talks about Trump's twitter attack on the extreme left represented by the female freshman Congresswomen. 17 Jul 2019, 0:15
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37 days 7:27
Bill O'Reilly Says Trump's Twitter Attack was Calculated
Bill O'Reilly explains that Trump was calculated in his weekend twitter attack on the Freshman Democratic Congresswomen because he is aware that the majority of American's do not agree with them.  | 16 Jul 2019, 18:31
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41 day 7:16
Juan Guaido Outlines How to Remove Maduro
Juan Guaido talks to John Bachman about the steps to remove Maduro from power and thanks President Trump and the U.S. for their support. 12 Jul 2019, 22:36
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41 day 9:22
Sebastian Gorka On His Battle Against the Dishonest Media
Sebastian Gorka talks with John Cardillo about his recent interaction in the White House Rose Garden where he confronted a member of the press pool for acting more like a "punk" then a | 12 Jul 2019, 19:59
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42 days 11:52
Roger Stone Weighs in on the Epstein Case
Roger Stone joins John Cardillo to talk about the developments in the Jeffery Epstein case. 11 Jul 2019, 18:58
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43 days 8:18
Bill O'Reilly: US Women's Soccer Team Should Leave Out Politics
Bill O'Reilly discusses how the Women's US Soccer Team, and specifically Megan Rapinoe who is a vehemently anti-trump, should not discuss politics. 11 Jul 2019, 0:19
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44 days 5:54
Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo #248
Bill O'Reilly discusses his experience of Europe's move toward Socialism on his recent visit to Germany. 10 Jul 2019, 0:09
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51 day 6:28
Alan Dershowitz Says Dem Candidates are Encouraging Iran
Alan Dershowitz says that the Democratic Candidates for the 2020  Presidential election are encouraging Iran to act aggressively by not backing the President's policy in the region.   Watch | 2 Jul 2019, 23:23
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