21 hour 10:06
Vlad and a compilation of new series about pets
Children are very fond of pets. A video compilation where Vlad and Nikita play with pets. Please Subscribe! 13 Nov 2019, 6:00
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3 days 3:51
Vlad and Nikita Choose Gift Toys for Roma
Vlad and Nikita are going to Roma's birthday. Children choose toys for a gift. Vlad and Nikita play with Roma, Diana, Nastya, Maxim and Katya. Please Subscribe! 10 Nov 2019, 6:00
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5 days 2:28
Are We There Yet? Song for Kids with Vlad and Nikita Family
Vlad and Nikita travel with their parents in the car. This is a very long car ride. Children look out the window to pass the time and sing a song. Please Subscribe! 8 Nov 2019, 6:00
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10 days 4:27
Vlad and Nikita Family Trip to California
The family of Vlad and Nikita went on a big tour of California. Children travel by plane, bus and car. Vlad and Nikita buy toys and souvenirs. Please Subscribe! 3 Nov 2019, 6:20
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13 days 5:33
Vlad and Nikita plays Halloween Trick or Treat
The children put on Halloween costumes and went to collect sweets from their neighbors. Trick or treat Vlad and Nikita say and take sweets. 31 Oct 2019, 5:00
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17 days 6:34
Vlad and Nikita play with Hot Wheels Monster Trucks
#ad I was paid by Hot Wheels to make this video Monster Truck Downhill Race & Go on Amazon | 27 Oct 2019, 5:00
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19 days 4:04
Vlad and Nikita have a Halloween party
Vlad and Nikita are preparing for Halloween. Children with their mother buy pumpkins, decorate the house inside and out. Children in Halloween costumes have a party. Please Subscribe! 25 Oct 2019, 5:00
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21 day 11:03
Vlad and compilation series about cars
Vlad and compilation series about kids cars. Funny stories about how children play with their cars and ride on cars. Please Subscribe! 23 Oct 2019, 5:00
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23 days 3:17
Vlad and Mom exchanged cat and dog pets
Vlad has a cat, and mom has a dog. Mom and Vlad decided to exchange pets. Funny stories for children about pets. Please Subscribe! 21 Oct 2019, 5:00
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25 days 3:25
Vlad really wants to be a ninja
Vlad really wants to become a real ninja. Mom takes Vlad to the training room for children. Please Subscribe! 19 Oct 2019, 5:00
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27 days 6:14
Vlad and Nikita had a Fun Day on the Beach! Plying with Mom and Sand
Children woke up mom early in the morning and ask her to play. The family went to the store for toys for the beach. 17 Oct 2019, 5:00
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29 days 3:48
Vlad and Nikita have a bubble foam party
Vlad and Nikita have fun playing at home with bubbles. Mom made a surprise for the children - a foam party. Please Subscribe! 15 Oct 2019, 5:00
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34 days 3:13
Vlad and Nikita play Hide and Seek with balloons
Vlad and Nikita are looking for hidden balloons with surprises. Please Subscribe! 10 Oct 2019, 5:00
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40 days 10:03
Yes Yes Song & more kids songs with Vlad and Nikita
A collection of children's songs with Vlad and Nikita, including our favorite songs: Yes Yes Vegetables song Do you like broccoli? Please Subscribe! 4 Oct 2019, 5:00
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43 days 3:58
Vlad and Nikita new Camping Adventures
The children went camping ride on pink bus. Vlad and Nikita pretend play with camping toys. Interesting adventures await the children! Please Subscribe! 1 Oct 2019, 5:00
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47 days 3:22
Kids magic transform Toy Cars from Vlad and Nikita
Vlad wants to play with Nikita, but he does not want to wake up. The child pretends to turn a huge bed-car into a small toy car. Nikita transforms a children's playhouse into a small dollhouse. 27 Sep 2019, 5:00
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52 days 4:14
Vlad and Nikita play outdoor games and wake up Baby
Vlad and Nikita play loudly at home and do not let the baby sleep. Mom gives children various games for outside. Please Subscribe! 22 Sep 2019, 5:00
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59 days 3:44
Vlad and simple rules for children
Vlad and mother spent all day together: in a cafe, toy store, pet store. Vlad teases animals, champs loudly, runs around in the store, and his mother tells him how to behave. 15 Sep 2019, 5:00
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62 days 10:02
Vlad turns into a superheroes | Compilation video for children
Vlad becomes superheroes to helps his mother and little brother Nikita. Please Subscribe! 12 Sep 2019, 5:00
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68 days 4:02
Vlad and Mom Million Years Ago
Mom tells Vlad and Nikita about how people lived a long time ago. The children did not have toys, games and YouTube. Please Subscribe! 6 Sep 2019, 5:00
8 835 740
71 day 4:34
Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge with Inflatable slide for Vlad and Nikita
It's the HUGE EGGS surprise toys challenge! Vlad and Nikita tries to find toys hidden inside a giant inflatable water slide, on a unicorn and on a kids carriage. Please Subscribe! 3 Sep 2019, 5:00
26 309 107
73 days 12:06
Vlad and Nikita - funny stories about Cars for Kids
A collection of videos for children in which Vlad and Nikita play with cars and ride on cars. Please Subscribe! 1 Sep 2019, 5:00
41 313 156
76 days 4:10
Vlad and Mama Pretend Play Making Glitter Satisfying Slime
Vlad has a shiny pink slime, and Nikita wants the same. Vlad shows mom how to make slime, so that it is colorful and satisfying. Please Subscribe! 29 Aug 2019, 5:00
44 352 366
80 days 3:06
Vlad and Nikita Dress Up Superheroes and Help Mom
Vlad and Nikita dress up as superheroes and help their mom. Please Subscribe to play with our kids! 25 Aug 2019, 5:00
61 395 266
83 days 3:28
Vlad and Nikita Build a Wooden Playhouse
Nikita has a plastic playhouse and does not want to share it with Vlad. Mom gives Vlad a set for building a wooden playhouse. Children help each other and together build a playhouse. 22 Aug 2019, 5:00
37 638 632
85 days 3:35
Vlad and Nikita Whole Car Surprise Balls
Children choose a birthday present for dolls. Small surprise balls in the car turn into big surprise balls. Whole parents car giant Confetti POP. Please Subscribe! 20 Aug 2019, 5:00
38 878 217
88 days 3:07
Vlad and Nikita really want to have a pets
Children really want to have a pet. Elephants, tigers, rhino and monkeys are not pets. Mom buys fish for children, Vlad and Nikita are very happy. Please Subscribe! 17 Aug 2019, 5:00
127 063 533
90 days 11:41
Vlad and kids stories about playhouses
A video collection where Vlad and Nikita play with children's play houses and toys. Please Subscribe! 15 Aug 2019, 5:00
11 851 637
92 days 2:48
Vlad and Nikita ride on toy monster truck and goes through the cars for kids
Nikita has two similar children's cars. Vlad ride on toy cars and goes through the cars. Mom takes the children to a real show monster trucks. Please Subscribe! 13 Aug 2019, 5:00
43 892 754
94 days 4:37
Vlad and Nikita play with Mom at the farm
Vlad and Nikita with their mother go to the farm. They feed animals and pick fruits and berries. Please Subscribe! 11 Aug 2019, 5:00
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