Proof Pugs Are The Most Majestic Dogs

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PSA: Don’t Text And Walk
Published on 17 Jul 2015, 19:00
Pug parents know what’s up.

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Voices Of Spring
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Made by BFMP

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Nathan Michael /

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All videos submitted by fans, Used with Permission.

Scooter videos by Scooter and Madeline Khare
Instagram: @justscootingalong

Pooped puggy by Meredith Freeman

Albus Severus dreaming with some butter beer 
by Michel Quinones and Carlos Soto 

Molly and Stewie by Hana Kang
Instagram: @mdmathepug

Hank loves waffles! by Monalisa Dasilva

June's derpy Face by Athena Simmons
Instagram: @junebugpug

Taking a paddle by Frankie the Pug

Swimming by Eli Jones the Pug

Theodore swimming by Ainess Tayao

Peanut the Pug from South Africa by Nicolaas Claassen

Pug fightclub - zero vs gumbo by frankie75mg

Getting Into "Sheet" by Cody Caudill
Instagram: @alphonsethepug

Pug life by Kyana Campbell

Rough Play by Brooklyn and Cassandra Smith

Gaston the Pug by Charlotte Pham
Instagram: @gastonthepugg

Baby Pug by Hayley Lord

Binki Baby by Bailee Glenn

I think I left some leftovers in here from dinner by Rylan Martin

Pudge by Stephanie Sharratt

Rosey by Sydney

Nikko by Audrianna Ray
Instagram: nikkothepug_

Theodore and the Wiki ball by Ainess Tayao


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