2 hours 4:36
Amy Coney Barrett takes constitutional oath to join Supreme Court
Shortly after the Senate confirmed Barrett in a partisan 52-48 vote, Justice Clarence Thomas administered the constitutional oath during an outdoor White House ceremony.
3 hours 4:02
CONFIRMED: Amy Coney Barrett is named to the Supreme Court
The U.S. Senate has confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court justice in a partisan 52-48 vote, just days before the presidential election.
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10 hours 1:16
Orange County fire threatens communities and evacuates 60,000 residents
The Silverado fire broke out in Orange County on Monday morning amid conditions forecasters were calling the most dangerous fire weather of the year.
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16 hours 6:04
How Black culture made roller skating popular
After seeing roller skaters on her social media feeds, arts reporter Makeda Easter decided she had to try it out for herself.
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1 day 4:01
Dodgers beat Rays in Game 5, are one win from first World Series title since 1988
The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays to go up 3-2 in the World Series. They are one win away from their first championship since 1988.
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2 days 3:16
Dodgers squander Game 4, leaving the World Series tied
The Los Angeles Dodgers were one out away from going up 3-1 in the World Series before a disastrous 9th inning, allowing the Tampa Bay Rays to come back and tie up the series.
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2 days 0:31
Los Angeles Times | On The Ballot
This November, democracy is on the ballot. Get the information you need to be empowered to vote. latimes.com/voterguide has everything you need to know about voting in the 2020 election.
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3 days 3:20
Dodgers’ Walker Buehler pitches a gem, wins World Series Game 3
The Los Angeles Dodgers take a World Series lead after a Game 3 for the first time since 1988 thanks to Walker Buehler’s game.
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3 days 6:11
Would Prop. 16’s affirmative action ensure equality in California?
Proposition 16 asks Californians whether race and gender should be considered in matters of public education, government contracting and government employment.
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4 days 5:51
Fact Check: Trump and Biden's final presidential debate
President Trump interrupted far less but told no fewer falsehoods in his second and final debate with former Vice President Joe Biden.
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4 days 11:35
Analysis: Comparing Trump and Biden's debate on race, immigration and climate change
Veteran Los Angeles Times journalists Seema Mehta and Eli Stokols assess Joe Biden and President Trump in their second and final debate.
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4 days 1:27:34
Opinion: Undecided voters assess final Trump-Biden debate
Frank Luntz, a Republican polling expert, convened undecided voters from swing states to watch and respond to the second and final presidential debate, held Oct. 22 in Nashville.
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4 days 10:11
Jerry Brown: Still Relentless
The former California Governor's roadmap for a more united America.
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5 days 3:13
Dodgers pitchers and bats don’t show up, lose World Series Game 2
The Tampa Bay Rays tied up the World Series 1-1 after winning 6-4 in Game 2.
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5 days 2:14
Dodger fans flock to Texas for the World Series
The World Series is being played in Arlington, Texas, but Dodger fans won't let that stopping them from flocking to the Lone Star state to root on their team.
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6 days 3:34
Dodgers, on the backs of Kershaw and Betts, take World Series Game 1
The Los Angeles Dodgers won Game 1 of the World Series with a stellar performance by Clayton Kershaw and Mookie Betts' historical game.
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6 days 9:51
World Series: Dodgers, Rays, who wins?
The Los Angeles Dodgers meet the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2020 MLB World Series.
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7 days 2:28
Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw will start Game 1 of World Series
Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw discusses the importance of the World Series during the covid-stricken season.
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7 days 5:23
California won't allow FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines before its own safety review
Gov. Gavin Newsom said California will review the safety of all COVID-19 vaccines approved by the Trump administration before allowing them to be released to the public.
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7 days 1:32
Crisis in the Galapagos
A world heritage site, the Galapagos marine reserve faces threats from industrial fishing, climate change and a drastic drop in tourism and funding for conservation.
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7 days 2:28
Chinese fishing fleets threaten a natural wonder
The Galapagos marine reserve faces threats from industrial fishing, climate change and funding for conservation.
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7 days 11:30
A Conversation with "Lights, Camera, Danger!" authors Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler
Reporter Jevon Phillips asks the writers of the "Alien Superstar" series about finding stories for and about kids during the pandemic.
8 days 5:18
Dodgers win NLCS Game 7, head to the World Series
The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Atlanta Braves in the NLCS and head to their third World Series in four years.
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9 days 2:33:44
LA Times Food Bowl: Cook-a-thon
The two-hour event hosted by The Times Food team will feature guest hosts Ludo Lefebvre and Evan Kleiman, a cooking demonstration from José Andrés, and special appearances from Danny Trejo, Jack
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9 days 3:22
Dodgers win NLCS Game 6, force a Game 7 for the World Series
Winning 3-1, the Los Angeles Dodgers force Game 7 of the NLCS against the Atlanta Braves. Winner heads to the 2020 World Series.
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9 days 3:14
Dodgers keep their season alive, win NLCS Game 5
The Los Angeles Dodgers took their time, but eventually began hitting in NLCS Game 5, winning it against the Atlanta Braves 7-3.
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10 days 1:05
2 people, including a juvenile, found shot to death in Willowbrook
The pair had been shot in their upper torsos and both were pronounced dead at the scene of a crashed car, authorities said.
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10 days 36:19
‘Second Opinion,’ Episode 6: Coronavirus at the White House
Our sixth episode of "Second Opinion" covers a story dominating the 2020 presidential race in its final, remaining weeks: President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis and the spread of the coronavirus
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11 days 1:24:58
Opinion: Undecided voters discuss Biden and Trump town halls
Frank Luntz, a Republican polling expert, convened a virtual focus group of around 15 undecided voters from swing states to assess the competing Biden and Trump town-hall-style meetings on Oct.
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11 days 2:46
Dodgers’ bats disappear again, lose NLCS Game 4, now one game from elimination
The Los Angeles Dodgers, behind Clayton Kershaw, lost NLCS Game 4. They are now one game away from going home and ending their 2020 season.
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