8 days 1:55
'This looks like hell' Hurricane Dorian survivors desperate to leave Abaco
Some Abaco residents say they've been waiting for days near a dock trying to get on a boat to take them off their island after Hurricane Dorian decimated their homes. 8 Sep 2019, 2:40
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9 days 2:56
Antonio Brown cut by Raiders, signed by Patriots following 'release me' Instagram
Former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown was released and signed to the Patriots just before opening week following a series of social media posts that highlighted his frustration with the | 7 Sep 2019, 22:19
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9 days 1:24
Ferries deliver water, fuel to help Ocracoke 'get back on its feet'
When Hurricane Dorian hit North Carolina, it trapped residents of Ocracoke Island. Now emergency crew and supplies are reaching those stranded by ferry. Read more: wapo.st/2UF6EgW. 7 Sep 2019, 22:16
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9 days 2:12
Can Ariana Grande own the ‘high pony?’ Celebs make trademarking a common practice
Ariana Grande is suing Forever 21 for allegedly using her likeness without her permission. In an age when personal brands are worth millions, trademarking is a common celebrity practice. 7 Sep 2019, 12:11
10 900
9 days 1:19
Democratic presidential candidates can’t stop swearing
2020 Democratic presidential candidates know how to swear. Here’s proof. Read more: wapo.st/2zVtKXk. 7 Sep 2019, 12:10
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10 days 3:58
With bodies still in the streets, Bahamians look for a way out of Marsh Harbour
Marsh Harbour was ground zero when Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas. One week later, amid rubble and human remains, Bahamians grow desperate and frustrated. Read more: wapo.st/2ZFPwh4. 6 Sep 2019, 23:18
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10 days 1:17:06
India attempts historic moon landing
After a journey of more than 50 days, India’s Chandrayaan-2 will attempt to land on the moon’s unexplored south pole. Read more: wapo.st/2UCVvgY. 6 Sep 2019, 21:17
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10 days 1:31
Tucker Carlson has some issues with New York City and its mayor
Fox News’s Tucker Carlson spent over 26 minutes interviewing New York Mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio on Sept. 5. It went pretty much how you’d expect. 6 Sep 2019, 17:17
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11 days 0:50
Car defeated by waves of Hurricane Dorian draws a crowd
Defying strong winds, beachgoers gathered around and snapped photos of a red vehicle, caught in the surf stirred up by Hurricane Dorian in Myrtle Beach, S.C., on Sept. 5. 5 Sep 2019, 23:16
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11 days 2:38
Tornado caused by Hurricane Dorian levels homes
The coastal town of Emerald Isle, N.C., was hit by a tornado in September as residents waited for Hurricane Dorian to arrive. Read more: wapo.st/2HMjR2m. 5 Sep 2019, 23:08
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11 days 3:15:20
Hurricane Dorian live: Watch the storm hit Myrtle Beach
Watch live as Hurricane Dorian slams Myrtle Beach, S.C. 5 Sep 2019, 22:18
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11 days 1:27
As Hurricane Dorian moves north, Carolinas to see more possible flooding
On Sept. 5, the Post's Matthew Cappucci explained what to expect from Hurricane Dorian as the Category 2 storm pulled away from Florida and Georgia. Read more: wapo.st/2HQWtke. 5 Sep 2019, 22:12
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11 days 2:05
How Trump’s impulses keep undercutting his political agenda
The Post’s Philip Bump analyzes President Trump’s trend of undercutting his policy and political agenda via seemingly impulsive reactions to the day’s news. Read more: wapo.st/2LlHOzE. 5 Sep 2019, 21:26
4 160
11 days 4:54
What it's like when your diner becomes a campaign stop | Hannah Explains
The Waveland Cafe in Des Moines, Iowa has long been a campaign stop for presidential candidates and the press. We spoke to its owner, David "Stoney" Stone. 5 Sep 2019, 20:13
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11 days 4:52
Opinion | Here's how authoritarian-style leaders divide us. It doesn't have to be this way.
