The Dark Side of Mother Teresa

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Did Hitler Fake His Death?
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The Dark Side of Coco Chanel
Published on 24 Feb 2021, 19:00
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Mother Teresa
Michael Brennan/Getty Images
Mother Teresa and the poor in Calcutta, India in October, 1979.
Jean-Claude FRANCOLON/Getty Images
Mother Teresa
John Downing/Getty Images
Mother Teresa
Tim Graham/Getty Images
Mother Teresa, Calcutta, India
Tim Graham/Getty Images
Mother Teresa
Mark Edwards/Getty Images

Ian Tyas/Getty Images

1970s TS church congregation passing collection tray / Watts, California, United States - stock video
Film Audio Services/Getty Images
Novel Coronavirus nCoV spreading United States and all over the world, Worldwide flu epidemic spreads every continent, Global deadly viral infection, Corona pandemic crisis killing thousands worldwide, Satellite view of influenza virus affected areas
CreativeSource/Getty Images
The Stone Bridge (Day&Wide Shot)
Ruzgar/Getty Images
thick rope wrapped around a wooden log
ShevarevAlex/Getty Images
1960's - People passing collection plate in church
Reflex Technologies/Getty Images
Pope Francis at Feast Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe - Holy Mass For Latin America on December 12, 2019 in Vatican City, Vatican.
Origlia Video - Footage/Getty Images
Stone Christian cross and blue sky in backlight
Ruben Sanchez @lostintv/Getty Images
Statue of St. Mary in the Church
Aleksandr Kovalev/Getty Images
D-Keine/Getty Images
Sunset drone shot over Macedonia downtown
Wonder Stock/Getty Images
A Rope for Tree Climbing
SolStock/Getty Images
St. Patrick's Cathedral, Manhattan, New York City, USA
tunart/Getty Images
View of Using Syringe to Extract Medicine from Small Vial
Imazins/Getty Images
Woman washing clothes, using hand care products while doing household duties
Motortion/Getty Images
Benedictine abbey Santa Maria de Montserrat in Spain
Christian Ender/Getty Images
ITN/Getty Images
Rio de Janeiro
Ryan Pyle/Getty Images
Tory conference / day 4
ITN/Getty Images
CU. Young woman laughs with friends in local coffee shop.
Lighthouse Films/Getty Images
ITN/Getty Images
Christopher Hitchens dies at the age of 62
ITN/Getty Images
WS TS Men building a house
Eternity In An Instant/Getty Images
Robert Maxwell interview on support for Labour
Sky News/Film Image Partner/Getty Images
Seasonal flu vaccination
Science Photo Library/Getty Images
"Colorectal cancer cells, light microscopy"
Science Photo Library/Getty Images
Patient's revival in resuscitation room, ICU monitor with rising vital signs
Synthetic-Exposition/Getty Images
Patient's condition monitored in intensive care unit, screen with vital signs
Synthetic-Exposition/Getty Images
King George VI collects Quick Rents from Duchy of Cornwall
Grinberg, Paramount, Pathe Newsreels/Getty Images
Kolkata (formally Calcutta)
The March of Time/Getty Images
Pope Francis Listening to Choir
Sky News/Film Image Partner/Getty Images
Pope John Paul II Greets Mother Teresa In 1997
Nexstar - WGN, Chicago/Getty Images
Pope John Paul II Waving
Nexstar - WGN, Chicago/Getty Images
WS T/L View of Sunset at St. Peters Square / Rome, Lazio, Italy
Jorg Greuel/Getty Images
Medium Shot Tilt Up Pan Right - Tilt up along water pipes, pan right along shelves with gas tanks and other tools /
Discovery Access/Getty Images
CGI WS ZO POV T/L Satellite view of earth and landscape / Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Komplett Media/Getty Images
MS Schoolgirls in uniforms with backpacks walking away down dirt road in poor village, Pune, Maharashtra, India
WGBH Stock Sales/Getty Images
5 days – 24 8250:40
$79 Ramen #Shorts
11 days – 34 9980:45
People Try In-N-Out Secret Hacks