3 Stories Of Strange Ouija Encounters

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Published on 14 Nov 2019, 19:00
Ghost story submissions from the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Community. Submit your own ghost stories for a chance to be featured in a video like this! Tell us your story here: form.jotform.com/9021473543615...

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A passage in the dorm did not open fire making it the dark atmosphere is depressing and alarming
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Female using her mobile phone outside at night
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Ready for studies
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Two old, rusty, dusty and dirty suitcases lying in attic on hay straws
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WitchCraft Ouija Board Spirit Game
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death with a scythe is behind the bars and waving his hand, calling with him
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Torch Lights Up Old Books On Shelf
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Young woman dressed-up in evil clown costume for Halloween
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figure of wicked witch is wearing in black long gown with hood, standing in scary dark forest
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Mysterious forest during windy evening.
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UFO in the Forest
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Close up shot of woman legs hiking steep terrain on field, slow motion
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Walking on Antique Jewish Cemetery at Sunrise with Steadicam
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Woman in mourning black clothes walking slowly on alley in cemetery holding a flower crown in her hand portrait of sorrow and loneliness
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Vehicle Graveyards
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Car By Side Of Road In Snowy Weather
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Running through broken gravestones
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POV shot walking/running through dark spooky forest at night
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