4 hours 5:16
Psychiatrists Warns Congress About Dangers Of Trump’s Declining Mental State
A group of several hundred psychiatrists and mental health professionals have sent a letter to Congress urging them take Donald Trump’s declining mental state seriously, and also warning of the | 8 Dec 2019, 22:00
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5 hours 5:45
Joe Biden Is The Hillary Clinton Of The 2020 Election
Joe Biden might still be the frontrunner in most polls, but he isn’t the candidate who can beat Donald Trump. 8 Dec 2019, 21:00
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6 hours 5:19
Farmer Hurt By Trump’s Trade War Challenges Jim Jordan For House Seat
A farmer in Ohio who has been financially harmed by Donald Trump’s trade war has decided that he’s had enough of the Republican Party and he’s going to challenge Republican Jim Jordan for his House | 8 Dec 2019, 20:00
39 165
8 hours 5:13
Judge Says Detained Migrants Can Sue Private Prison For Using Them As Slave Labor
A judge recently ruled that a lawsuit brought by detained migrants against private prison company GEO Group can move forward. 8 Dec 2019, 18:00
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9 hours 4:49
Stock Market Tanks After Trump Says Trade War Will Drag On
Donald Trump loves to brag about how awesome the stock market is, but he’s also responsible for some of the worst days that the market has had since he took office. 8 Dec 2019, 17:00
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1 day 4:03
Trump Puts Rudy Giuliani In A “Fox News Timeout” After Embarrassing Him
Donald Trump has finally listened to those closest to him, and several Republicans have told Vanity Fair that Giuliani is in a “timeout” from being allowed to appear on Fox News. 7 Dec 2019, 22:00
25 317
1 day 4:06
Trump Gives $400 Million Border Wall Contract To Guy He Saw On Fox News
Donald Trump can’t function without Fox News, and that seems to be where he’s getting all of his ideas. 7 Dec 2019, 21:00
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1 day 4:37
Republican Leadership Committee Failing After Putting 24-Year-Old In Charge
The Republican State Leadership Committee thought that they could attract more young voters by actually putting a young, inexperienced person in charge of the entire committee. 7 Dec 2019, 20:00
66 362
1 day 6:39
Twitter Bans Political Ads For 2020 Election & Fracking Blocked In California
Via America’s Lawyer: Twitter has changed its terms of service, now banning ads that target specific political parties and candidates. Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss. 7 Dec 2019, 19:00
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1 day 4:40
China Wants Trump To Win 2020 Because “He’s Easy To Read”
It didn’t take long for foreign governments to figure out how Donald Trump works, and some of them are hoping that he pulls out a victory in the 2020 election because he’s so very easy to read. 7 Dec 2019, 18:00
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2 days 7:00
Lawsuit Accuses Nordstrom Of Running “Fake Sale” Scheme
Sign up for Top Class Actions' FREE weekly newsletter: topclassactions.com A class action lawsuit recently removed to federal court claims that Nordstrom advertises fake sales at its | 6 Dec 2019, 23:00
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2 days 4:15
Devin Nunes Should Be Investigated As Co-Conspirator In Ukraine Scandal
Republican Representative Devin Nunes can no longer deny his involvement in the efforts by the President to extort the Ukrainian government for dirt on Joe Biden. 6 Dec 2019, 22:00
25 586
2 days 4:10
Former Playboy Model Who Had Affair With Trump Sues Tucker Carlson For Defamation
Former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal has filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News host Tucker Carlson, after Carlson claimed that she was just out to ruin Trump’s career by threatening to go | 6 Dec 2019, 21:00
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2 days 3:48
Rudy Giuliani AGAIN Admits That Trump Is Guilty
Rudy Giuliani is REALLY trying to make sure that no one can ever take the title of “Worst Lawyer Ever” from him. 6 Dec 2019, 20:00
135 483
2 days 10:22
Isolated Timeout Incidents Found To Be Illegal & Nestlé Wants To Steal MORE Fresh Water
