7 hours 0:33
Trump Tells Companies To Leave China
President Donald Trump counterattacked a new round of Chinese tariffs. According to Reuters, he added another 5 percent duty on some $550 billion in Chinese goods. 25 Aug 2019, 3:04
10 hours 0:32
Psychologist Approved Jeffrey's Epstein's Removal From Suicide Watch
The U.S. Justice Department revealed some information about billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. It said a psychologist at the federal detention center approved his removal from suicide watch. 25 Aug 2019, 0:39
10 hours 0:33
France Says Social Media Pledge Has Been Delayed
France said it was optimistic about social media platforms signing a pledge to fight online hate speech. 25 Aug 2019, 0:29
10 hours 0:33
DNC Votes Against Allowing Candidates To Participate In Exclusive Climate Debate
Democratic National Committee delegates in San Francisco voted against a debate focused on climate change. 25 Aug 2019, 0:01
10 hours 0:35
Trump: Another 5% Tariff On Chinese Goods Latest Escalation
WASHINGTON/BEIJING (Reuters) - U.S. 24 Aug 2019, 23:58
11 hours 0:33
States In The Amazon Region Request For Military Help
Six states in Brazil’s Amazon region requested military help to fight fired running through the rainforest. 24 Aug 2019, 23:31
11 hours 0:33
School Prepare For The New Year With Mass Shooting Training
The school year is beginning and teachers are preparing for it in ways they never have before. According to CNN, in light of rising mass shootings, schools must train and prepare for the worst. 24 Aug 2019, 23:21
11 hours 0:34
Six Hurt: Lightning Strike At Tour Championship
(Reuters) - Six spectators were injured when lightning struck a tree during the Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta on Saturday, a Tour official said on American broadcaster NBC. 24 Aug 2019, 23:13
11 hours 0:33
Trump Reportedly Feuding With NRA Over Possible New Gun Legislation
President Donald Trump is reportedly in a feud with the National Rifle Association. The president and organization are arguing over possible legislation requiring background checks for gun purchases. 24 Aug 2019, 23:03
12 hours 0:35
Trump To 'Help' With Amazon Fires After Conversation With Brazil President Bolsonaro
President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that he had a very exciting conversation with Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who is currently facing scrutiny for his inaction in the face of | 24 Aug 2019, 22:37
12 hours 0:34
North Koreans Test 'Super-Large Rocket'
FILE PHOTO: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches the test-fire of two short-range ballistic missiles on Thursday, in this undated picture released by North Korea's Central News Agency (KCNA) on | 24 Aug 2019, 22:28
12 hours 0:33
Trump Says He Will Help Complete New York City Subway
In 2017, leaked documents showed a New York City subway was one of Trump’s top priorities. According to Business Insider, President DOnald Trump has brought life to that project again. 24 Aug 2019, 22:23
12 hours 0:33
Trump's Team Wants To Take Twitter Ruling To Court Again
A recent court ruling declared that President Donald Trump can’t block people he doesn’t like on Twitter. According to Gizmodo, Trump’s team requested a rehearing with the 2nd U.S. 24 Aug 2019, 22:13
14 hours 0:42
Labor Day Sales On Roomba, Deebot, And Shark Robot Vacuums
Robot vacuums save time for millions of Americans and might even do a more thorough job than humans. 24 Aug 2019, 20:22
15 hours 0:36
Hubble Captures The Stunning Aftermath Of The Death Of A Star
The Hubble Space Telescope has captured images of a planetary nebula called NGC 2371/2. 24 Aug 2019, 19:54
15 hours 0:36
Hillary The Donkey Rescued After 2 Years Alone On An Island
Things are beginning to look up for Hillary the donkey. The wild equine has finally been rescued. 24 Aug 2019, 19:36
15 hours 0:37
Democrat Buttigieg Aims To Save Millions Of Lives Through Mental Health And Addiction Services
U.S. presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (D) wants to prevent 1 million deaths from addiction and mental illness by 2028. 24 Aug 2019, 19:13
16 hours 0:36
Hilary Duff Is Returning To TV As Lizzie McGuire!
Disney revealed they will be rebooting "Lizzie McGuire," the beloved Disney Channel series that made Hilary Duff a star! 24 Aug 2019, 18:50
16 hours 0:42
Missy Elliott Drops Surprise 5 Track Album
According to CNN, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott has dropped her first album in over 14 years. The iconic rapper dropped the surprise five-track album called "Iconology" at midnight August 23rd. 24 Aug 2019, 18:36
17 hours 0:51
Jury Rules in Florida 'Stand Your Ground' Case
Newser reports a high-profile "stand your ground" case ended Friday in Florida. A Florida jury took 6 1/2 hours to convict Michael Drejka of manslaughter. 24 Aug 2019, 17:10
18 hours 0:42
The States Where People Save The Most Money Will Surprise You
Just because someone lives in a fancy neighborhood and has a high-paying job doesn't mean they have a lot in the bank. 24 Aug 2019, 16:52
18 hours 0:44
17 Arrested In US Over Multi-Million Dollar Internet Romance Scam
US prosecutors charged 80 people -- mostly Nigerians -- in a widespread conspiracy on Thursday. The scam defrauded at least $6 million from businesses and vulnerable elderly women. 24 Aug 2019, 16:25
18 hours 0:35
Young Couple Dies Just Minutes After Their Courthouse Wedding
A young Texas couple died after just leaving the courthouse from their wedding ceremony. According to CNN, their car collided with a pickup truck in southeastern Texas, killing both of them. 24 Aug 2019, 16:04
19 hours 0:39
Prince Andrew Admits It Was "A Mistake And Error" To Socialize With Jeffrey Epstein
Britain's Prince Andrew says he had spent "limited time" he spent with financier Jeffrey Epstein. 24 Aug 2019, 15:53
19 hours 0:47
Home Cooking Isn't Going To Solve Our Food Problems--Here's Why
For years now, home cooking as been heralded as the answer to all our food-related woes. 24 Aug 2019, 15:37
1 day 0:33
Delivery Services Respond To Trump's Orders
President Donald Trump ordered delivery firms to refuse packages of synthetic opioid fentanyl from China. 24 Aug 2019, 1:05
1 day 0:33
Trump Administration Attempts To Legalize Firing Someone Based On Sexual Orientation
The Trump administration is attempting to legalize firing someone because of their sexual orientation. They are urging the Supreme Court to use a handful of LGBTQ rights cases to legalize the action. 24 Aug 2019, 0:36
1 day 0:33
Trump Offers Aid With Amazon Rainforest Fires To Brazilian President
President Donald Trump said he recently spoke with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. He said he offered help to Brazil if it’s needed, in dealing with the Amazon rainforest fires. 23 Aug 2019, 23:10
1 day 0:33
Trump Blames Congressman Seth Moulton For Dow's Drastic Drop
President Donald Trump tried to blame the Dow’s latest plunge on anyone other than himself. According to Business Insider, he blamed it on the Democratic former presidential candidate Rep. 23 Aug 2019, 22:29
1 day 0:33
Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich Sells Out Quickly After Launch
Popeyes spicy chicken sandwiches recently launched in stores all over the U.S. and many places sold out already. 23 Aug 2019, 22:20
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