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Thousands Take to the Streets in Iraq Anti-Government Protests
Thousands took to the streets throughout Iraq, Monday, January 20, in another round of anti-government protests. 20 Jan 2020, 17:13
1 hour 0:41
Dust Storms Engulf Southern Australia Towns
Massive dust storms engulfed towns in Australia's New South Wales, Sunday, January 19, in an area devastated by wildfires over the past month. 20 Jan 2020, 16:29
12 hours 2:42
Afghan Immigrants Find a Home in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada is often called ‘Sin City.’ It's known as a place where people behave in more self-indulgent or decadent ways, famously summed up in the saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in | 20 Jan 2020, 5:36
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Push for Landmark Paid Family Leave Law in US to Extend Nationwide
For the first time, most of the United States' 2.1 million federal workers will be eligible to get twelve weeks of paid family leave following the birth or adoption of a child. 20 Jan 2020, 5:29
12 hours 2:15
World Leaders Agree to Stop Sending Military Support to Warring Parties in Libya
World leaders have agreed to provide no further military support to warring parties in Libya and to sanction those who violate the arms embargo. 20 Jan 2020, 5:14
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At Least 8 Patients Killed in Fire at Czech Care Home
At least eight patients were killed in a fire at a care home for the mentally ill in the Czech Republic on Sunday. 20 Jan 2020, 2:17
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Golfball-Sized Hailstones Hit Parts of Victoria State in Australia
Golfball-sized hailstones hit various parts of Victoria state in Australia, Sunday, January 19, with social media users showing the storm as it came down. 20 Jan 2020, 1:36
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Lebanon Security Forces Clash with Protesters in Beirut
Lebanese security forces fired water cannons at protesters, Sunday, January 19, after protests escalated into violence in the country’s capital of Beirut. 19 Jan 2020, 23:44
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18 hours 1:01
SpaceX Rocket Lifts Off and Explodes in Mock Simulation
SpaceX rocket, Falcon 9, took-off and then exploded in the sky in a mock emergency landing to test a key abort system on an unmanned astronaut capsule, the company's final milestone test before | 19 Jan 2020, 23:28
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Turkey President Erdogan Meets With Libya PM Sarraj and Algeria President Tebboune Before Summit
Footage by the Turkish President's Office shows Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meeting with Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj and Algeria President Abdelmadjid Tebboune in Berlin, Sunday | 19 Jan 2020, 23:14
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Australian Koala Treated for Burns on Kangaroo Island
A koala’s skin was treated for burns, Sunday, January 19, on Australia’s Kangaroo Island, where wildfires have ravaged the dense population of wildlife over the past few weeks. 19 Jan 2020, 22:31
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19 hours 1:54
Trump Senate Impeachment Trial to Hear Opening Arguments
Opening arguments in the impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump begin this week in the Republican-controlled Senate. 19 Jan 2020, 22:11
20 hours 0:50
Remains of Iran Crash Victims Are Returned to Ukraine
Footage provided by the Ukrainian Presidential Office shows the remains of 11 Ukrainians who died when a plane was shot down in Tehran earlier this month arriving in Kyiv, Sunday, January 19. 19 Jan 2020, 21:17
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Turkish President Erdogan and French President Macron Arrive In Berlin for a Meeting on Libya
German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes participants before the start of the international peace conference on Libya in Berlin, Germany, Sunday, January 19. 19 Jan 2020, 20:03
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Tempers Flare in Hong Kong as Police Stop Protesters
Police and protesters faced off in Hong Kong on the day thousands of people took to the streets for more anti-government protests, Sunday, January 19. 19 Jan 2020, 19:34
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Women March for Equality, Reproductive Rights
[[ Activists from all walks of life gathered in Washington Saturday for the fourth Women’s March, calling for greater attention to women’s rights and other social issues. 19 Jan 2020, 15:12
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1 day 3:03
Flu Scare: Passengers from China Province Screened at 3 US Airports
U.S. health officials are at airports in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York screening passengers traveling from Wuhan, a city in central China, where a viral pneumonia has spread. 19 Jan 2020, 15:10
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1 day 2:10
Washington’s Growing Soul Food Scene
What we now call soul food originally came out of black culture in the southern United States. 19 Jan 2020, 6:34
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Blizzard Slams Canada's Newfoundland; State of Emergency Declared
A winter blizzard hammered Canada's Atlantic Coast, Friday, January 17, packing wind gusts of more than 120 kilometers per hour and dumping more than 60 centimeters of snow in some areas, prompting | 19 Jan 2020, 0:25
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Thirsty Koala Licks Rainwater Off Road in Australia
A koala was seen, Thursday, January 16, licking rainwater off the road in Australia's Moree, New South Wales, which saw its heaviest rainfall in nearly three years. (Reuters) | 18 Jan 2020, 17:36
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China’s Xi, Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi Meet, Oversee Signing of Agreements in Naypyitaw
▶️China's President Xi Jinping met Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Naypyitaw, Saturday, January 18, as the two countries agree on a raft of measures to deepen their relationship. 18 Jan 2020, 16:17
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Macron Rushed From Theater During Protest
French protesters chased down President Emmanuel Macron at an evening theater performance in northern Paris, Friday, January 17. 18 Jan 2020, 1:44
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Lebanon Deploys Security Forces in Beirut After Anti-Bank Protests
Lebanese security and police forces are deployed in Beirut's Hamra district, Friday, January 17, following anti-bank protests and acts of vandalism. 18 Jan 2020, 1:27
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Trump, First Lady Depart for Mar-A-Lago
U.S. President Donald Trump departed the White House, Friday, January 17, with first lady Melania Trump and son Barron. 17 Jan 2020, 22:21
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Syrians Flee Aleppo After Airstrikes Kill 2 Children
Syrian government-led airstrikes have led to a fresh wave of displacements in the rural countryside in western Aleppo province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, Friday, January 17. 17 Jan 2020, 20:03
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Chinese President Xi Welcomed by Myanmar Leaders
China's President Xi Jinping was given a lavish welcome by Myanmar's President Win Myint, Friday, January 17, as he arrived for a state visit meant to deepen bilateral relations. 17 Jan 2020, 18:32
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Chinese President Xi Arrives in Myanmar
Hundreds schoolchildren welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping, Friday, January 17, as he arrives in Myanmar’s capital, Naypyidaw, for a two-day state visit. 17 Jan 2020, 18:03
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3 days 2:26
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Prystayko Discusses Shootdown of Jet
▶️ VOA’s Ukrainian Service shared a video of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystayko as he talked to the press in London on Thursday, January 16, about the plane crash in Iran and the reported | 17 Jan 2020, 16:14
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Lebanese Protesters Vandalize Banks in Central Beirut
▶️ Protesters in Lebanon's capital Beirut vandalized several banks in the city's central Hamra neighborhood overnight, January 16, after two nights of violent anti-government demonstrations. 17 Jan 2020, 14:21
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