9 hours 2:59
Families Say Young Tajiks Are Grabbed And Forced Into The Army
Young Tajik men are being taken from the streets by people in plain clothes and reportedly sent to serve in the army for two years. Sometimes, the men are taken without any prior notice. 15 Oct 2019, 16:53
10 hours 2:37
Sabrina's Prayer: Peace In Eastern Ukraine
Sabrina Chumak has spent most of her young life growing up near the death and destruction in eastern Ukraine. Every night she prays for an end to the war. Originally published at - rferl. 15 Oct 2019, 15:43
1 day 2:47
Captive In Crimea: Dolphins Draw Crowds Despite Decrepit Venues
Dolphin shows are popular on Ukraine's Black Sea peninsula, which is controlled by Russia. But the venues housing them are falling apart. 14 Oct 2019, 17:18
1 day 2:22
Russian Dolls: Post-Soviet Pensioners In Miniature
Elderly people waiting at bus stops, walking their dogs, or watching TV in dreary apartments -- these are some of the lifelike miniature scenes created by Russian artist Irina Verkhgradskaya. 14 Oct 2019, 15:46
2 days 1:06
Serbian Protesters Paint Public TV
An anti-government march took place in Serbia's capital, Belgrade, for a 45th Saturday in a row on October 12. 13 Oct 2019, 15:30
2 days 0:23
Kosovo Vote Count Suspended After Health Incident
Kosovo's Central Election Commission has temporarily suspended the counting of expatriate votes in parliamentary elections after several election workers complained of health problems. 13 Oct 2019, 14:24
4 days 3:01
Slain Afghan Soldier 'Took All His Dreams To The Grave'
The family of a slain Afghan soldier comes to terms with their sudden loss. Originally published at - rferl.org/a/slain-afghan-soldier-took-all-his-dreams-to-the-grave-/30212215.html | 11 Oct 2019, 17:17
4 days 2:17
Presidential Press-athon: Zelenskiy Answers Questions For 14 Hours Straight
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy recently has been in the news a lot, but he took journalists questions head-on in a marathon press event in Kyiv on October 10 -- for 14 hours. 11 Oct 2019, 16:14
4 days 2:28
Iranian Women Cheer Right To Attend Soccer Game
Emotions ran high at a soccer game in Tehran. For thousands of female fans, it was the first professional game they'd been allowed to attend in their lives. 11 Oct 2019, 15:27
4 days 1:16
Daughter Of Jailed British-Iranian Woman Returns To U.K.
The five-year-old daughter of a British-Iranian woman jailed in Tehran since 2016 has arrived back in Britain. 11 Oct 2019, 15:05
4 days 1:10
Kosovo's Election Winner Says Peace Impossible Unless Serbia Faces Its Past
Albin Kurti, the leader of Kosovo's leftist-nationalist Vetevendosje (Self-Determination) party that won a plurality of votes in parliamentary elections, said that dialogue with Serbia has to | 11 Oct 2019, 8:46
1 537
5 days 4:44
Ukrainian Campaigns For Migrants' Rights In Polish Election
Myroslava Keryk was born and raised in Ukraine, but now lives in Warsaw and is running in Poland's parliamentary election on October 13 promising to represent the interests of all migrants, not just | 10 Oct 2019, 16:11
5 days 2:14
Georgia's Most Dangerous Road: Careful When You Drive
In winter, it's impassable. In summer, it's one of the deadliest roads in Georgia, lined with memorials to the victims of accidents. 10 Oct 2019, 16:09
5 days 1:05
Belgrade's Victor Monument Taken Down For Repairs
A landmark standing above Serbia's capital, Belgrade, has been taken away for repairs. 10 Oct 2019, 15:48
5 days 1:15
Zelenskiy: 'No Blackmail' In Trump Call
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said at a news conference in Kyiv on October 10 he didn’t know military aid from the United States had been held up before a phone call with President Donald | 10 Oct 2019, 12:19
6 days 3:00
Looking For A War: Ex-U.S. Solider Detained In Ukraine On Florida Murder Charges
A former U.S. soldier is facing possible extradition from Ukraine to face murder and robbery charges in Florida. 9 Oct 2019, 17:48
6 days 5:31
Berlin '89: Brothers Against The Wall
Two brothers, reunited after years of being separated by the Berlin Wall, began a campaign of radical action -- armed with 12 empty beer bottles, a canister of kerosene, and an 8mm video camera. 9 Oct 2019, 13:11
6 days 2:12
'A Dire Need To Survive' Drives Kosovo Roma To Risky Recycling
Faced with discrimination, many among Kosovo's Romany population make a living by selling scrap to recycling companies. The job is poorly paid and risky, but one of the few they can find. 9 Oct 2019, 12:41
6 days 29:35
How Two German Brothers Started Destroying The Berlin Wall
Armed with 12 empty beer bottles, a canister of kerosene, and an 8mm video camera, two brothers hit back at the Berlin Wall. 9 Oct 2019, 12:13
6 days 1:16
Azerbaijani Police Block Sanctioned Rally
Authorities prevented protesters from gathering for an authorized rally in support of the right to freedom of assembly in the Azerbaijani capital on October 8. 9 Oct 2019, 7:57
7 days 3:34
Dying To Keep A Language Alive: Scholar's Suicide Shakes Udmurtia
Albert Razin, a scholar and activist in the Russian region of Udmurtia, set himself on fire in front of the local parliament building in September and died shortly afterwards. 8 Oct 2019, 15:08
7 days 1:09
Kardashians Draw A Crowd In Yerevan Before Children's Baptism
Armenian-American media star Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney were chased by crowds of fans and journalists during a visit to the ancestral homeland. 8 Oct 2019, 11:03
7 days 1:43
'Hand-to-Mouth': Struggling Afghan Teacher Honored By His Students
Students around the world honored their favorite mentors on World Teacher's Day, October 5. 8 Oct 2019, 8:52
8 days 0:54
Opposition Party Supporters Celebrate Election Success In Kosovo
Supporters of Kosovo's Self-Determination party celebrated in Pristina after a snap parliamentary election on October 6 appeared to unseat the ruling party. 7 Oct 2019, 9:06
9 days 0:15
Polls Close In Kosovo Elections
Voting has ended in Kosovo's snap parliamentary elections. Shortly after polling stations closed at 7 p.m. 6 Oct 2019, 18:57
9 days 1:05
Ukrainian Protesters Decry Donbas Election Plan
Thousands of Ukrainians have rallied in the capital, Kyiv, against the government's plan to hold local elections in parts of the eastern Donbas region that are controlled by Russia-backed separatists. 6 Oct 2019, 17:07
9 days 1:09
Polling Stations Open For Kosovo's Early Parliamentary Elections
Kosovars are going to the polls on October 6. 6 Oct 2019, 12:22
11 days 7:17
Calling Kyiv: Ukrainians Caught Up In Trump Impeachment Battle
Ukraine has been thrust into a major U.S. 4 Oct 2019, 18:38
11 days 1:15
Deadly Plane Crash In Western Ukraine
A chartered plane crashed near the Ukrainian city of Lviv on October 4, killing five people. Ukrainian authorities said the An-12 aircraft was carrying seven crew members and one passenger. 4 Oct 2019, 17:26
2 747
11 days 3:05
Maimed By Taliban For Voting, Afghan Man Returns To The Polls
In 2014, Taliban militants kidnapped 25-year-old Reza Khoshnood Khurami and cut off parts of two of his fingers that were stained with ink from a polling station. 4 Oct 2019, 15:00
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