16 hours 25:44
World’s Leading Crypto Firm EXPOSED As CIA Front
Switzerland is coping with the revelation that the world’s largest cryptologic firm is a Swiss-based front for the CIA. California plans to apologize for Japanese internment camps. 18 Feb 2020, 0:41
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3 days 25:54
Bloomberg: The Democratic Oligarch Buying US Elections & Harriet Tubman’s Face On Debit Card
While US wages dwindle and poverty rises, billionaire presidential candidate Bloomberg is spending millions to buy an election. Harriet Tubman face is being used on a debit card. 14 Feb 2020, 23:30
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4 days 26:03
Richard Wolff: ‘Understanding Socialism’ & US Socialist Candidates
Iraqi officials say Iran was not behind the rocket attack that President Trump used to justify the killing of Iranian General Soleimani. US college sports are spending big money to lobby lawmakers. 14 Feb 2020, 0:02
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5 days 25:52
Coronavirus: Epidemic of Fear-Based Journalism
We explore the truth on the coronavirus with Wang Guan, Chief Political Correspondent for CGTN America. 13 Feb 2020, 0:00
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6 days 25:51
Venezuela Embassy Protectors Trial Begins & Duterte Scraps Military Agreement
The US National Archives are letting millions of documents potentially be deleted or destroyed. Philippines’ President Duterte is scrapping a defense alliance with the US. 12 Feb 2020, 0:20
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10 days 25:47
Iraq War Costs US Taxpayers Over $2 Trillion
A new report suggests US taxpayers paid over $2 trillion for the Iraq war. The controversial name of the Washington NFL team is debated. 7 Feb 2020, 23:30
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11 days 25:50
Iowa Vote Count Never Ends, Barnes & Noble Goes Black Face
The Iowa DNC caucus controversy continues to rage on. Violence in Syria flares up again. Barnes & Noble thought it would be a good idea to go blackface for Black History Month. 7 Feb 2020, 0:09
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12 days 25:51
Impeachment Theatre Divides, While Regime Change Wars Unite
Impeachment has been denied, however cozying up to Venezuelan regime-change operative Juan Guaidó is a bipartisan endeavor. 6 Feb 2020, 2:30
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12 days 28:28
Parchman Prison: Protest & Pain | Special Report
Over a dozen prisoners in Mississippi have already died since the new year began, with most of these deaths occurring in the Mississippi State Penitentiary — also known as Parchman Prison. 6 Feb 2020, 0:19
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13 days 12:05
Iowa Caucus: Buttigieg’s Shadow Controversy, Bernie’s Establishment Woes
The DNC’s Iowa caucus was a swirl of controversy, leaving us with more questions than answers. 5 Feb 2020, 0:17
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14 days 11:35
White Privilege & The 2nd Amendment
A 2nd Amendment rally in Kentucky is raising a lot of controversy. Then, we give a roundup of candidates during the Iowa caucus. 4 Feb 2020, 0:03
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17 days 25:54
US Allegedly Building New Bases In Iraq & Elizabeth Warren Wants To Criminalize Disinformation
The US is accused of building three new military bases in Iraq despite Iraqi parliament voting to expel US military personnel. 31 Jan 2020, 23:30
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18 days 25:42
Catholic Church Abuse Scandal Hits New Orleans Saints NFL Team
The US budget deficit is set to top $1 trillion next decade. The NFL’s New Orleans Saints have found themselves in the Catholic church’s abuse scandal. American exceptionalism is really unpopular. 31 Jan 2020, 1:15
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19 days 25:54
Prince Andrews, Jeffrey Epstein Case Update & Wealth Test For Green Cards
Supreme Court will allow the Trump Administration to implement what’s essentially a wealth test for green cards. The latest update on Prince Andrews in the Epstein case. 30 Jan 2020, 0:09
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20 days 25:57
Trump, Netanyahu Sign Problematic Israel “Peace” Deal & Peter Kuznick Discusses Doomsday
Some say doomsday is closer than we think. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu joins Trump in Washington, DC to sign a new peace deal. 29 Jan 2020, 0:09
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21 day 25:45
DNC Fears Bernie Sanders’ Popularity & US Soldiers Injured In Iran Attack
