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Gibraltar rejects U.S. attempt to seize Iranian oil tanker
A U.S. district court on Aug. 16 made a bid to seize a ship near Gibraltar carrying 2.1 million barrels of oil, saying the shipment breaches U.S. sanctions against Iran. 18 Aug 2019, 19:37
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18 hours 1:44
White House downplays recession fears
Amid economic indicators signaling a potential recession, White House advisers were bullish discussing the economy on the Aug. 18 Sunday shows. Read more: wapo.st/31Oymds. 18 Aug 2019, 18:02
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1 day 1:47
Trump keeps referring to himself in the third person
For years, President Trump has returned to an oft-used rhetorical habit in his speeches and interviews: Referring to himself in the third person. Read more: wapo.st/2Z8U7Hh. 17 Aug 2019, 12:39
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3 days 0:55
Trump calls Reps. Omar, Tlaib 'anti-Israel’ and ’anti-Jewish’
President Trump on Aug. 15 said he “can’t imagine why” Israel would allow Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib into the country. Read more: wapo.st/304WJn5. 15 Aug 2019, 21:58
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3 days 1:08
Trump says U.S. consumers ‘may’ pay for tariffs ‘at some point’
President Trump on Aug. 15 falsely said U.S. consumers are not paying for tariffs Trump imposed on Chinese imports. Read more: wapo.st/2Z13TeL. 15 Aug 2019, 21:52
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3 days 3:11
The Iowa State Fair didn’t miss Trump — he was everywhere.
Unlike Democratic presidential candidates, President Trump skipped the Iowa State Fair, but his supporters made a point of showing who has their 2020 vote. Read more: wapo.st/2Z690dy. 15 Aug 2019, 21:01
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3 days 1:35
Trump officials finally admit tariffs impact consumers
After denying for months that President Trump’s tariffs would negatively impact consumers, multiple Trump officials now admit tariffs could hurt holiday shoppers. Read more: wapo.st/2Z13TeL. 15 Aug 2019, 20:40
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3 days 53:26
Watch soon: Philadelphia police, mayor provide update on police shootings
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf speak about the police shootings. Read more: wapo.st/2KApBxV. 15 Aug 2019, 19:03
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3 days 1:31
Opinion | Israel’s ban of Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib is a grave misstep
It signals Israel, long a bastion of democracy in the Middle East, cannot tolerate criticism — even from nationals of its closest ally, argues Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. 15 Aug 2019, 18:40
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3 days 35:51
Watch live: Authorities speak about suspected gunman of Philadelphia police shootings
Pennsylvania District Attorney Larry Krasner holds a news conference to discuss charges against suspected gunman Maurice Hill, who was taken into custody early on Aug. 15 Aug 2019, 16:45
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3 days 13:16
The vaccine fight: a mother’s battle to protect her daughter in California
Brooke Balck, who takes immunosuppressants, cannot have vaccines, making her especially vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases like measles. 15 Aug 2019, 12:56
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4 days 1:23
‘So absurd’: Residents react to Philadelphia shooting that left 6 officers injured
Residents gathered Aug. 14 around the scene of an hours-long standoff between an armed suspect and police in north Philadelphia. 15 Aug 2019, 7:16
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4 days 7:41:42
Watch the Dow live: Markets tumble after key indicator triggers recession worries
For the first time since 2007, the yields on short-term U.S. bonds eclipsed those of long-term bonds. 14 Aug 2019, 22:40
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4 days 2:12
Opinion | Trump's 'public charge' rule framing legal immigrants as economic burdens doesn't add up
The "public charge" rule overlooks an important economic reality. Immigrants make significant contributions to the U.S. economy, argues Joy Sharon Yi. Read more: wapo.st/309Ept2. 14 Aug 2019, 22:04
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4 days 2:46
Will Biden’s gaffes catch up to him in 2020?
