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President Trump on Hand as Navy Hospital Ship Leaves for NYC
The hospital ship USNS Comfort departed from Norfolk, Virginia, Saturday en route to New York to assist with the coronavirus outbreak. President Donald Trump flew to Norfolk Saturday as it set off. 29 Mar 2020, 0:14
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French Ducks Enjoy a Night Out as Coronavirus Lockdown Keeps Humans Indoors
CORONAVIRUS: As France continues its confinement orders in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Saturday, March 28, wildlife is reclaiming some of that space. 28 Mar 2020, 23:49
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Indian Workers Fight for Places on Evacuation Buses as Coronavirus Lockdown Continues
CORONAVIRUS: Tens of thousands of migrant workers and their families fight their way onto buses organized by India's most populous state, Delhi, to get them to their hometowns amid the COVID-19 | 28 Mar 2020, 23:32
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Spain Health Workers Pause for Daily Applause
CORONAVIRUS: Doctors, nurses and police officers in Spain participated in a round of applause, Saturday, March 28, in solidarity with those involved in fighting COVID-19. 28 Mar 2020, 23:26
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Trump Gives Sendoff to Hospital Ship in Coronavirus Fight
CORONAVIRUS: President Donald Trump was on hand, Saturday, March 28, as the U.S. 28 Mar 2020, 22:06
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Italian Priest Blesses Coffins Awaiting Cremation
CORONAVIRUS: A church in the badly hit Lombardy region has been storing coffins of those who have died as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, before they are transported to other areas of Italy to | 28 Mar 2020, 20:48
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US National Guard Sets Up Temporary Hospital in Downtown New York
▶️ The New York National Guard, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Javits employees set up a 1,000-bed facility at the Jacob K. 28 Mar 2020, 15:42
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When COVID-19 Attacks, Patient's Cells Turn into Virus Factories
The COVID-19 virus hijacks our cells. Here’s how some treatments might stop it. 28 Mar 2020, 13:51
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Staff Cheers as Virus Patient Leaves ICU in Spain
CORONAVIRUS ▶️Medical staff at the General Hospital of Granollers in Spain clapped and chanted Friday as the first COVID-19 patient was transferred out of the intensive care unit to a general ward. 28 Mar 2020, 12:49
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Finding Rhythm and Strength during Coronavirus Lockdown
Many schools in America are closed for the rest of the school year because of the coronavirus pandemic, so schooling children is now in the hands of parents, many whom are in lockdown and forced to | 28 Mar 2020, 0:30
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Smithsonian Museums Meet Visitors’ Needs Online
Museums across the U.S. have closed to the public, to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. 28 Mar 2020, 0:16
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Cady Voge Colombia's Diary
Being quarantined is tough enough but traveling in the time of COVID can be just as scary. 27 Mar 2020, 23:56
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Repurposed Drugs Offer Shortest Path to Coronavirus Treatment
With the global COVID-19 death toll surging past 23,000 people this week, accelerated efforts to develop coronavirus treatments are primarily focused on adapting existing drugs intended to fight | 27 Mar 2020, 23:41
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South Africa Starts Coronavirus Lockdown with First Two Deaths
South Africa’s first day of its 21-day nationwide lockdown dawned on a grim note, with the government reporting two coronavirus deaths and the country’s caseload topping one thousand. 27 Mar 2020, 23:35
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Are Mammoth Stimulus Packages the Answer to Economic Downturn?
Empty offices, streets and shops in cities around the world are becoming the new normal. 27 Mar 2020, 23:20
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Only Two People Attend Funeral in Spain Amid Coronavirus
CORONAVIRUS: A Madrid funeral attended by only two mourners, Friday, March 27, becomes the new norm, as social distancing continues in Spain. 27 Mar 2020, 23:12
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VOA Interview: Scott Kelly
Greta Van Susteren interviews NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. 27 Mar 2020, 22:34
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Trump Signs Into Law $2T Coronavirus Relief Package
CORONAVIRUS: President Donald Trump signed a $2.2 trillion economic rescue package, Friday, March 27, calling the bill much-needed relief for American workers reeling from the economic tumult | 27 Mar 2020, 22:14
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Eiffel Tower Lit Up to Thank French Health Care Workers
CORONAVIRUS: The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris lit up with messages paying tribute to those on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19, Friday, March 27. 27 Mar 2020, 20:28
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David Beckham, His Children Join Applause for Caregivers
CORONAVIRUS The Beckham family showed their support for the National Health Service and caregivers in Britain, Thursday, March 26, with David posting a video on Instagram applauding | 27 Mar 2020, 16:14
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G20 Meets Virtually as U.S. Records Most COVID-19 Cases
The leaders of the world's foremost industrialized nations convened via teleconference on Thursday to discuss the global coronavirus outbreak, as data emerged that the largest of those economies is | 27 Mar 2020, 2:57
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Global Army of Volunteers Mobilizes to Battle Coronavirus
More than half a million people in Britain signed up to help the National Health Service cope with the coronavirus epidemic in just 24 hours, following a government call for volunteers Wednesday, as | 27 Mar 2020, 2:16
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Religious Institutions  Connect with Congregations Amidst Corona Threat
As the coronavirus continues to disrupt people’s lives in ways both big and small, many are seeking greater spiritual nourishment. 27 Mar 2020, 0:04
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As Office Workers Stay Home, They Turn to Technology to Stay Connected
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many office workers to do their jobs from home. And they are using technology like never before to stay connected to their colleagues and get their work done. 26 Mar 2020, 23:38
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Marylanders Dance To Lift Spirits
The novel coronavirus has forced people all over the world to stay at home on strict quarantine. But in these trying times people are managing to find a way to stay positive. 26 Mar 2020, 23:23
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COVID-19: Treatment Options
With the global COVID-19 death toll surging past 20,000 people this week, accelerated efforts to develop coronavirus treatments are primarily focused on adapting existing drugs intended to fight | 26 Mar 2020, 22:12
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Castelfranco's Reporters Notebook
In Europe, many families are finding themselves split up with parents who send their children to study abroad finding it complicated to be reunited as flights are cancelled across the continent. 26 Mar 2020, 22:11
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Bangladesh Troops Enforce Lockdown
YT/FB HEADLINE: Bangladesh Troops Enforce Lockdown CAPTION: Bangladesh deployed its army to enforce a nationwide lockdown, asking people to stay at home to curb the spread of the coronavirus | 26 Mar 2020, 20:34
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Budapest Landmarks Empty After Hungary's Borders Close
CORONAVIRUS Drone footage taken Wednesday, March 25, shows the empty landmarks of Budapest, Hungary, after the government closed the country's borders. 26 Mar 2020, 20:23
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Peru Workers Disinfect Public Buses
Public workers in Lima, Peru, clean and disinfect buses, part of the safety measures the government has taken to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, Thursday, March 26. 26 Mar 2020, 19:48
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