25.07.17 0:48
Pope Francis prays for Charlie Gard and parents
The Vatican says Pope Francis is praying for terminally ill baby Charlie Gard and his parents after they gave up their legal battle to keep him alive. Rough cut (no reporter narration). 25 Jul 2017, 8:39
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25.07.17 1:11
Thai transgender boxer winning the fight for acceptance
Subscribe: smarturl.it/reuterssubscribe A Thai transgender boxer is winning the fight for LGBT acceptance both in and out of the ring. Jayson Albano reports. 25 Jul 2017, 8:07
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25.07.17 1:38
Israel removes metal detectors at Al-Aqsa mosque
After ten days of the bloodiest clashes between Israelis and Palestinians in years, Israel says metal detectors at the Al-Aqsa mosque are to be replaced with a "smart checking" system. 25 Jul 2017, 6:39
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25.07.17 0:50
Suicide blast kills at least 25 people in Lahore, Pakistan
A suicide bomber kills at least 25 people, many of them police, in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore. The attack shatters a period of relative calm in the country's second-largest city. 25 Jul 2017, 3:20
25.07.17 1:46
Marvel brings hammerless Thor, new king Black Panther for Comic-Con
Marvel brings a hammerless Thor and a new king Black Panther to Comic-Con in San Diego. 25 Jul 2017, 2:04
24.07.17 1:02
Vatican turns off fountains as Rome deals with drought
Vatican spokesman Greg Burke says the Vatican began turning off some 100 fountains, including two Baroque masterpieces in St. 24 Jul 2017, 23:51
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24.07.17 0:50
Protester asks Jared Kushner to sign Russian flag
Protester Ryan Clayton asked Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, if he would sign his Russian flag after Kushner's meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee. 24 Jul 2017, 22:17
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24.07.17 1:17
Researchers program plug-in hybrid cars to learn fuel efficiency
Researchers in California have created a computer program for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that learns how to save fuel, improving efficiency by more than 30 percent. 24 Jul 2017, 21:19
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24.07.17 1:18
Nasdaq hits record, J&J drags Dow
Shares of Google's parent Alphabet slumped after the markets closed Monday. As Fred Katayama reports, an EU fine took a big bite of the search engine company's profit. 24 Jul 2017, 21:07
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24.07.17 1:08
Spotify, Warner hope to strike a deal by September
Swedish music streaming company Spotify is close to signing a new licensing deal with Warner Music, the last big music royalty agreement it needs before pushing ahead with a U.S. stock market listing. 24 Jul 2017, 19:39
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24.07.17 1:40
Pop singer Bono meets French president at Elysee Palace
The U2 frontman says he looks forward to working with the president and First Lady Brigitte Macron. 24 Jul 2017, 19:28
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24.07.17 1:26
KKR to buy WebMD for $2.8 bln
Private equity firm KKR has agreed to buy health information giant WebMD in a deal valued at about $2.8 billion. Fred Katayama reports. 24 Jul 2017, 17:27
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24.07.17 1:03
Parents of UK baby Charlie Gard end legal battle over treatment
The parents of Charlie Gard dropped their legal battle to give the terminally ill British baby further treatment on Monday and will now hold discussions with his London hospital about how he should | 24 Jul 2017, 17:05
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24.07.17 1:24
VCs lust for initial coin offerings
U.S. venture capital firms are lining up for a piece of the digital currency market but some of the hot tech startups don't need their money. Chris Dignam reports. 24 Jul 2017, 16:21
24.07.17 1:56
Turkish journalists go on trial accused of waging 'asymmetric war'
Seventeen employees of a Turkish opposition newspaper went on trial on Monday accused of supporting a terrorist group, a case seen by government critics as a further sign that freedom of expression | 24 Jul 2017, 15:27
24.07.17 1:10
Parents of UK baby Charlie Gard agree to let him die
The parents of terminally ill baby Charlie Gard drop a legal battle to give him further treatment. Rough cut (no reporter narration). 24 Jul 2017, 15:17
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24.07.17 0:54
Hasbro drops after mixed results
The maker of Transformers and Nerf toys sharply boosted revenue, but the sales barely beat Wall Street's forecasts. Fred Katayama reports. 24 Jul 2017, 15:04
24.07.17 1:08
Iraqi women remove face veils post-Islamic State
Women in Mosul can finally go out without a face veil following Islamic State's defeat in the area. 24 Jul 2017, 14:53
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24.07.17 1:15
VW to call meeting over cartel probe - source
Volkswagen will hold a special supervisory board meeting on Wednesday to discuss allegations that German carmakers operated a wide-ranging cartel, a source familiar with the matter said on Monday. 24 Jul 2017, 14:53
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24.07.17 1:57
NATO alert to Russia's hunt for military weakness
The career of Sergei Yeliseyev helps to explain why Ukraine's armed forces gave up Crimea almost without a fight - and why NATO now says it is alert to Russian attempts to undermine military loyalty | 24 Jul 2017, 14:31
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24.07.17 1:56
Robot builders working on Swiss digitally fabricated house
A three-storey house is under construction near Zurich which was designed and planned using digital techniques, and is now being built using mostly robotic systems and 3D printing technologies. 24 Jul 2017, 13:49
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24.07.17 1:00
Trump son-in-law Kushner heads to closed-door Senate questioning
Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and a senior White House advisor, leaves his Washington, D.C. home for his appearance before lawmakers in the first of a two-day closed-door session. 24 Jul 2017, 13:37
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24.07.17 1:47
'Stranger Things' series two to get stranger
The cast of 'Stranger Things' discuss the upcoming season - and how it answers fan's questions. 24 Jul 2017, 13:03
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24.07.17 1:42
Designer gives extra digits the thumbs-up
A 3D printed extra thumb is designed to spark debate about the way we see prosthetics. Stuart McDill reports. 24 Jul 2017, 11:35
24.07.17 1:13
After days of protest, Poland's president vetoes judiciary reform
Poland's Andrezj Duda vetoes bills put forward by the ruling, right-wing Law and Justice Party aimed at reforming the judicary. David Doyle reports. 24 Jul 2017, 11:35
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24.07.17 1:02
Polish president vetoes controversial bill in unexpected move
Polish President Andrzej Duda said he will veto two of three bills reforming the judicial system following mass protests in the country. 24 Jul 2017, 11:24
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24.07.17 0:52
Turkish journalists go on trial accused of waging 'asymmetric war'
Hundreds protest outside a central Istanbul court as seventeen journalists go on trial accused of supporting terrorism. Rough cut (no reporter narration). 24 Jul 2017, 11:17
24.07.17 1:17
Jordanain men shot dead at Israel's Amman embassy
Two Jordanians die in a shooting incident at Israel's heavily-guarded embassy in Amman, after one of them reportedly attacked a security guard with a screwdriver. David Doyle reports. 24 Jul 2017, 7:00
1 530
24.07.17 0:50
Car bomb in Afghan capital kills at least 12, according to officials
At least 12 people are dead and 40 wounded after a suicide attacker detonates a car bomb in Kabul, according to officials. No reporter narration. 24 Jul 2017, 5:53
24.07.17 0:59
Indonesian leader orders officers to shoot traffickers
Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has instructed law enforcement officers to shoot drug traffickers to deal with a narcotics emergency facing the country. Grace Lee reports. 24 Jul 2017, 5:53
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