4 hours 1:17
Fears for Putin's health after he shook hands with Russian doctor who now has COVID-19
FEARS have been raised for Vladimir Putin’s health after he shook hands with Russia’s top coronavirus doctor, who has now tested positive for the disease. 31 Mar 2020, 18:30
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5 hours 1:50
UK COVID-19 death rate doubles as 381 die in 24 hours and 25,150 positive cases
UK coronavirus death rate doubles as 381 including teen, 19, with no health problems die in 24 hours. 31 Mar 2020, 17:30
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5 hours 58:15
Michael Gove and government officials give coronavirus daily briefing - Replay
Michael Gove and government officials deliver daily briefing providing an update on the COVID-19 outbreak in the United Kingdom. 31 Mar 2020, 17:27
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7 hours 9:46
Coronavirus explained: COVID-19 myths busted and your questions answered
As coronavirus spreads around the globe, unusual ways to prevent infection have been widely circulated on social media. 31 Mar 2020, 15:30
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9 hours 1:08
New York City field hospital built in Central Park to tackle surge in COVID-19 patients
LARGE white triage tents now dominate part of Central Park, where they have been urgently set up to help New York City cope with COVID-19 patients. 31 Mar 2020, 14:10
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10 hours 1:07
Spain’s coronavirus death toll soars by 849 in a day as deadly outbreak races out of control
CORONAVIRUS has claimed the lives of 849 people in Spain in 24 hours setting a disturbing new record. The country has a death toll of 8,189 making it the second-worst hit in the world behind Italy. 31 Mar 2020, 13:06
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11 hours 3:15
'We survived the Blitz, we'll survive COVID-19' elderly give up-beat message from care home
'I can see the Blitz spirit again!' These elderly people in a Chichester care home give inspiring messages about the COVID-19 crisis. 31 Mar 2020, 11:54
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13 hours 1:50
Police on coronavirus lockdown 'went a bit further than they should've gone'
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps on cops policing the COVID-19 lockdown said: "They perhaps went a bit further than they should've gone." But they have been asked to do a difficult job, something | 31 Mar 2020, 10:21
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14 hours 2:44
Donald Trump reveals five-minute coronavirus test device
President Donald Trump has revealed a new Covid-19 testing device that can produce a result in five minutes. 31 Mar 2020, 8:46
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15 hours 2:27
How Germany flattened the COVID-19 curve whilst global cases sore over 700k
Europe has been described by the WHO as the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak worldwide. However, there is one country with fewer deaths than all other major European countries: Germany. 31 Mar 2020, 7:30
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1 day 1:26:06
Trump administration gives update on the Covid-19 pandemic with the Coronavirus Task Force
Members of the Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters as the US battles the the Covid-19 pandemic From Brexit breaking news to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the latest news videos | 30 Mar 2020, 23:02
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1 day 2:16
NHS boss warns 9,000 coronavirus patients already hospitalised as staff finish Nightingale facility
CEO of the National Health Service Sir Simon Stevens has praised doctors, nurses and COVID-19 volunteers as he opened the new Nightingale hospital in London's ExCeL Centre as NHS boss warns 9,000 30 Mar 2020, 21:46
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1 day 41:51
Dominic Raab and government officials gives coronavirus daily briefing - Replay in full
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and government hold a daily briefing to provide an update on the coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom. 30 Mar 2020, 17:24
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1 day 5:33
Donald Trump refuses to pay for Harry and Meghan's security after they move to Hollywood
PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle have revealed their US security will be "privately funded" after Trump refused to foot the bill. 30 Mar 2020, 16:50
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1 day 14:17
Coronavirus Explained: How long could the UK Covid-19 lockdown last?
Monday marks a full week of Covid-19 lockdown in the UK. So, as the country adjusts to the coronavirus crisis, how long is it likely to last? 30 Mar 2020, 15:19
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1 day 1:13
Commuters continue to pack onto Underground for a second week despite Covid-19 lockdown
AN NHS nurse has slammed the "dangerous" Tube as Londoners continue to cram onto carriages for a second week during the coronavirus lockdown. 30 Mar 2020, 14:38
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1 day 2:22
All EasyJet flights grounded from COVID-19 crisis as cabin grew sign up to NHS
The Sun's Travel Editor Lisa Minot explains why EasyJet has grounded all flights and what customers can do if they want a refund. 30 Mar 2020, 13:30
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1 day 1:16
Queen's footman who served her food and drinks tests positive for coronavirus
A ROYAL footman in regular contact with the Queen has tested positive for coronavirus — raising fresh fears for Her Majesty. 30 Mar 2020, 12:33
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1 day 1:22
Dominic Cummings joins Boris and Hancock in self isolation as cases reach 700k worldwide
Boris Johnson’s chief advisor Dominic Cummings is now the latest government official to self-isolate after displaying symptoms of coronavirus. 30 Mar 2020, 11:00
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1 day 2:52
Elton John, Billie Eilish more stars sing from home for the Covid-19 iHeartRadio charity concert
Billie Eilish sang on her sofa, Elton John played a keyboard belonging to his children, and the Backstreet Boys sang in harmony from five locations as dozens of musicians put on a fundraiser for | 30 Mar 2020, 9:08
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1 day 2:03:07
US President Donald Trump gives his daily coronavirus briefing
Members of the USA's Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters at the White House Read more Coronavirus rescue package with $1,200 checks PASSES in House after Trump blasted rogue Republican Massie | 30 Mar 2020, 0:35
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2 days 2:01
President Donald Trump extends US social distancing guidelines until April 30
PRESIDENT Donald Trump has extended the social distancing guidelines in the United States until April 30th. 29 Mar 2020, 22:57
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2 days 2:25
PM Boris Johnson sounds upbeat and well in his latest video despite suffering from coronavirus
The Prime Minister sounds well and upbeat in thanking the nation for their efforts in the coronavirus pandemic. He post a video statement from home in quarantine. 29 Mar 2020, 19:51
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2 days 1:52
UK coronavirus restrictions could last six months, warns deputy chief medical officer
THE UK's coronavirus restrictions could last for six months, the deputy chief medical officer warned today. 29 Mar 2020, 17:37
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2 days 1:59
'Death on an industrial scale' in northern Italy coronavirus crisis
A priest in the town of Seriate in northern Italy explains how he's dealing with death on a scale he could never have imagined since the coronavirus pandemic began. 29 Mar 2020, 16:24
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2 days 57:26
UK government daily briefing on coronavirus outbreak
UK government officials health officials hold a daily briefing to update on the coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom. 29 Mar 2020, 15:55
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2 days 2:39
Woman in hospital with coronavirus in 'horrific pain that brought me to my knees'
Boris Johnson has written to 28 million British households, warning things will "get worse before they get better". 29 Mar 2020, 15:01
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2 days 4:15
Russia and China's COVID-19 myths debunked as virus cases rise over 600k
Does coronavirus actually exist? Did it originate from a US army base? Is it no worse than the flu? Did China from the start handle the virus outbreak swiftly and effectively? 29 Mar 2020, 14:04
112 485
2 days 6:21
Michael Gove on PM's letter outlining 'stronger' lockdown measures if needed
Boris Johnson has written to Britain’s 28million households pledging to help them beat the virus pandemic. The PM wrote: "Things to get worse before they get better". 29 Mar 2020, 11:53
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2 days 4:26
NHS doctor's concern as UK coronavirus death toll surpasses 1,000
NHS doctor Dr David Bull on new Covid-19 testing, how his frontline colleagues don't have enough personal protective equipment which puts them in danger when treating people with the deadly bug, and | 29 Mar 2020, 9:00
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