Why Your Google Maps Is Over 400 Years Old

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I Am The Victim Of A Racist Assault
Published on 10 Aug 2020, 23:19
These days, it’s natural to feel a bit lost. Everyone seems to be looking for a sense for where they stand in the world; a reference point on which to ground ourselves. A mental map. But, many people’s mental maps of Earth share the same, fairly significant errors. The good news is: it’s not your fault!

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Close-Up Of Pencil Against White Background
Yanuar Rahmat / EyeEm/Getty Images
World Map. Sinusoidal projection.
gagarych/Getty Images
World Map. Van der Grinten projection.
gagarych/Getty Images
World Map. Goode's interrupted homolosine projection.
gagarych/Getty Images
Detailed Political World map in Mercator projection
BardoczPeter/Getty Images
Physical World map in Mercator projection.
BardoczPeter/Getty Images
City Urban Streets Roads Abstract Map
filo/Getty Images
Gerardus Mercator (1512-1594), Flemish-German cartographer, wood engraving, published in 1881
ZU_09/Getty Images
Equirectangular World Map
jack0m/Getty Images
The British Empire From 1883
traveler1116/Getty Images
World map with graticules (Mercator projection)
-Antonio-/Getty Images
Map Of The Colonial Powers, 1902
Encyclopaedia Britannica/Getty Images
Blue world map, Robinson projection, with grid lines on blue backdrop
Simone Brandt/Getty Images
The planet Mars, 1880.
Science & Society Picture Library/Getty Images
Deep In Thought
A scribe adds details to a map.
Discovery Access/Getty Images
POLYGRAPH / LIE DETECTOR: 35 MM FILM: * ANGLED MCU Needles of polygraph machine, lie detector, recording results, wavelengths, onto moving chart. Lying, interview, truth, honesty, suspect, test, witness, law, testimony.
HBO/Getty Images
Hand draws and turns Earth globe
Videologia/Getty Images
animation of book's page turning. Perfect for learning, wisdom and book related videos.
Science Photo Library/Getty Images
Spinning Globe
luxcreative/Getty Images
CU TU TD PAN Teacher and students (8-13) looking over globe in classroom / Edmonds, Washington, USA
Andersen Ross/Getty Images
1948 MS REENACTMENT Chrisotpher Columbus commanding crew from ship deck as he moves toward America
Animated motion graphic of comic lined sunburst, starburst, pinwheel rotating and spinning infinity loop in retro vintage style
twinsterphoto/Getty Images
This is exactly the reaction I was hoping for
Sean Anthony Eddy/Getty Images
Human brain medical cyber background
RomeoLu/Getty Images
The Grand Canal in Venice Italy
Peter John Phipp/Getty Images
Planet Earth seen from space. Real video. No CGI. Taken from International Space Station
itsskin/Getty Images
Busy woman looking at watch, confused by failing urgent task, missing deadline
Motortion/Getty Images
4k Blue Earth With Connection Lines (Close Up) - Loopable - International Network / Flight Routes
DKosig/Getty Images
Female tourist looking for direction at the map
Johnce/Getty Images
It's a yes from me
Marco VDM/Getty Images
Aerial view over boats in the blue mediterranean sea
Matteo Colombo/Getty Images
low angle front view: no one know where to go, although they have a map to navigate the direction on waterside of island at dusk
mith_67/Getty Images
Young teacher teaching school children in class
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images
Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Resort in California
Christian Ender/Getty Images
Low section view of Leather boot walking in the morning
Bplanet/Getty Images
Cliffside Houses And Harbour, Amalfi, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Allstar Picture Library/Getty Images
artist workplace brushes acrylic paint still life
golubovy/Getty Images