16 hours 2:25
Indian Police Resort to Violence to Enforce World’s Biggest Coronavirus Lockdown
Police have been punishing people breaking lockdown laws in India with extreme forms of discipline - including mandatory squats. Officers set up roadside checks and punished offenders with batons. 27 Mar 2020, 17:44
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19 hours 1:57
UK PM Boris Johnson Tests Positive for Coronavirus: Who Else is Quarantined?
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19, but he’s not the only world leader directly affected by the virus. 27 Mar 2020, 14:11
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Heartwarming Scenes as Millions 'Clap For The NHS' Across the UK
Millions of people appeared on their doorsteps or balconies to applaud NHS staff tackling coronavirus, as well as those working in supermarkets, delivery or the care sector. 26 Mar 2020, 21:19
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1 day 3:22
Donald Trump's Best Coronavirus Reactions You Might Have Missed
Donald Trump has changed his tune dramatically on coronavirus, from calling it a “hoax” of the Democrats to declaring a national emergency while describing himself as a “wartime president”. 26 Mar 2020, 17:25
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1 day 2:17
INSIDE the UK’s COVID-19 Mega Hospital in London
New footage shows inside the makeshift hospital being built at the ExCeL centre in London to treat coronavirus patients. 26 Mar 2020, 11:28
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2 days 5:08
Coronavirus vs Spanish Flu: Two Pandemics 100 Years Apart Explained
As the world is gripped by a pandemic unlike any in living memory, it’s inevitable that we’re talking about global outbreaks from history. 25 Mar 2020, 18:32
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2 days 3:15
Bolsonaro Calls for End to Brazil Lockdown Despite Coronavirus Outbreak
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has called for an end to “mass confinement” after criticising lockdown measures imposed by state governors to fight the coronavirus outbreak. 25 Mar 2020, 15:23
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3 days 2:23
Italian Mayors Kick Off at Coronavirus Lockdown Dodgers
Italian mayors have raged on social media against people ignoring coronavirus quarantine rules. 24 Mar 2020, 19:11
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3 days 2:17
London Deserted as Prime Minister puts Britain into Lockdown
Britain wakes up to a three-week halt to all nonessential activity to fight the spread of coronavirus. 24 Mar 2020, 11:04
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3 days 1:15
Rome Under Lockdown: A Timelapse Tour of the City's Deserted Streets
Dramatic timelapse footage shows what it’s like driving through the silent and empty streets of Rome under the coronavirus lockdown. 24 Mar 2020, 10:02
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4 days 2:10
Heartbreaking Message from Mother with Coronavirus Urging People to Stop Taking Chances
An otherwise fit-and-healthy 39-year-old mother has made an emotional plea from her intensive care hospital bed for people to “not take any chances” with coronavirus. 23 Mar 2020, 16:00
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4 days 1:14
Spanish Doctors and Police Applaud Each Other Outside Madrid Hospital
Emergency services in Madrid paid mutual respect to each other over the weekend, lining the streets for a moment of applause as the city continues to battle the coronavirus outbreak. 23 Mar 2020, 12:00
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4 days 1:14
Doctors and Nurses Given Flowers and Applause from British Supermarkets
British supermarkets are greeting NHS workers with applause and appreciative flowers to say thank you during the coronavirus pandemic. 23 Mar 2020, 11:23
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6 days 2:00
Rome Under Lockdown: What It’s Like on the Capital Deserted Streets
Unbelievable footage shows what it’s like driving through the silent and empty streets of Rome under the coronavirus lockdown. 21 Mar 2020, 18:07
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6 days 1:03
Russian Coronavirus Hospital: Drone Footage Shows Construction of New Emergency Structure
Incredible drone footage shows the construction site of a new hospital in Russia for the treatment of COVID-19. 21 Mar 2020, 12:43
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7 days 4:06
Coronavirus Diaries: What It Feels Like to Self-Isolate for a Week
Back in London after having travelled to a high-risk area in northern Italy, one of our producers was asked to completely self-isolate for seven days. 20 Mar 2020, 19:20
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Timelapse Video Shows Emergency Field Hospital Being Assembled in Oregon
Timelapse video taken by the Orgeon National Guard show soldiers and healthcare officials setting up a temporary medical facility in Salem, as preparations to care for coronavirus patients in the | 20 Mar 2020, 12:12
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8 days 0:54
Unbelievable Haul of Deadly Weapons Discovered in Spanish Warehouse
Spanish police have discovered an impressive arsenal of firearms and explosives in a warehouse in Zamora, a northwestern town near the border with Portugal. 19 Mar 2020, 17:29
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8 days 2:02
Hilarious Videos of Pets Up to No Good During Coronavirus Quarantine
People living under coronavirus lockdown have been sharing hilarious videos of their pets stuck at home. 19 Mar 2020, 12:50
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Before and After Coronavirus Lockdown | Footage of Iconic Tourist Locations
Popular tourist destinations in major cities are deserted as governments step up efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus. 19 Mar 2020, 10:15
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9 days 0:35
Two Adorable Penguins Roam Free Around Empty Aquarium
Penguins in a Chicago aquarium got to explore the building after it closed its doors to the public due to the coronavirus outbreak. 18 Mar 2020, 13:36
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10 days 1:36
Dutch Panic Buy Cannabis as Government Close Coffee Shops
The usually tourist-packed squares of Amsterdam were largely empty after the Dutch government ordered bars, brothels and weed-selling coffee shops to close. 17 Mar 2020, 11:22
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11 days 1:04
'Stop Non-Essential Contact' | Boris Johnson on Coronavirus
Boris Johnson says the UK's coronavirus situation is approaching the "fast growth part of the upward curve". 16 Mar 2020, 17:36
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Coronavirus Lockdown: Vans Blast Loud Warning Messages in Benidorm
Loud speakers mounted on vans are being used to warn residents and holidaymakers to stay inside during the coronavirus lockdown in Benidorm, Spain. 16 Mar 2020, 17:29
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11 days 1:59
Coronavirus Lockdown: Heartwarming Moments as Spanish Musicians Play Together
Musicians across Spain played Beethoven's 'Ode to Jo'y from their balconies and rooftops, as the country begun a nationwide lockdown. 16 Mar 2020, 16:32
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11 days 2:24
Airports Packed as Coronavirus Travel Bans Imposed
As the US travel ban comes into force, flights into America have been busier than usual. Many airlines have been cancelling flights throughout Europe. 16 Mar 2020, 14:40
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12 days 2:20
Italian Mayor Orders People Out of Park and to Go Home as They Disobey Law on Coronavirus Lockdown
Footage has emerged of a mayor in an Italian city going around a park ordering people to go home due to the coronavirus outbreak. 15 Mar 2020, 17:58
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12 days 3:05
Heartwarming Applause for Spanish Doctors as Coronavirus Lockdown Begins
People in Spain expressed their appreciation for the country's doctors and nurses on Saturday night to thank them for their efforts in battling the novel coronavirus. 15 Mar 2020, 17:18
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12 days 3:30
Coronavirus Panic Buying | Prepper Expert Explains What We Should Be Doing
British supermarkets are urging the public to shop responsibly and stop panic buying as the number of UK coronavirus cases rises. 15 Mar 2020, 10:16
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13 days 1:59
Dramatic Video Shows Police Officers Kicking Doors to Save Families from Nearby Blaze
This body-cam video shows police officers and residents working together to save people from smoke-filled houses in Harrow, north-west London, on Saturday night, March 7. 14 Mar 2020, 17:48
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