8 days 6:02
Trump Promises To Keep Obstructing Impeachment Probe
Get 10% off "Impeach: The Card Slap Game" US customers go to tinyurl.com/y5fkcpsg and use code RINGOFFIRE at checkout Non-US customers go to tinyurl.com/y6rmhkdg and use code | 9 Oct 2019, 16:00
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9 days 4:57
DoorDash Allegedly Pocketing Driver Tips
Sign up for Top Class Actions' FREE weekly newsletter: topclassactions.com When a consumer makes a purchase from DoorDash, their delivery driver is reportedly guaranteed a minimum payment. 8 Oct 2019, 22:05
7 405
9 days 4:21
Psychologist Reminds Us We’re Ignoring Trump’s Glaring Mental Disorders
Renowned Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert called out not just Donald Trump but the entire country for ignoring Trump’s very obvious mental decline on Twitter early this week, after Trump claimed | 8 Oct 2019, 21:00
170 304
9 days 5:26
Bernie Sanders Is Absolutely Serious About Purging Corporate Money From DNC
Bernie Sanders unveiled a sweeping new policy proposal for his campaign this week, saying that if he wins the nomination he will ban corporate money and lobbyists from the DNC convention. 8 Oct 2019, 20:00
17 323
9 days 4:06
Elaine Chao Is Abusing Her Office To Enrich Husband Mitch McConnell
Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is once again in the hot seat over the latest revelations that 25% of her meetings as Secretary have been with contractors from Kentucky, the state that her | 8 Oct 2019, 19:00
35 936
9 days 3:40
Big Tobacco Created New Generation Of Addicts With Vaping
Via PENSACOLA, Fla. (WEAR) — Addiction, it is not just the person who is suffering the addiction; it is also a family issue. 8 Oct 2019, 18:00
4 289
9 days 4:03
Ben Shapiro Thinks Trump’s Too Stupid To Commit Crimes
Every now and then, right wing talkers get something right, and Ben Shapiro is no exception. 8 Oct 2019, 17:00
18 279
9 days 3:14
Trump Strategy Failing As Large Majority Now Support Impeachment
Donald Trump is losing the impeachment battle, and his stonewalling of the investigation isn’t going to do him any favors. 8 Oct 2019, 16:00
77 304
10 days 5:52
Corporations May Be Stacking Your Credit Report With False Information
Sign up for Top Class Actions' FREE weekly newsletter: topclassactions.com Credit scores are vital for consumers’ financial health. 7 Oct 2019, 23:00
5 448
10 days 4:18
Judge Tells Trump He Can’t Destroy Communications With Foreign Leaders
A federal judge has had to tell Donald Trump that it would be against the law for him to destroy any communications – call logs, transcripts, notes, etc – that he has had with foreign leaders. 7 Oct 2019, 22:00
75 697
10 days 4:04
Betsy DeVos Could Face Contempt Charges After Defying Court Order
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was ordered by a court to stop collecting student loan payments from students who were swindled by Corinthian College, but her department decided to defy the order | 7 Oct 2019, 21:00
121 098
10 days 4:07
Trump Wants Mitt Romney Impeached For Criticizing Him
Over the weekend, Donald Trump called for Republican Senator Mitt Romney to be impeached after Romney offered one of the most timid criticisms of the President ever. 7 Oct 2019, 20:00
121 534
10 days 4:53
More Trouble For Trump As 2nd Whistleblower Comes Forward
A second whistleblower has come forward to corroborate the claims made in the first whistleblower’s complaint, and the new whistleblower is said to have first-hand knowledge of the account. 7 Oct 2019, 19:00
34 270
10 days 2:08
New Bill Will Allow NCAA Athletes To Be Paid
Via America’s Lawyer: California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that's going to allow college athletes in the state to receive endorsement deals and to earn the proceeds from the use of their | 7 Oct 2019, 18:00
3 410
10 days 2:53
Rick Perry Becomes First Trump Official Thrown Under The Bus For Ukraine Scandal
As predicted, Trump is going to take every single member of his administration down with him, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry has become the first person to get thrown under that bus. 7 Oct 2019, 17:00
