10 hours 5:21
James O'Brien reacts to 'dire' situation for UK fishermen 'conned' by Brexit deal | LBC
This is James O'Brien's reaction to the "dire" situation that UK fishermen face, stating that they have been "conned" in the post-Brexit deal.
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11 hours 44:30
Boris Johnson hosts Downing Street press conference | Watch LIVE 5pm
The Prime Minister is set to use the press conference to give the nation an update on the Covid vaccine rollout.
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17 hours 3:52
Nick Ferrari challenges Transport Secretary over speed of Brazilian travel ban | LBC
"Why has it taken four days to place the ban?": Nick Ferrari challenges Transport Secretary over the South America travel ban due to the new Brazilian Covid strain.
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2 days 1:53:33
Boris Johnson grilled by senior MPs at the Liaison Committee | LBC
Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be grilled by Select Committee Chairs over the coronavirus crisis and vaccine rollout at the Parliament's Liaison Committee.
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2 days 3:24
James O'Brien brands Priti Patel's Covid answer "word salad" | LBC
James O'Brien asks why the rules are more relaxed if the new strain of Covid is more infectious, branding Priti Patel's answer to this question as "word salad." #JamesOBrien #PritiPatel #LBC LBC
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2 days 40:26
Boris Johnson quizzed by MPs at Prime Minister's Questions | LBC
Boris Johnson will face off against Sir Keir Starmer and get quizzed by MPs as the weekly PMQs session gets underway.
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2 days 35:30
Ask Jonathan Van-Tam with Nick Ferrari - Your Covid questions answered | LBC | LBC
Ask your coronavirus and vaccine questions to Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam. Join Nick Ferrari on Wednesday morning from 9am on LBC.
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3 days 3:29
Tearful mother felt ashamed complaining about free school meals parcels | James O'Brien
This is James O'Brien's powerful message to a tearful mother who "felt ashamed" to complain about the quality of food parcels she had received.
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3 days 4:16
Young people may have to stay in lockdown until vaccinated, expert suggests | LBC
This respiratory infection expert couldn't rule out young people having to stay home until they get vaccinated against Covid-19.
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3 days 49:21
Priti Patel hosts Downing Street press conference | Watch LIVE 5pm
Priti Patel leads a Covid press conference today and is expected to provide an update on the policing of England's lockdown measures.
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3 days 3:37
David Lammy's furious row with caller over Trump's Twitter ban | LBC
This caller insists that Donald Trump was deprived of his freedom of speech after being suspended by the social media giant - David Lammy furiously disagreed.
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4 days 4:14
James O'Brien compares leadership of Boris Johnson and New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern | LBC
James O'Brien compares the leadership of Boris Johnson and New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern throughout the coronavirus pandemic, playing their directly opposing speeches to listeners.
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4 days 36:51
Live: Matt Hancock hosts a press conference on the Covid vaccine plan | LBC
Matt Hancock will set out the government's plan to deliver coronavirus vaccines across the country.
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4 days 3:58
Maajid Nawaz points out inconsistencies in big tech censorship | LBC
Maajid Nawaz suggests that tech companies should not have the final say on whether the US President has a platform or not.
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4 days 37:06
Live: Rishi Sunak gives an economic update to the House of Commons | LBC
Chancellor Rishi Sunak will give an ‘economic update’ to the House of Commons on Monday afternoon. What time is Rishi Sunak speaking?
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4 days 0:35
UK Vaccine Plan: Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi on LBC | watch live
Watch LIVE: Minister for Vaccine Deployment Nadhim Zahawi joins Nick Ferrari. Thousands more people will receive a Covid-19 vaccine this week as seven mass centres open across England.
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5 days 3:00:45
Swarbrick on Sunday | Watch in Full
Professor Peter Openshaw of NERVTAG told Tom the Government may have 'other agendas' to consider other than the scientific advice on coronavirus during the pandemic.
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6 days 2:21
'Brexit was the most colossal foreign policy blunder post war': Bercow | LBC
Former speaker John Bercow has told LBC that Brexit "is the most colossal foreign policy blunder of the post-war period".
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7 days 4:16
James O'Brien lists the senior MPs' who supported Donald Trump | LBC
"It is horrible to reflect on how unconcerned we are about Trump's evil." James O'Brien questions how senior MPs have been welcoming and supportive of Donald Trump over his presidency.
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7 days 2:12
National Lockdown: What are the new rules? | LBC
England entered a tough national lockdown on January 5th as Covid-19 cases continue to rise across the country.
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7 days 3:15
What are the differences between the Moderna, Pfizer & AstraZeneca covid vaccines? | LBC Explains
The Moderna coronavirus vaccine has become the third Covid-19 jab to be approved for use in the UK.
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7 days 9:04
John Bercow lambasts "irresponsible, racist demagogue" Donald Trump | LBC
'This man is a reckless and irresponsible, racist demagogue': John Bercow reacts to the riots at the US Capitol and calls for President Trump to be 'chucked out of office'.
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7 days 23:11
Ex-Commons Speaker John Bercow on LBC| watch live
Watch LIVE: Former Commons Speaker John Bercow joins Nick Ferrari to discuss the US Capitol riots. You can watch it here, on Global Player, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
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7 days 14:37
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps on LBC| watch live
Watch LIVE: Transport Secretary Grant Shapps joins Nick Ferrari.
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8 days 2:58
Sadiq Khan opens up about Trump "stoking hatred" against him | LBC
Sadiq Khan tells LBC how it felt when Donald Trump started 'stoking up hatred and racism' against him.
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8 days 50:26
Boris Johnson hosts Downing Street press conference | Watch LIVE 5pm
Boris Johnson will hold a Downing Street press conference with the head of NHS England Sir Simon Stevens and Brigadier Phil Prosser, who is leading the military’s help with vaccine roll-out.
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8 days 1:33
Trump: What is the 25th Amendment? | LBC
A number of Republican leaders are reportedly discussing invoking the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution after supporters of Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday to protest against
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8 days 10:19
James O'Brien's reaction to US Capitol pro-Trump riot | LBC
James O'Brien reflected on the"breathtaking" but "predictable" scenes in America, as four people died after pro-Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol.
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8 days 15:01
Home Secretary Priti Patel on LBC | watch live
Watch LIVE: Home Secretary Priti Patel joins Nick Ferrari. It comes as police plan to crack down on Covid-19 rule breakers. You can watch it here, on Global Player, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
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9 days 4:13:41
MPs debate the new coronavirus lockdown laws | LBC
MPs will debate the new coronavirus lockdown laws at 14:00 today after the Prime Minister announced on Monday that England would enter a third national lockdown as cases continue to surge to an
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