4 days 12:38
Problematic 737 Max Jets SHELVED Until 2020
Holland Cooke is joined by former NTSB official Jamie Finch to break down what the suspension of Boeing’s 737 MAX flagship aircraft into 2020 means for the aviation industry. 13 Sep 2019, 21:30
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4 days 13:08
Never-Ending War in Afghanistan…And For WHAT?
Holland Cooke talks with former U.S. Marine and State Department official Matthew Hoh about his experience being deployed to Iraq and as a whistleblower for the war in Afghanistan. 13 Sep 2019, 20:53
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11 days 11:20
Legacy of 9/11: An UNPATRIOTIC ACT
Holland Cooke sits down with constitutional attorney, author, and founder of The Rutherford Institute John Whitehead to talk about the far-reaching ramifications of legislation enacted following | 6 Sep 2019, 19:22
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11 days 14:35
Countries Worldwide Ready to DUMP America?
Holland Cooke hosts a panel discussion with former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and chief economist of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff. The trio tackle the U.S. 6 Sep 2019, 19:20
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18 days 15:04
100th Big Picture Highlight Reel!
In commemoration of our one-hundredth episode, Holland Cooke reprises hot-button issues with a whole gallery of guests that have appeared on the show. 30 Aug 2019, 20:30
18 days 11:30
SCRAMBLING to Protect Our Data From Big Tech
Holland Cooke talks shop with investigative journalist Ben Swann about the COLOSSAL market for our data which is being propelled by tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. 30 Aug 2019, 20:00
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25 days 12:04
Identity Theft 2.0 – A Frightening Evolution
Holland Cooke discusses with cybersecurity expert Steven Weisman our ever-growing concerns over identity theft. 23 Aug 2019, 19:30
25 days 14:32
A Nation of Immigrants: RESTRICTIONS APPLY
Holland Cooke sits down with Daniel Brito, host of RT America’s “Boom Bust,” to break down President Trump’s new “public charge” rule concerning immigrants applying for social welfare programs like | 23 Aug 2019, 18:54
32 days 12:34
Media Legacy of the Woodstock Generation
Holland Cooke talks shop with radio programming consultant Jay Clark and publisher of Talkers Magazine Michael Harrison about lasting impacts the Woodstock generation has had on our world today | 16 Aug 2019, 19:46
32 days 13:28
Horrors in Hiroshima to Nuclear Nonchalance Now?
Holland Cooke sits down with American University professor Peter Kuznick to break down his recent visits to Hiroshima and Nagaski for their respective observances of the atomic bombings in 1945. 16 Aug 2019, 19:46
39 days 14:27
5 Years Since Ferguson: ARE We Safer Now?
Holland Cooke hosts a panel discussion between civil rights activist Perry Redd and retired DC police officer Ronald Hampton to unpack just what’s been done regarding police accountability and use | 9 Aug 2019, 21:00
39 days 11:57
Travelers Beware: USA Now High-Risk Destination
Holland Cooke discusses with World BEYOND War executive director David Swanson the exact implications the American gun epidemic is having overseas. 9 Aug 2019, 20:49
46 days 13:10
OVERLY Intimate With Amazon’s Alexa?
Holland Cooke hosts a panel discussion between legal & media analyst Lionel and radio host Dave Graveline about the inherent privacy risks of a ‘smart home’ INUNDATED with technology that’s | 2 Aug 2019, 19:30
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46 days 13:17
Governor Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura Puts Smackdown On Trump
Holland Cooke talks shop with former Minnesota Governor, actor, author, and wrestler Jesse Ventura about our current tumultuous state of affairs under the Trump administration. 2 Aug 2019, 18:47
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53 days 13:06
Painting Over History: Political Correctness Run Amok?
Holland Cooke discusses with author and UC Berkeley scholar Dr. Gray Brechin the proposed removal of a mural from George Washington High School in San Francisco. 26 Jul 2019, 22:00
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53 days 12:26
Just How Did the U.S. End Up Sparring With Iran?
Holland Cooke sits down with political activist and historian Sahar Morano to understand what factors, historical and recent, have created the hot mess engulfing foreign relations between the U.S. 26 Jul 2019, 21:01
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60 days 12:23
Apollo 11..50 Years Later!
Fifty years ago, the biggest news story in history: Man sets foot on the moon! What have we learned and what’s the future of NASA? 19 Jul 2019, 21:00
60 days 12:56
The Immigration crisis! How Did We Get Here?
The Immigration Crisis! Most of what you see and hear and read elsewhere seems to be the consequence of failed policy. 19 Jul 2019, 20:00
67 days 11:20
Have We Lost The Fight Against Plastic Pollution?
Holland Cooke discusses whether we’ve lost the fight against plastic pollution in the ocean with Author Bron Taylor, an environmental studies scholar at the University of Florida and a Fellow at | 12 Jul 2019, 21:00
67 days 14:12
Will the U.S. Strike Iran? & Los Angeles Earthquakes And The Dangers of Their Aftermath
Amid confrontations in the crowded Persian Gulf, is there hope for resetting the JCPOA nuclear deal, even as it’s falling apart? 12 Jul 2019, 20:00
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74 days 12:34
2019 Politics Half Time Report
Holland Cooke discusses top stories in politics for 2019 with with Attorney and Former Florida Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceasar and New York radio and TV pundit Steve Malzberg. 5 Jul 2019, 19:30
74 days 12:00
How to Cope with Stress in the Workplace
Stress is the number one workplace health problem, ahead of physical inactivity and obesity. But how can you cope? Holland speaks with Mark Rutherford, a licensed psychotherapist and TED talk speaker. 5 Jul 2019, 18:30
81 day 12:12
The Flint Water Crisis; It’s Not Over!
Few American communities feel more betrayed by their state than Flint, Michigan, as the Water Crisis continues. But will Justice be finally done? 28 Jun 2019, 20:15
81 day 12:47
Sex Based Segregation & Fairness in Sports
Protecting Sex Segregation and Fairness in Law & Sports In the Age of Gender Identity. 28 Jun 2019, 19:43
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88 days 12:45
Rethinking Rare Earths & What To Do With Air Pollution Disease?
Holland Cooke talks to professor of economics at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing John Gong about the U.S. 21 Jun 2019, 21:11
88 days 11:39
Is a U.S. Iran War Imminent?
On this week’s Big Picture, RT’s Holland Cooke talks to Virginia State Senator Richard Black about tensions in Persian Gulf, and if the war between U.S. and Iran is imminent. 21 Jun 2019, 21:08
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95 days 12:17
Gulf Of Oman Tanker Attacks: Is Iran Being Set Up?
Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and American University History Professor Peter Kuznick discuss the latest on Iran after the U.S accuses them for the recent tanker bombing in the Gulf of Oman. 14 Jun 2019, 20:06
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95 days 11:52
Julian Assange Facing U.S. Charges!
Chris Hedges, veteran correspondent, Author, and host of ‘On Contact,’ discusses the recent arrest of Julian Assange, who is currently in London facing extradition to the United States. 14 Jun 2019, 20:03
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07.06.19 12:28
Millennial Malaise: biological clock vs climate change clock
For some millennials, climate change clock ticks louder than biological one. 7 Jun 2019, 19:13
07.06.19 12:49
Who owns the Arctic?
On this week’s Big Picture, RT’s Holland Cooke talks to University of Calgary Professor Rob Huebert and former Pentagon official Michael Maloof about the increasing US-Russia military competition in | 7 Jun 2019, 19:12
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