125 294
10 days 5:34
Judge Orders Trump To Turn Over His Tax Returns To Investigators
Get 10% off "Impeach: The Card Slap Game" US customers go to tinyurl.com/y5fkcpsg and use code RINGOFFIRE at checkout Non-US customers go to tinyurl.com/y6rmhkdg and use code | 7 Oct 2019, 16:00
217 456
11 days 3:40
Deutsche Bank Is Spilling The Tea On Donald Trump
The son of a former Deutsche Bank executive has become a cooperating witness in the ongoing investigation of Trump’s finances, and he’s handed over a treasure trove of documents to both Congress and | 6 Oct 2019, 21:01
495 810
11 days 4:32
Fox Abruptly Cuts Off Visibly Drunk Corey Lewandowski
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski seemed a little off during a Fox Business Channel appearance earlier this week, to the point where host Kennedy had to ask if he had been drinking. 6 Oct 2019, 20:00
233 022
11 days 5:08
Trump SWEARS He Didn’t Want An Alligator Moat At The Border – He’s Lying
Donald Trump is furious that the New York Times reported that he wanted a moat filled with alligators and snakes along the southern border, in addition to an electrified fence with spikes on the top. 6 Oct 2019, 19:01
61 668
11 days 5:01
New Bill Passed By House Allows Banks To Fund Cannabis
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio is joined by legal journalist Mollye Barrows to talk about the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act just passed by the House of Representatives. 6 Oct 2019, 18:00
8 560
11 days 4:42
The Global Elite Are Hoarding Cash As Recession Becomes Imminent
According to new reports, the global elite are raising their cash reserves as they fear a recession is on the horizon. 6 Oct 2019, 17:00
36 359
11 days 4:13
Trump Facing MAJOR New Investigation Regarding His Hotel Chain
Democrats in the House of Representatives have launched an investigation into “ghost reservations” at Trump’s hotels. 6 Oct 2019, 16:00
202 280
12 days 5:00
Republicans Freak Out As Trump Refuses To Listen To Them About Impeachment
Republicans are panicking behind the scenes in Trump-Land where the President is growing increasingly unstable about the threat of impeachment. 5 Oct 2019, 21:01
278 990
12 days 4:34
Black And Hispanic Voters Agree – Trump Has Been AWFUL For Them
Donald Trump loves to claim that he’s been great for African Americans and Latinx voters, but they certainly don’t see it that way. 5 Oct 2019, 20:00
97 439
12 days 5:04
The Green New Deal Is A Winning Issue For Democrats Among Voters
According to the latest round of polling, The Green New Deal is viewed favorably by more of the electorate than unfavorably, showing that the issue is a clear winner among the voters. 5 Oct 2019, 19:01
8 478
12 days 6:38
Lawsuit Claims School Did Nothing To Prevent Child Suicide
Via America’s Lawyer: Attorney and former DC council member LaRuby May joins Mike Papantonio to walk us through a case of child suicide at a DC charter school. 5 Oct 2019, 18:00
3 764
12 days 6:01
Nixon Thought He Could Survive Impeachment, Too, Until He Didn’t
Richard Nixon was confident that he could survive impeachment hearings in 1974, until the day came when too many Republicans were no longer willing to defend him. 5 Oct 2019, 17:00
33 300
12 days 3:52
Wall Street Bankers Say They’ll Support Trump If Elizabeth Warren Gets Nomination
Wall Street bankers aren’t happy with Donald Trump, but they certainly don’t want Elizabeth Warren to be president, either. 5 Oct 2019, 16:01
31 167
13 days 6:08
Consumers Take Action Against Corporations For Auto-Enrolling Them In Monthly Programs
Sign up for Top Class Actions' FREE weekly newsletter: topclassactions.com A Missouri woman says she was blindsided by a so-called TeleBrands savings club fee when making a purchase for a | 4 Oct 2019, 22:00
8 985
13 days 4:24
Steve Bannon Admits There’s No Truth To “Deep State” Conspiracy Theories
Former Trump aide Steve Bannon says in a new book that there’s no such thing as “the Deep State,” and that the entire conspiracy theory about a deep state plot to remove Trump is absolutely bogus. 4 Oct 2019, 21:00
21 814
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