3 days 2:10
Will Bloomberg's past comments haunt his campaign?
According to opinion polls, presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is experiencing a surge in support since the New Hampshire Primary. 14 Feb 2020, 22:41
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4 days 5:09
Virginia assault weapon ban: Ex-Governor sounds off
Former Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell reacts to the state’s new House bill banning assault weapons. 13 Feb 2020, 23:51
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4 days 7:38
Impeachment 2.0: Trump’s ex-campaign manager and press secretary weigh in
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer comment on the Roger Stone case, new allegations from William Barr, and the possibility of a second | 13 Feb 2020, 23:27
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5 days 8:41
Herman Cain: “Last night, socialism won”
After Senator Bernie Sanders claimed victory at the 2020 New Hampshire Primary, former presidential candidate and business mogul Herman Cain comments on the Democratic party’s current frontrunners | 12 Feb 2020, 23:38
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5 days 5:58
Alan Dershowitz: Roger Stone sentence is outrageous, irresponsible
Harvard Law professor and Trump impeachment defense team member Alan Dershowitz comments on the legality and political effects of the case and volatile sentencing of longtime Trump ally and | 12 Feb 2020, 23:21
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5 days 3:00
Will Trump Pardon Roger Stone? (BREAKDOWN)
As Department of Justice implications continue to affect the expected sentencing of longtime political advisor Roger Stone, speculation continues to swirl over whether President Donald Trump will | 12 Feb 2020, 21:41
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6 days 13:04
Spicer: Trump wants Bernie in 2020
Who would President Donald Trump most want to face in the 2020 general election? Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says Trump would most want to face Senator Bernie Sanders. 12 Feb 2020, 12:39
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6 days 4:25
Should Roger Stone go to jail? Trump’s former AG weighs in
Prosecutors will reportedly lower political advisor Roger Stone’s prison sentence, which was originally set to be 7-9 years. 12 Feb 2020, 12:36
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7 days 1:51
Is Pete Buttigieg the real ‘moderate’ candidate? (investigation)
Many political pundits have described Presidential candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg as the ‘moderate’ alternative amongst other Democrats running for the 2020 nomination. 10 Feb 2020, 22:39
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10 days 5:03
A very stable genius: Author studies Trump’s verbal effect on America
From ‘stable genius’ to ‘fake news,’ President Donald Trump has contributed several distinct popular linguistic phrases into the general zeitgeist of the United States. 7 Feb 2020, 23:53
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10 days 6:03
EXCLUSIVE: Diamond and Silk - How Trump behaved before SOTU, trial verdict
Political activist duo Diamond and Silk share their experience talking to President Donald Trump shortly before his State of the Union Address, and before the conclusion to the Senate impeachment | 7 Feb 2020, 23:35
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10 days 3:11
Impeachment was carried out to hurt Bernie?
After the Senate impeachment trial and concluding acquittal of President Donald Trump, speculation is swirling about the intentions of Congressional leaders, 2020 candidates, and prominent party | 7 Feb 2020, 22:22
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11 days 13:05
Susan Collins reacts to Stephen Colbert “former Senator” joke
Senator Susan Collins of Maine comments on the aftermath of the impeachment trial and acquittal of President Donald Trump, plus her thoughts on Sen. 7 Feb 2020, 0:46
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11 days 4:20
LIVE from the Senate: will Democrats try to impeach again?
Rep. Guy Reschenthaler breaks down the aftermath of the Senate trial acquittal of President Donald Trump, and the possibility that Democratic leaders may seek to impeach the president again. 6 Feb 2020, 21:54
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11 days 4:09
IMPEACHMENT: Winners and losers
The Senate impeachment trial and concluding acquittal of President Donald Trump will have lasting political effects on the 2020 race, Senate and House seats, and beyond. 6 Feb 2020, 21:16
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11 days 5:25
Ex-Romney Spokesperson reacts to acquittal, SOTU address
Former Mitt Romney spokesperson and current U.S. 6 Feb 2020, 19:34
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12 days 5:56
Kayleigh McEnany: Romney is petty, Pelosi is blind
Trump 2020 campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany reacts to Nancy Pelosi’s State of the Union Address speech ripping, and Senator Mitt Romney’s guilty vote in the president’s impeachment | 6 Feb 2020, 12:47
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12 days 6:38
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13 days 3:54
Kim Guilfoyle live from Iowa Caucus on Trump campaign numbers
National Chair of Trump Victory Finance Committee 2020 and Senior Advisor to Team Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle joins live from the Iowa Caucus site to discuss the latest numbers affecting the Trump | 4 Feb 2020, 20:03
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13 days 7:15
Donald Trump Jr. on Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer Diagnosis
Live from Des Moine, the site of the 2020 Iowa Caucuses, Trump organization EVP of Development & Acquisitions Donald Trump Jr. 4 Feb 2020, 19:58
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17 days 2:16
IMPEACHMENT: Senators to watch
As Senators vote on all amendments to the impeachment trial process, such as the acceptance of witnesses and documents, as well as the impending vote on whether to remove President Trump from | 31 Jan 2020, 21:34
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18 days 7:37
Rick Scott: Can the GOP stop witnesses?
Rick Scott, a United States Senator, talks about his Joe Biden attack ad and questions whether or not Republicans have enough votes to stop witnesses For breaking news & expert analysis, watch | 30 Jan 2020, 17:33
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19 days 1:54
BREAKDOWN: The impeachment process
How have the impeachment proceedings and trial of President Donald Trump been conducted by Democrats and Republicans alike? 29 Jan 2020, 22:30
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19 days 6:55
Pete King: I like Bolton, still can’t remove Trump
Congressman Peter King grabbed a front row seat for ‘Team Trump’s defense arguments, and tells Newsmax TV what he saw. 29 Jan 2020, 22:23
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19 days 9:37
Newsmax CEO: Impeachment greatest ruse in history
Newsmax CEO, and longtime friend of Donald Trump, Chris Ruddy has called the impeachment and Senate removal trial of Trump the ‘greatest ruse in history.’ He joins Newsmax TV’s “Greg Kelly Reports” | 29 Jan 2020, 16:25
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20 days 10:56
Dershowitz: Witnesses can benefit President Trump’s defense
Harvard Law’s Alan Dershowitz, a member of President Donald Trump's legal team, talks witnesses and how they can actually benefit the President in his Impeachment trial on "Greg Kelly Reports" with | 29 Jan 2020, 15:09
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20 days 4:06
Andy Biggs: Are enough people watching? Impeachment rumors flying
Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona talks impeachment rumors regarding witnesses, votes for removal or acquittal and which way Senators are leaning, and the political implications of the trial on | 29 Jan 2020, 13:12
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20 days 4:31
Bolton’s ex-Chief of Staff: Put your book back on the shelf
From the eyes of former Chief of Staff to John Bolton, Fred Fleitz reacts to the ex-National Security Adviser’s book transcripts, and the possibility of Bolton testifying in the Senate impeachment | 29 Jan 2020, 13:09
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21 day 4:59
Live from Senate Trial: Debbie Lesko slams Bolton, Pelosi
Congresswoman and current member of President Donald Trump’s Senate trial defense team Debbie Lesko joined Newsmax TV’s “American Agenda” live from the impeachment proceedings to discuss comments | 27 Jan 2020, 16:59
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22 days 7:28
Ex-Trump aide: GOP getting ‘antsy’ over witnesses?
ormer Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke served under President Trump until his resignation in 2019. 27 Jan 2020, 13:04
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