The Washington Post’s Matt Viser analyzes a string of recent gaffes by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and what they might mean in the 2020 presidential campaign. 14 Aug 2019, 18:04
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4 days 3:12
How a former child refugee found the man whose act of kindness 'shaped' her 'for a lifetime'
Mevan Babakar, 29, traveled to Zwolle, Netherlands, to retrace she and her family's steps as refugees and one of the camps they stayed in. 14 Aug 2019, 16:57
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4 days 6:22
‘When will the hatred stop?’: Family deals with loss after Dayton shooting
Dion Green held his father, Derrick Fudge, as he died following a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. 14 Aug 2019, 15:58
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4 days 3:46
‘They had such beautiful souls’: Family, friends mourn couple killed in El Paso shooting
Family and friends paid their respects Aug. 12 during a funeral for Raúl and Maria Flores, who were killed in a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso. 14 Aug 2019, 15:40
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4 days 44:35
Watch live: Swedish judge speaks following A$AP Rocky’s guilty verdict
Judge Per Lennerbrant holds a news conference after guilty verdict is announced in rapper A$AP Rocky's Sweden assault case. The U.S. 14 Aug 2019, 13:10
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5 days 0:50
A chaotic day in Hong Kong ends with specter of more violence to come
The Washington Post's Gerry Shih reports from Hong Kong as another day of violent encounters between police and protesters ends. Read more: wapo.st/2KyNAhh. 14 Aug 2019, 10:52
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5 days 1:35
Watch Pete Buttigieg ride giant slide at the Iowa State Fair
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg took a ride on the Giant Slide and the Sky Glider at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 13. Read more: wapo.st/2ZXo8Y0. 14 Aug 2019, 3:07
54 548
5 days 2:20
Why the Iowa State Fair is key for presidential candidates
Here's how the Iowa State Fair could help voters narrow down the field of presidential candidates in the 2020 election. Read more: wapo.st/2KxTKyb. 13 Aug 2019, 23:18
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5 days 1:52
How the new Trump immigration rule targets poor legal migrants
The Trump administration announced Aug. 12 a new rule that would make it more difficult for legal immigrants who use public benefits to obtain a green card. 13 Aug 2019, 21:15
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5 days 1:53
Trump on WTO: ‘We will leave if we have to’
President Trump on Aug. 13 said the World Trade Organization has been “screwing” the United States for years. Read more: wapo.st/2KyGx8g. 13 Aug 2019, 20:49
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5 days 3:12
A Paris tour that follows the footsteps of great black figures | Where Locals Go
Kevi Donat takes visitors—and French nationals—to places not usually in guidebooks, focusing not only on the past, but “what it’s like to be black in France in 2019.” The City of Lights is known for | 13 Aug 2019, 20:49
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5 days 1:24
Opinion | China has misread the Hong Kong protests from the start. It's time to get it right.
Hong Kong protesters who demanded the cancellation of an extradition bill that would make it easier for people to be transferred to mainland China are now asking for greater democracy. 13 Aug 2019, 19:04
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5 days 3:15:40
Watch: Tuesday Hong Kong airport protests
Chaos erupted at Hong Kong's airport as riot police armed with pepper spray and batons clashed with protesters who occupied a terminal. 13 Aug 2019, 18:38
152 613
5 days 2:44
Corn dogs, rollercoasters and politics: The spectacle of the Iowa state Fair
Democratic presidential hopefuls made a stop at the Iowa State Fair, giving speeches, eating fried foods and drawing large crowds. Read more: wapo.st/2ZXo8Y0. 13 Aug 2019, 17:58
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5 days 1:23
Trump wants 'full investigation' into Epstein's death
President Trump questioned if former president Bill Clinton visited financier Jeffrey Epstein’s island home when asked about Epstein’s death on Aug. 13. Read more: wapo.st/2Za8BqI. 13 Aug 2019, 17:57
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5 days 1:18
How an eye patch became a symbol of the Hong Kong protests
A woman was shot in the eye with a projectile on Aug. 11 during ongoing protests in Hong Kong. 13 Aug 2019, 17:53
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