Via America’s Lawyer: RT correspondent Brigida Santos joins Mike Papantonio to explain an Illinois investigation that reveals tens of thousands of schoolchildren, some as young as FIVE, are being | 6 Dec 2019, 19:00
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2 days 4:05
30 West Virginia Officers Suspended After Giving Nazi Salute In Photo
30 West Virginia Officers Suspended After Giving Nazi Salute In Photo   A group of 30 West Virginia correctional officer trainees have been suspended and are under investigation after an official | 6 Dec 2019, 18:00
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2 days 6:27
Joe Biden Goes Berserk And Challenges Man To Push Up Contest
Get 10% off "Impeach: The Card Slap Game" US customers go to tinyurl.com/y5fkcpsg and use code RINGOFFIRE at checkout Non-US customers go to tinyurl.com/y6rmhkdg and use code | 6 Dec 2019, 17:00
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3 days 6:49
T-Mobile Hit With Lawsuit Over Fake Ringtone Scam
Sign up for Top Class Actions' FREE weekly newsletter: topclassactions.com Although T-Mobile has agreed to pay $40 million to the FCC for their fake ringtone scheme, a recent class action | 5 Dec 2019, 23:00
4 266
3 days 4:15
William Barr Threatens To Remove Cops From Cities That Protest Cops
William Barr is doing everything possible to shore up the “Blue Lives Matter” votes for Donald Trump, and this week he actually suggested that cities with residents who protest police officers could | 5 Dec 2019, 22:00
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3 days 3:57
Rudy Giuliani Goes Back To Ukraine While Being Investigated For Ukraine-Related Crimes
Even as he’s being investigated for potential criminal activity involving his work with the Ukraine, Rudy Giuliani thought it would be a good idea to travel BACK to the Ukraine this week. 5 Dec 2019, 21:00
28 048
3 days 3:59
Trump Finalizes Plan To Kick 750,000 Americans Off Food Stamps
The Trump administration announced yesterday that they had finalized a rule, set to take affect in April 2020, that would effectively kick 750,000 Americans off the food stamp program. 5 Dec 2019, 20:00
14 339
3 days 9:01
Lawsuits Target Juul Labs For Marketing To Teens & Two Epstein Cell Guards Arrested
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer Magazine editor Farron Cousins discuss how New York is the latest state to file a lawsuit against Juul alleging their marketing practices are | 5 Dec 2019, 19:00
2 541
3 days 4:35
Matt Gaetz Makes Complete Fool Of Himself During Impeachment Hearing
The impeachment hearings have begun in the House Judiciary Committee, and to no one’s surprise, Matt Gaetz made a complete fool of himself during his first day. 5 Dec 2019, 18:00
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3 days 5:05
Trump Throws Temper Tantrum And Leaves NATO Summit Early
Get 10% off "Impeach: The Card Slap Game" US customers go to tinyurl.com/y5fkcpsg and use code RINGOFFIRE at checkout Non-US customers go to tinyurl.com/y6rmhkdg and use code | 5 Dec 2019, 17:00
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4 days 5:54
Amazon’s Whole Foods Sued Over Deceptive Labeling
A recent Whole Foods class action claims that the natural retailer’s oatmeal products contain concealed sugar. 4 Dec 2019, 23:00
3 374
4 days 5:01
British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare
In a video that has now gone viral on social media, Britons were shocked to learn how much American citizens pay for healthcare expenses. 4 Dec 2019, 22:00
85 583
4 days 3:44
Trump Becomes Global Laughing Stock At NATO Summit
Donald Trump attended the first day of the NATO Summit yesterday, where he promptly became the laughing stock of the entire world. 4 Dec 2019, 21:00
241 084
4 days 4:22
Another Court Tells Trump To Turn Over His Financial Documents
The 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals has told Donald Trump that he has to comply with a House subpoena to turn over his financial records, including those from Deutsche Bank. 4 Dec 2019, 20:00
62 347
4 days 1:44
California Takes On Fossil Fuel Industry With Fracking Ban
Via America’s Lawyer: California has issued a moratorium on hydraulic fracking processes and new fracking leases in the state. Mike Papantonio explains more. 4 Dec 2019, 19:00
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