1 hour 4:21
Why Are Russian Spy Planes In The Sky Over Washington?
Russian and NATO spy planes regularly fly over each other’s territories, photographing military equipment and monitoring where forces are located. 11 Dec 2019, 17:51
3 hours 1:52
Drone Footage Shows Abandoned Bosnian Migrant Camp
Authorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina have moved migrants from a controversial camp on its northwestern border to a temporary facility near the capital, Sarajevo, after the Council of Europe warned | 11 Dec 2019, 15:54
1 day 2:03
Trump Impeachment Charges Announced
Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives have announced two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. 10 Dec 2019, 15:55
1 day 1:02
Bosnia Begins Closing Migrant Camp
Bosnian authorities have begun busing people from a makeshift migrant camp in the northwest of the country, following international criticism of conditions there. 10 Dec 2019, 14:10
1 day 1:02
Partial Progress At First Putin-Zelenskiy Meeting
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy met for the first time on December 9 in Paris, pledging a prisoner swap and full implementation of the 2015 Minsk | 10 Dec 2019, 11:13
2 days 1:02
Putin, Zelenskiy Meet In Bid To Bring Peace To Eastern Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, met in Paris for long-awaited talks on resolving the military conflict in eastern Ukraine. 9 Dec 2019, 17:11
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2 days 2:49
Russians Win 'Cheese Oscar' In International Competition
Elvira Kovtun made her first cheese four years ago in a pot in her kitchen after President Vladimir Putin banned Western imports in reaction to sanctions over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 9 Dec 2019, 10:40
2 days 1:13
Ukrainian Protesters Warn About Appeasing Russia
Thousands joined a December 8 rally in Kyiv to demand a tough stance on Russia ahead of peace talks in Paris that seek an end to the five-year war between Ukrainian government forces and | 8 Dec 2019, 19:39
3 days 0:41
Serbian Anti-Government Protests Enter Second Year
Serbian anti-government protesters chanted "Uprising!" and symbolically knocked on the doors of the Serbian parliament, as thousands joined the Belgrade rally on December 7, the 53rd straight | 8 Dec 2019, 17:53
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4 days 1:50
Hundreds Protest In Minsk Against Union With Russia
Hundreds of people marched through the Belarusian capital on December 7 to protest plans of tighter union with Russia amid increasing pressure by Moscow on Minsk for further integration. 7 Dec 2019, 18:02
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5 days 1:56
Russian Activist Blogger Gets Suspended Sentence After Anti-Putin Videos
A popular Russian blogger has received a suspended three-year sentence for "inciting extremism on the Internet" in his calls for protests against President Vladimir Putin and his government. 6 Dec 2019, 16:16
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6 days 1:06
Vox Pop: What Belarusians Think Of Possible Unification With Russia
RFE/RL asked people in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, on December 3 if they want to live in one country with Russia. 5 Dec 2019, 18:02
7 days 2:37
'Free The Nipples': Feminist Art Censored In Kyrgyzstan
It was supposed to be an art exhibit celebrating female freedom of expression in Kyrgyzstan. 4 Dec 2019, 19:23
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7 days 5:31
How To Steal An Election
Let’s say you're working for an authoritarian government, and you want to cause chaos in an unfriendly democratic country. What could be a more delicious target than the voting process itself? 4 Dec 2019, 14:27
7 days 2:57
Barbie Gets Trashy Makeover By Ukrainian Filmmaker
A Ukrainian filmmaker has used nonrecyclable toothbrushes, plastic bags, and other trash to build the set for a new cartoon in which a plastic Barbie doll faces an apocalyptic future. 4 Dec 2019, 13:50
7 days 5:41
Why Hacking U.S. Elections Is So Easy
Let’s say you run an authoritarian government, and you want to cause chaos in a democratic country. What’s an easy target? How about the voting process? Hacking U.S. 4 Dec 2019, 13:27
8 days 3:00
Uzbek Energy Crisis Sparks Protests
Uzbeks say the country is experiencing one of its worst energy crises, with cars lining up all night for LPG fuel and homes without gas or power. 3 Dec 2019, 17:16
8 days 3:44
Latest Historical Dispute In Prague Inflames Czechs And Russians
The mayor of a Prague district proposed building a monument to a controversial World War II military division made up of Soviet defectors. Russia objected. 3 Dec 2019, 16:51
8 days 1:03
Trump Attacks Macron's 'Very Nasty' NATO Comment
U.S. President Donald Trump said that French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent comment that NATO is “brain-dead” was very insulting to the military alliance’s members. 3 Dec 2019, 16:24
8 days 2:51
From Russia, For Love: Uzbeks Work Abroad To Pay For Weddings
Uzbekistan's president has warned citizens not to go into debt to pay for traditional weddings. One Uzbek man has spent 19 years working in Russia and saving for the marriages of his three children. 3 Dec 2019, 15:06
8 days 4:56
Black Market Labor: Swedish Identity Scheme Exposed
An investigation by RFE/RL and Swedish network TV4 has uncovered a shadowy scheme used to provide immigrants with official tax-authority numbers enabling them to illegally gain employment. 3 Dec 2019, 9:35
8 days 4:59
Black Market Labor: Swedish Identity Scam Exposed
An investigation by RFE/RL and Swedish network TV4 has uncovered a shadowy scam used to provide illegal immigrants with official tax-authority numbers enabling them to gain employment. 2 Dec 2019, 20:09
9 days 2:27
Making Music With Matchsticks
Meet the Ukrainian craftsman who makes musical instruments out of matchsticks. Originally published at - rferl.org/a/making-music-with-matchsticks/30303512.html | 2 Dec 2019, 14:14
9 days 4:50
Showdown In Dresden: The Stasi Occupation And The Putin Myth
Thirty years ago, thousands of people occupied the regional headquarters of East Germany’s secret police, the Stasi, in Dresden, to prevent secret files being destroyed. 2 Dec 2019, 8:52
10 days 1:01
Serbia's Weekly Anti-Government Rallies Mark One Year
Thousands have marched in Belgrade against the government every Saturday -- now for one year. 1 Dec 2019, 14:50
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Funerals Take Place For Albanian Quake Victims
Eleven earthquake victims have been buried in the Albanian village of Thumane. Relatives mourned the coffins of six Cara family members, who died during the earthquake. 29 Nov 2019, 16:22
12 days 1:06
Clear-Up Continues In Albanian Quake Village
The clear-up following a devastating earthquake in Albania, which killed at least 49 people, is continuing. In the village of Thumane, 23 fatalities have been confirmed so far. 29 Nov 2019, 12:13
12 days 2:32
Tajik Woman Makes Her Feet Do The Hard Work
Saodat Khojaeva, 40, from southern Tajikistan, was born with only one deformed arm. She uses her legs to do house chores, including cooking, cleaning, and looking after her three children. 29 Nov 2019, 11:28
13 days 1:39
Chinese, Serbian Police Hold Joint Exercise
Chinese special police units joined Serbian police at a counterterroism exercise at a Chinese-owned steel factory in Smederevo, eastern Serbia. 28 Nov 2019, 19:02
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13 days 0:34
Macron: NATO's Enemy Is Terrorism, Not Russia Or China
French President Emmanuel Macron has urged NATO leaders to review the alliance's strategy ahead of the NATO summit in London next week and focus on the threat from terrorism rather than Russia. 28 Nov 2019, 15:45
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