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James O'Brien's top 10 Best Brexit calls | LBC
James O'Brien has become very well-known for his calls with Brexit supporters. With just months away from the transition period ending, LBC has looked back at his most entertaining Brexit calls.
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Mary Trump explains why she spoke out against Donald Trump | LBC
President Donald Trump's niece has told LBC "before the election, I knew he was going to be a disaster" but she didn't realise just how bad he would be.
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4 days 8:19
The story behind the government's £252m contract for unusable face masks | LBC
Barrister Jolyon Maugham told James O'Brien the story behind the government's £252million contract to purchase facemasks for the NHS that can't be used.
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4 days 3:04
Sack civil servants who refuse to return to the office, says Richard Tice | LBC
Businessman Richard Tice called for civil servants to get back to the office - and said they should be sacked if they refuse.
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5 days 2:33
Residents react to Aberdeen lockdown | LBC
Restaurants, bars and cafes have closed across Aberdeen, with travel restrictions back in place, following a spike in coronavirus cases in the area. Here is how some residents reacted.
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5 days 4:34
Covid-19 contact tracer "has made just two calls since May" - but was still offered overtime | LBC
This remarkable call reveals the reality of the work being done by Covid-19 contact tracers.
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5 days 3:18
UK has dealt with coronavirus better than Germany, caller tells Iain Dale | LBC
This caller told Iain Dale he is so disappointed by the way Germany and the UK have handled coronavirus that he's sold his houses and is moving to Vietnam.
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Why is "world-beating" Test & Trace system only reaching 50%, Tom Swarbrick asks Minister | LBC
The UK's coronavirus Test & Trace system is currently only reaching 50% of contacts. It's not exactly the world-beating system we were promised, Tom Swarbrick tells Minister Simon Clarke.
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6 days 5:47
Iain Dale opens up about his experience of an attempted rape | LBC
Iain Dale addressed the topic of male sexual assault and rape, and nailed down the importance of talking about the issue.
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James O'Brien examines Iain Duncan Smith's "idiotic" admission on Brexit | LBC
James O'Brien labelled Iain Duncan Smith's comments on the EU Withdrawal Agreement "one of the most idiotic" yet.
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"The whole thing absolutely stinks": Alastair Campbell picks apart House of Lords nominations | LBC
Alastair Campbell told James O'Brien that Boris Johnson's House of Lords nominations "absolutely stink".
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Lib Dems must be the "anti-Conservative party" to make gains | LBC
Lib Dem leadership candidate Ed Davey said the Liberal Democrats must become the "anti-Conservative party" if they are to win big in the next general election.
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7 days 2:41
Jess Phillips: Government must "move every muscle" to tighten rape laws | LBC
Labour MP Jess Phillips told Iain Dale the government needs to do more to enforce rape laws more effectively.
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The government refuses to rule out London lockdown if Covid numbers spike | LBC
The government "will not hesitate to act" and lock down London if there is a spike in coronavirus cases, Business Minister Nadhim Zahawi told LBC.
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8 days 3:37
Furious caller: "Carers should stop whinging and get their own coronavirus tests" | LBC
This furious caller told carers to "use their brains" and get a coronavirus test themselves after hearing them "whinging" that their workplaces hadn't provided any.
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LBC's Lib Dem Leadership Debate with Iain Dale
Iain Dale is joined by Sir Ed Davey and Layla Moran for LBC's Lib Dem Leadership Debate. Watch the full debate here. #IainDale #LBC LBC is the home of live debate around news and current affairs.
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This is James O'Brien's favourite ever caller: eight-year-old Danny | LBC
This is James O'Brien's favourite ever caller - an eight-year-old called Danny who is definitely wise beyond his years.
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James O'Brien has a personal message for Matt Hancock | LBC
James O'Brien had this message for Health Secretary Matt Hancock following the tightening of lockdown rules in northern England.
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James O'Brien explains England's latest lockdown rules with Theo Usherwood | LBC
What are the lockdown rules for England after the Prime Minister's latest announcement? Theo Usherwood updates James O'Brien in under 4 minutes.
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11 days 3:24
Nick Ferrari confronts Matt Hancock on "confusing" coronavirus rules | LBC
Nick Ferrari told the Health Secretary "it's not surprising people are confused" over the government's coronavirus rules.
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Car vs Bike vs Run: Which is fastest in London? | LBC
Is it quicker to commute by car, foot or Boris bike in London? To celebrate 10 years of the Boris bike, Nick Ferrari put it to the test.
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12 days 6:31
What is the truth on care homes? James O'Brien and Theo Usherwood investigate | LBC
A group of MPs said the government's decision to discharge people from hospital into care homes was "reckless", but the Culture Secretary insisted that is "categorically untrue".
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12 days 39:42
The Boris Bike Cycle Challenge | Watch live on LBC
Today marks 10 years since the launch of the Boris bikes in London and Nick Ferrari wants to know if they get you around the city faster than any other method.
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Heathrow boss calls for passenger Covid-19 tests on arrival to save tourism season | LBC
The boss of Heathrow Airport has called for passengers to be tested for Covid-19 on arrival in a trial to rescue the summer tourism season.
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Get everyone back to the office? 50,000 people have died, reminds James O'Brien | LBC
James O'Brien responded to the government's plea to get Britons back to work: "We've got 50,000 dead people." A Daily Mail study found that dozens of British companies will not bring employees back
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"When will we act?" David Lammy has his say on the Black Lives Matter movement | LBC
David Lammy addressed the anti-racism movement and wondered how we can sustain the energy of the cause seen during lockdown.
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Your employer can stop you going on holiday due to quarantine: Legal expert | LBC
An employment lawyer has told LBC that companies are entitled to stop people going on holiday after the government introduced quarantine for travellers returning from Spain.
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14 days 2:22
Spain quarantine: Simon Calder reveals your rights if you have a holiday planned | LBC
Simon Calder revealed whether people will be able to get their money back if they don't want to go on holiday to Spain after the government removed them from the "travel corridor" list Any
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14 days 6:29
Remainers put your egos aside and work towards a post-Brexit Britain - Maajid Nawaz | LBC
Maajid Nawaz pleaded with Remainers to put their egos aside and accept that we need to work together towards a post-Brexit Britain, regardless of your opinion of the result.
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14 days 3:32
Nick Ferrari questions government's mixed messages over obesity plan | LBC
The government is launching a plan to cut obesity in the UK. So Nick Ferrari asked the Care Minister why they are paying for people to have half-price meals at McDonald's and Burger King?
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