11 hours 28:04
Violence in Central America with Oscar Martinez
Chris Hedges discusses with journalist Oscar Martinez the culture of violence in Central America. Martinez’s most recent book is A History of Violence – living and dying in Central America. 14 Dec 2019, 23:00
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1 day 9:24
Heated debate: Why GOP and Dems are so far apart.
RT America's Rachel Blevins reports that the House Judiciary Committee has cleared the way for the impeachment of President Trump. 14 Dec 2019, 1:30
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1 day 4:09
Top 14 stories media ignored.
Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp joins Rick Sanchez to talk about the most censored stories of the year. How many did Rick cover? 14 Dec 2019, 0:30
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1 day 28:03
Why investors don't believe Trump/China deal. (full show)
RT America's Boom Bust team, Christy Ai and Ben Swann, join Rick Sanchez to discuss why markets haven't responded to news that a trade deal has been reached between the US and China. 14 Dec 2019, 0:00
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1 day 2:54
CNN brags about beauty pageant sponsors choosing all black winners
They're all winners in my eyes! 13 Dec 2019, 23:30
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1 day 3:53
Exclusive: Ovechkin describes his golf hole in one.
It's time for Jock Talk! Rick Sanchez and RT America's "Sports HQ" team, Steve Christakos and Regina Ham, go through the week's highlights and lowlights from the world of sports. 13 Dec 2019, 23:15
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1 day 3:36
VIDEO: Epic surfing wipe-outs at Jaws Big Wave event
In Euroleague basketball, city rivals Fenerbahce Istanbul and Anadolu Efes faced off in Turkey. 13 Dec 2019, 23:00
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1 day 5:23
New global concern: Knowing fact from opinion. Do you?
Rick Sanchez discusses why 90% of US students can't tell the difference between fact and opinion. 13 Dec 2019, 22:48
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1 day 3:47
US Hockey Hall of Fame honors growth of sport from Ovechkin to Wendell
The U.S Hockey Hall of Fame inducted five new members during the annual event, hosted this year by the Washington Capitals in Washington, D.C. 13 Dec 2019, 22:30
1 day 26:29
Jesse Ventura: “These were the biggest stories of 2019.”
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos host a special year in review, highlighting the biggest stories of 2019 including world-wide protests against neoliberalism, the arrest of Julian Assange, the | 13 Dec 2019, 22:00
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1 day 28:35
FULL SHOW: Epstein accuser faces ‘death threats’ – FBI
Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Duchess Sarah Ferguson, has opened up about deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's ties to the UK royal family. 13 Dec 2019, 21:49
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1 day 3:11
Assange blocked from seeing extradition evidence – lawyers
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared Friday for a court hearing, during which his lawyers said he has not seen any evidence in the US extradition case against him. 13 Dec 2019, 20:00
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1 day 3:08
Pentagon silent on how far once-banned missile can go
The Pentagon has conducted its first test with a missile once banned by the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. RT America’s Sayeh Tavangar reports. 13 Dec 2019, 19:30
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1 day 6:42
Trump mum on trade deal details as impeachment advances – Ben Swann
The United States and China have finally struck a deal, signaling a step toward ending their almost 18-month trade war. Investigative journalist Ben Swann breaks down the details. 13 Dec 2019, 19:00
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1 day 6:34
Exxon paid millions to lie to ‘entire world’ on climate – Nick Brana
New York state’s lawsuit against Exxon on the claim that the fossil fuel giant deceived investors about the impacts of climate change ended in Exxon’s favor. 13 Dec 2019, 18:28
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1 day 4:20
BREAKING: Trump impeachment moves to Senate
The US House of Representatives voted Friday morning on two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump after 14 hours of debate on Thursday. RT America’s Rachel Blevins has the latest. 13 Dec 2019, 17:37
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1 day 5:09
Surge in retail theft: Opioid crisis to blame?
Home Depot executives are blaming this year's epidemic of theft on the opioid crisis, saying the “organized retail crime activity” has gotten so bad that next year's profits will be affected. 13 Dec 2019, 14:00
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2 days 5:19
Media bias: Why Putin-Ukraine deal gets no coverage
Rick Sanchez and Ruben Navarrette dive into the Media Muddle to discuss why the media chooses war hawks to discuss the possibility of war, why they ignored the peace deal signed between Russia and | 13 Dec 2019, 3:00
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2 days 4:35
FAA knew that crashed airliner wasn't safe
Rick Sanchez talks to Jamie Finch, former Director of GAPAFA at NTSB, about the Federal Aviation Authority knowing about the problems with Boeing's 737 MAX before a deadly crash forced the plane out | 13 Dec 2019, 2:30
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2 days 27:55
FULL SHOW: What Boris Johnson's big win really means
UK election results appear to show a walloping for Labour and a big win for Tories. RT Correspondent Alex Mihailovich reports on the latest exit polls and what this means for a looming Brexit. 13 Dec 2019, 1:53
34 312
2 days 9:43
Priests raped deaf boys: Hear what insider says
Thomas Doyle, a former priest and one of the world's most renowned crusaders against child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, talks to Rick about "the thick blanket of secrecy" that envelops the | 13 Dec 2019, 1:30
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2 days 3:36
10 Ex-NFL players fake sick, charged with fraud by DOJ
In Badminton, the BWF World Tour Finals saw World number two Chou Tien Chen came from one game down to defeat Victor Axelsen While Antony Ginting won his match versus Chen Long to keep his | 13 Dec 2019, 1:15
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2 days 28:56
Will Dems pay political price for impeachments push?
Will impeaching Donald Trump cost democrats in 2020? Larry talks with political experts, including a former congresswoman who voted to impeach President Richard Nixon. 13 Dec 2019, 1:00
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2 days 3:43
Ex-Monsanto chief subpoenaed for Roundup cancer trial
Former Monsanto chairman Hugh Grant has been ordered to testify at a trial concerning weedkiller RoundUp and its alleged link to cancer. 13 Dec 2019, 0:30
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2 days 4:11
WATCH: Surfer Kelly Slater gets perfect 10 at Pipe Masters
Swedish Striker and Ex-LA Galaxy striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic had his statue vandalized once again outside of Malmo Stadium. 13 Dec 2019, 0:15
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2 days 7:36
UK elections: Exit polls show Boris victory
After polls across the UK closed, exit polls showed a victory for PM Boris Johnson's Conservatives. 12 Dec 2019, 23:45
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2 days 6:29
Trump impeachment: Whistleblower to testify in Senate?
Lawyers for the whistleblower who started the impeachment process are preparing for possible testimony in the Senate. 12 Dec 2019, 23:15
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2 days 28:34
FULL SHOW: Trump’s executive order slams BDS movement
US President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that threatens to withhold federal funding from educational institutions that fail to oppose an expanded definition of anti-Semitism. 12 Dec 2019, 23:00
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2 days 4:02
Europe opens door to China's giant Huawei
Huawei Technologies Inc. 12 Dec 2019, 22:54
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2 days 4:14
Where are GOP talking heads on big networks - Steve Malzberg
While Democrats dominate the political media landscape, some Republicans have made it big on cable networks. 12 Dec 2019, 22:30
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