My Viral TikTok Sea Shanty Got Me A Record Deal

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Published on 13 Feb 2021, 16:00
When a TikTok comment encouraged Nathan Evans to sing a sea shanty, he had no idea that doing so would instigate a world-wide phenomenon and change his life forever. Follow Nathan on TikTok: Check out Wellerman on iTunes:


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Sea shanty Tik Tok channel goes viral
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Executives, Businesspeople, Investors and Management Team Sitting at Conference Table Talking on Video Call with Factory Chief Engineer. Production Increase, Record Growth. Late Night In Meeting Room
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Gambling reform: Gambling Commission recommends limit of £30 on FOBTs
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Receiving many new messages on the smartphone
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Track with group of Orcas surfacing to breathe in profile in rough sea with coastline in distance
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Magdeline Makola abduction: brother interview
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Mythical Kraken Giant Squid Tentacles
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Royal Mile Festival Crowds
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MS View of Crew work at ship sail
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Pirate Ship Sailing 2
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Pirate Ship Sailing
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Vintage Microphone on Stage | Loopable - 4K
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Glasgow - Aerial View - Scotland, Glasgow City, United Kingdom
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Nautical vessel - Sailboat mast Part 2
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Ocean Waves
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