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Trump discusses Hurricane Dorian
President Trump discusses Hurricane Dorian Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: wapo.st/2QOdcqK Follow us: Twitter: twitter.com/washingtonpost Instagram | 4 Sep 2019, 17:33
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12 days 37:09
Charleston city officials about Dorian preparations
Charleston city officials about Dorian preparations Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: wapo.st/2QOdcqK Follow us: Twitter: twitter.com/washingtonpost | 4 Sep 2019, 16:43
12 days 11:28
North Carolina governor speaks about Dorian preparations
North Carolina governor speaks about Dorian preparations Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: wapo.st/2QOdcqK Follow us: Twitter: twitter.com/washingtonpost Instagram | 4 Sep 2019, 15:56
12 days 4:08
The power of black motherhood: Moving beyond the statistics of maternal mortality
At a gathering of millennial mothers of color in Washington, D.C., women said creating a “mom tribe” is key to surviving and thriving during pregnancy and after giving birth. 4 Sep 2019, 15:30
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12 days 8:26
The political journey of Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris made a name for herself as a no-nonsense prosecutor in Oakland, Calif., and it didn’t take her long to develop the same reputation in Washington. 4 Sep 2019, 14:48
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12 days 9:02
The political journey of Elizabeth Warren
When she was a young law professor, Elizabeth Warren set out to discover why people go bankrupt. 4 Sep 2019, 14:47
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12 days 8:18
The political journey of Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders seemed to come out of nowhere in 2015 when he announced that he would challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he was soon drawing huge crowds | 4 Sep 2019, 14:43
6 438
12 days 9:06
The political journey of Joe Biden
At age 76, former vice president Joe Biden would become the oldest person to win the presidency. 4 Sep 2019, 14:43
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12 days 1:32
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot slams Ted Cruz over gun control
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) slammed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) on Sept. 4 Sep 2019, 9:03
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13 days 1:32
‘You want to help but you can’t do nothing’: A family waits to hear from loved ones in the Bahamas
Donna Finlayson-Doran lost touch with her family in the Bahamas as the islands were battered by Hurricane Dorian. Read more: wapo.st/32zwupJ. 3 Sep 2019, 23:45
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13 days 9:07:20
Watch: Boris Johnson faces questions in Parliament
Rebels from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's own party helped take control of the parliamentary agenda and voted to permit debate on emergency legislation to avoid an abrupt departure from the | 3 Sep 2019, 23:38
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13 days 1:49
As Dorian inches closer to Florida, locals prepare for the worst and hope for the best
Cocoa Beach, Fla. is usually full of tourists at this time of year, but Hurricane Dorian has turned it into a ghost town. Locals gathered on Sep. 3 in the few bars and restaurants that remain open. 3 Sep 2019, 22:56
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13 days 1:08
Should we stay or should we go now? Epic clash looms as Britain debates Brexit.
The Washington Post spoke to Britons outside of their country's Parliament as the opposition engages in a desperate last-ditch effort to delay Brexit once more. Read more: wapo.st/2ZMPMG9. 3 Sep 2019, 21:44
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13 days 3:51
Aerial footage shows total devastation in Abaco, Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian
Aerial helicopter footage taken by Brandon Clement of WxChasing LSM Aerial on Sept. 3, showed the vast destruction left by Hurricane Dorian in the islands of Abaco, Bahamas. Read more: wapo. 3 Sep 2019, 21:34
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13 days 0:56
The Jessicas are turning 30 | Official Trailer (2019) | The Lily
In 1989, these six people were named Jessica, the most popular name for girls that year. But from there, their lives took different paths. 3 Sep 2019, 20:25
13 days 4:45
Tension, fear and violence in Syria's al-Hol displacement camp
In August, Kurdish officials and residents told The Post about rising tension, fear and violence among the more than 70,000 residents of Syria's al-Hol displacement camp. 3 Sep 2019, 19:42
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13 days 5:20
A lifetime of punishment: those formerly incarcerated face major hurdles building their careers
In Rhode Island and 30 others states, occupational licensing laws make it difficult for the formerly incarcerated to enter or move up in some careers. 3 Sep 2019, 19:39
13 days 1:21
How Trump has talked about potential economic downturns
Amid speculation of economic downturns over the years, Donald Trump has often seen value in the potential crashes. Read more: wapo.st/2LkO3UG. 3 Sep 2019, 19:16
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13 days 30:39
S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster speaks on preparations for Hurricane Dorian
On Sept. 3, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster speaks on the preparations being made as Hurricane Dorian approaches. 3 Sep 2019, 18:55
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13 days 1:15
Why a weakened Hurricane Dorian still poses a threat as a Category 2 storm
On Sept. 3, Capital Weather Gang’s Andrew Freedman explains what could be in store as Hurricane Dorian gets closer to making landfall in the U.S. Read more: wapo.st/2ZKxN35. 3 Sep 2019, 18:19
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13 days 1:00:10
Santa Barbara sheriff provides an update on boat fire
The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department holds a news conference on the investigation into a boat that caught fire and sank on Sept. 2. 3 Sep 2019, 18:00
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13 days 14:49
Florida governor, FEMA talk about Dorian preparation
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis holds a news conference with FEMA Acting Administrator Pete Gaynor at the State Emergency Operations Center on Hurricane Dorian. 3 Sep 2019, 17:57
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13 days 3:34
‘It’s a wait-and-see game’: Florida residents brace for Dorian’s arrival
With Hurricane Dorian moving slowly toward Florida, people boarded up windows and stocked up on supplies. A few even went surfing. Read more: wapo.st/2LeYPeQ. 3 Sep 2019, 11:54
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13 days 5:37
These campaign ads may have misled you. Here's how to spot their tricks. | The Fact Checker
When it comes to campaign ads, there’s a lot to be wary of. 3 Sep 2019, 11:13
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13 days 1:59
Dramatic visuals from the Bahamas as Hurricane Dorian pounds the island
Hurricane Dorian struck the northern Bahamas as a catastrophic Category 5 storm on Sept. 1. Read more: wapo.st/32ksuck. 3 Sep 2019, 7:46
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14 days 1:56
They’ve been told to evacuate, but some Floridians are staying put for Dorian
With Florida’s barrier islands under a mandatory evacuation order, some residents are preparing to leave, while others say they’ll ride out the storm at home. 2 Sep 2019, 19:31
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14 days 1:57
Hurricane Dorian still a ‘major force’ despite losing strength (Sept. 2)
Category 4 Hurricane Dorian is drifting west-northwest at just 1 mph towards the southeast U.S. on Sept. 2 as its path remains uncertain. Read more: wapo.st/2LeYPeQ. 2 Sep 2019, 19:11
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Hurricane Dorian almost ruined this couple's Florida wedding
When Candy Hernández and Alex Robichaud planned their destination wedding, they were not expecting a hurricane to interrupt their plans. 2 Sep 2019, 0:55
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15 days 2:03
'We got really lucky': At least 7 dead, 22 injured in West Texas shooting
Authorities confirmed at least seven people were killed Aug. 31 when a gunman hijacked a mail truck and began shooting in Odessa and Midland, Tex. Read more: wapo.st/32m89DE. 2 Sep 2019, 0:06
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15 days 2:11
Democrats, Republicans again at odds over guns after Odessa
After at least seven were killed in a public mass shooting in west Texas on Aug. 31, Democrats again called for tighter gun restrictions. Read more: wapo.st/2HxZvtJ. 1 Sep 2019, 19:56
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