Liberals and conservatives share basic common values, but leaders like Donald Trump use fear to exploit their differences for political gain. 5 Sep 2019, 16:50
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11 days 10:49
What ingredients are in vaccines? | The Vaccines Project, Episode 2
To understand what is in modern vaccines—and why—let's look back at one of the first lab-created vaccinations that prevented a gruesome childhood illness. 5 Sep 2019, 14:12
2 384
11 days 9:45
Are vaccines safe? | The Vaccines Project, Episode 3
How are vaccines tested for safety? Why do kids get so many shots at once? And is anyone looking out for long-term effects? 5 Sep 2019, 14:12
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11 days 9:26
200 years of vaccine skepticism | The Vaccines Project, Episode 1
Vaccine hesitancy has existed for over two centuries, fueled by confusion about how vaccines and our immune system work. 5 Sep 2019, 14:08
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11 days 1:38
Charleston is no stranger to storms. But Dorian presents a unique threat.
Water levels are already rising in Charleston, S.C. and the city is bracing for a major storm surge as Hurricane Dorian moves up the east coast. 5 Sep 2019, 14:07
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11 days 2:20
'We lost everything': Bahamians grapple with Hurricane Dorian's destructive path
Survivors try to pick up the pieces following Hurricane Dorian's destructive path across the Bahamas. 5 Sep 2019, 10:35
186 780
12 days 2:21:17
Watch live: Prime Minister of Bahamas holds press conference on Hurricane Dorian aftermath
Prime Minister Hubert Minnis holds a briefing on the status of the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. 5 Sep 2019, 1:49
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12 days 3:09
Here are some of the landmarks you're seeing in that devastating Bahamas video
The footage that emerged out of Great Abaco in the Bahamas, Sept. 3 showed a devastated island almost unrecognizable. Here's a look at what used to be there. Read more: wapo.st/32yLPqb. 4 Sep 2019, 23:12
87 182
12 days 1:24
Florida residents gather aid for Dorian survivors in the Bahamas
Kelly and David Long of the Angels of Hope charity in Fort Pierce, Fla., rallied their community to collect aid supplies and send them to the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. 4 Sep 2019, 23:07
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12 days 6:17:18
Watch live: British Parliament debates Brexit
The British House of Commons passed a bill Sept. 4 seeking to avert a no-deal Brexit on Oct. 31 in another blow to prime minister Boris Johnson’s plan. 4 Sep 2019, 22:07
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12 days 1:02
Trump now says his trade war is hurting the stock market
After blaming the Federal Reserve for months for the volatile stock market, President Trump on Sept. 4 said the stock market would be "10,000 points higher" if not for his trade war. 4 Sep 2019, 21:32
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12 days 2:37
Carolinas likely to see a ‘triple threat’ of severe weather from Hurricane Dorian
South Carolina and North Carolina coastal areas are likely to see heavy rainfall, storm surge and high winds as Hurricane Dorian moves up the Southeast coast. 4 Sep 2019, 21:24
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12 days 42:10
Trump announces funding to states for opioid epidemic and answers questions on gun laws
President Trump announces the allocation of federal funds to help states deal with the opioid epidemic. Trump goes on to answer questions about gun regulations, mass shootings, and mental health. 4 Sep 2019, 19:30
2 673
12 days 0:44
Trump appears to show Sharpie-altered hurricane map
President Trump on Sept. 4 held up a map of Hurricane Dorian featuring an apparent Sharpie-drawn circle to falsely extend its projected path. Read more: wapo.st/32yLPqb. 4 Sep 2019, 18:44
76 532
12 days 2:07
Trump dismisses concerns over directing FEMA funds to border
President Trump on Sept. 4 said FEMA was using “much less” money than anticipated for emergency response. Read more: wapo.st/2Lmy9sV. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: wapo. 4 Sep 2019, 17:56
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12 days 42:24
Georgia governor speaks about Dorian preparations
Georgia governor speaks about Dorian preparations Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: wapo.st/2QOdcqK Follow us: Twitter: twitter.com/washingtonpost Instagram | 4 Sep 2019, 17:34
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