34 US soldiers were diagnosed with brain injuries following a recent attack in Iraq. We reflect on the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation from Nazi forces. 28 Jan 2020, 1:03
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24 days 25:31
Baghdad Demands US Military Out & First Woman Super Bowl Coach
Protesters in Baghdad demand the evacuation of the U.S. Military in Iraq. Insys Therapeutics founder sentenced to 5 years in prison for bribery and kickbacks. 24 Jan 2020, 23:30
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25 days 25:55
Chemical Attacks: OPCW Truth Suppression, Allegations Of False Flag
More accusations come to light in the investigation of OPCW concerning the 2018 chemical attack in Douma. Then, who will defend the defenseless if the U.S. 24 Jan 2020, 0:04
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26 days 25:32
Richard Wolff Discusses Income Inequality, 21st Century Great Depression
Economist Richard Wolff breaks down the latest Oxfam report on income inequality. Former U.S. Congressman Alan Grayson talks the latest on the impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump. 23 Jan 2020, 0:12
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27 days 25:49
Climate Change Heats Up in Davos & The Fight for Online Free Speech
Nick Brana from Extinction Rebellion discusses the issue of climate change at the World Economic Forum. 22 Jan 2020, 0:12
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28 days 25:46
The Real MLK: Fighting Against Poverty, Imperialism, Racism
Activists Netfa Freeman and Perry Redd join us to discuss the real legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., beyond whitewashing and distortion. 21 Jan 2020, 0:45
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31 day 25:42
Newsweek Journalist Quits After Editors Suppress Syrian Chemical Attack Truth
Journalist Tareq Haddad joins us to discuss why he quit his job at Newsweek after editors tried to suppress evidence suggesting the 2018 Syrian chemical attacks were staged, and the overall | 17 Jan 2020, 23:30
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32 days 25:54
#CNNisTrash Trends Online Following Dem Debate & Olympics Want To Ban Protests
Corporations and the super-rich are pouring billions of dollars into US politics. #CNNisTrash trended nationwide online following this week’s Democratic debate. 16 Jan 2020, 23:57
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33 days 11:49
Mississippi Prisoners Dying From Abuse, Neglect, Poor Conditions [Web Exclusive]
At least 5 incarcerated people this month have died in Mississippi's Parchman Prison, with reports of stabbings, flooding, fires, mold, fights, and more setting off alarms for advocates around the | 16 Jan 2020, 15:00
33 days 27:06
US To Punish Iraq If US Troops Are Asked To Leave
The Iraqi parliament voted to expel all US troops from their nation, however the US says they will cut military aid to Iraq if they are asked to leave. 16 Jan 2020, 0:09
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34 days 25:50
Can Voters Find Iran On A Map? Will We Survive Another Democrat Debate?
Apparently, the FBI is creating a database of immigrant DNA. Voters try to find Iran on a map. Instagram is removing posts supporting Iran and mourning the death of General Soleimani. 14 Jan 2020, 23:57
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35 days 25:48
War Against Iran: Weapons Industry Surges, Trump Lacks Evidence For Claims
Activist Medea Benjamin joins us to discuss the baseless escalations by the US against Iran, including more economic sanctions. The war industry stocks are soaring as tensions rise with Iran. 14 Jan 2020, 1:47
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45 days 26:20
Trump Bombs Iranian Leader, Potentially Sparking World War 3
Dan Kovalik, Alan Grayson, and Michael Maloof join us to discuss the latest in war politics, the US aggression on Iran, and the potentially daunting future of global affairs. 3 Jan 2020, 22:58
5 412
46 days 25:57
Jesse Ventura: ‘When You Wage War For Regime Change, You Receive Blowback’
The US may send more troops into Iraq as local protesters continue to fight against US presence in their country. Gun killings remain prevalent across the US. 3 Jan 2020, 0:49
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52 days 26:32
Art, Community, LGBTQ Politics With DIY Artist Taylor ALXNDR | Special Report
In the underground club and drag scenes of Atlanta, Taylor Alxndr is somewhat of a cult favorite. 27 Dec 2019, 23:30
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